Essays on Advocacy

A Case Study on Foster Care and Policy Advocacy

Chapter 2 focuses on policy advocacy and how the four rationales are applicable. There is increased foster care because of the poor discharge of the policies and planning procedures which prevent reintegration into the society. Without a home and the subsequent lack of support from family members, the young are...

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Transgender Discrimination in Maryland

Equality Maryland is an organization dedicated to advocate for equality for all people despite of their race, sexual orientation, age, gender or any other issue that may be insignificant yet a source of discrimination against anybody. Transgender discrimination is an issue that has caught the attention of many people in...

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What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy is a form of action that involves speaking out about issues and working to change them. It can involve researching new ways of solving the problem or creating coalitions of people who want to help. Many types of advocacy exist, and they all have their pros and cons. In general,...

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