Essays on Equality

Each equality essay addresses equality in its own way. Equality means that all people are equal in every way and deserve the same treatment, regardless of their nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Many equality essays define equality differently. The word “equality” is defined in the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, according to which all people are born free and equal in their dignity and rights, and everyone has the right to freedom of speech and religion, and the right to choose their partner. Gender equality implies equal rights for women and men. Numerous essays on equality target exclusively gender equality, but they're also are other types of equality, such as gender, racial, political, economic, educational, religious, social equality, etc. Our equality essay samples will help you in composing your essay – check samples of essays below.

The Importance of Equality in Same-sex Marriage

The bestowed freedom of human rights has always been distorted every time. Based on who deserves to have the same privileges with others, then compassion is never shown with respect (Vickers, 2010 p.247). Given that time is evolving, it is fair that every person makes the necessary changes to equalize...

Words: 512

Pages: 2

Social Stratification and Inequality

Social inequality is a concept that arises from a society having different hierarchies of gender, race, class, and age. These types of organizations define how people get access to resources, opportunities, and rights. It states that the distribution of such aspects is often unequal in any kind of setting. Inequality...

Words: 1647

Pages: 6

Transgender Discrimination in Maryland

Equality Maryland is an organization dedicated to advocate for equality for all people despite of their race, sexual orientation, age, gender or any other issue that may be insignificant yet a source of discrimination against anybody. Transgender discrimination is an issue that has caught the attention of many people in...

Words: 626

Pages: 3

Where the US Falters in Equality of Women

In Where the US Falters, Jessica Ravitz explores areas where the United States lags behind in equality of women either in practice or principle. To start with, United States is among the seven countries that are yet to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW) provisions. CEDAW...

Words: 299

Pages: 2

Equal Rights in the US

The US government may not restrict liberties because of sex, according to Section One of the Equality Amendment. According to Section 2 of the same amendment, the Congress has the authority to propose suitable legislation and to uphold constitutional rights. The anti-slavery movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries...

Words: 1279

Pages: 5

Justice System - Prosecutors and Courts Ethics

The idea that many individuals may experience biased trials based on the fairness and equality ideals is at the core of a justice system. A study claims that justice is impartial, blind, and devoid of any bias based on a person's race, social status, or gender. (Kleinig, 2008). A judgment...

Words: 950

Pages: 4

The essay about religious equality

Fighting for religious freedom is essential. Regarding Islam and terrorism, a mistake has been made. Due to the increase in terrorism, the majority of people think Muslims are terrorists. It is incorrect because of the perception that evil organizations like Isis have fostered. A terrorist organization fighting in the name...

Words: 1367

Pages: 5

Equality between the White community and the African Americans

It was not simple to resolve the inequality problem between the White community and African Americans. When white people treated black Americans unfairly, a revolt known as the Civil Rights Movement was eventually begun. It was basically a fight that started around the middle of the 1950s and lasted until...

Words: 1701

Pages: 7

Principles of Fundamental Justice

The right to a fair trial is the first basic justice principle. According to this right, a fair and certain procedure must be followed when a person is being tried. Priority should be given to the proper administering of justice before, during, and after a trial. Making sure that the...

Words: 419

Pages: 2


Redistricting, which involves redrawing district borders to promote equality based on the population distribution of districts, occurs every ten years after the U.S. census. By doing so, the one person, one vote principle is furthered and population distribution changes among states are taken into consideration. According to the equality concept...

Words: 537

Pages: 2

Racial and Ethnic Equality

Consumers of media around the globe influence one another in their social lives. Through the development of political, artistic, and social ideas through the lens, it determines how things are perceived. (Brownell 428). In today's American society, it is clear that the media has shaped how people perceive racism and...

Words: 1867

Pages: 7

Susan Glaspell's Trifles Critique the Way Our Perceptions of Gender Influence Our Ways of Seeing the World

Although they are prevalent in today's society, equity and equality are not universal. The need for human equality is acknowledged by society. The particular viewpoint did not exist before the 20th century because men dominated all aspects of living. Women were not given much weight in the community back then....

Words: 972

Pages: 4

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