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As you go about writing your culture essay you can discover so much about yourself, your country, and your people. Culture plays a huge role in the development of the world’s civilization, as well as in the life of every person. The influence that it has on personal growth cannot be overemphasized. The cultural environment shapes the development of a person's thoughts, spiritual world, life principles, and behavior. Culture is essentially everything that is created by mankind throughout the entire history of human existence as a result of human thought and imagination. Writing essays, especially essays on culture is a very common way to learn and explore differences between nations, as different culture essays can provide invaluable insight into other people’s life. You can refer to our best culture essay samples below for inspiration for your essay!

Internet effect on the youth

The technological changes observed in the modern generation introduce young people to a variety of multimedia devices for browsing the internet. Given its possible benefits, Internet exposure to young people has a variety of negative consequences. This paper provides an annotation of the various literature that outlines the influence of…

Words: 1177

Pages: 5

The burning of Cross burning was a Scottish tradition first adopted by Guerrilla groups such as Ku Klux Khan

Cross burning was a Scottish practice that was first embraced by guerrilla groups like Ku Klux Khan. It was supposed to frighten or intimidate the new freed slaves. This was also a way to assert the group’s dominance. The tradition was commended in a 1915 film about the birth of…

Words: 1304

Pages: 5

About training

It is often prudent for one to become acquainted with the local rules and customs of the country they wish to visit. Familiarity with the rules makes it possible to be responsive to workmates, neighbors, and others. It’s also a sure way to stay out of trouble. Singapore, like every…

Words: 550

Pages: 2

The Culture Package by the New York Times

An article of the New York Times written by Adam Sternberg went much deeper in discussing the ‘Culture Bundle.’ There’s definitely been an influx in diverse cultures in recent times. The rise in music, mass, camp and trash culture is illustrated by Adam. He explains further how high-brow, low-brow, medium-brow…

Words: 546

Pages: 2

Life Experiences and My Growth

I came from a historically deep-rooted South Indian family, and my parents kept a tight hold on how I worked in the community based on this. Constrictions brought on by my parents’ restrictions on me served as a hindrance to my openness to my world with regard to the ability…

Words: 629

Pages: 3


The Guggenheim Museum is an artwork museum located in New York City and was established by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 1939. The building that homes this museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is perceived as the temple of spirits. The Guggenheim 9 exclusive collections all combined…

Words: 796

Pages: 3

Don Worster’s monographic work The Dust Bowl

Any of Don Worster’s monographic works discuss social challenges in society. The “Dust Bowl” is a record of the history of the climate in American society. There have been too many manufactured injustices in the environmental facets of civilization, according to the Dust Bowl article. The title is a connotation…

Words: 543

Pages: 2

What Pushes Success?

What Determines Success? is that the majority of non-native American religious, cultural, and national-origin communities are doing higher than native Americans today. The writers have made a good case for their thesis, I agree. One of the reasons I believe so is that inside America, they have given the average…

Words: 312

Pages: 2

The American Samoa Gender Dance: Patriarchal Society

Today’s lecture concentrated on American Samoa, its beliefs and customs. Despite the fact that both are American communities, it was all about the community led by men and how it varies from ours. The lesson considered the way dance is defined by culture and how the latter represents us. How…

Words: 375

Pages: 2

Christmas period

By definition, Christmas refers to the time of annual festival that people use to commemorate the Jesus Christ’ birth. Most commonly, this time is observed on December 25 every year as both cultural and religious celebrations among the multitude of people globally. A feast central to the liturgical year of…

Words: 552

Pages: 3

Juvenile Delinquency

A status offense is described in juvenile law as an act committed by a minor that would not be deemed a crime if committed by an adult. Truancy, running away from home or from a parent, possession, and ingestion of alcohol or cigarettes, non-criminal traffic offenses, and disregarding a municipal…

Words: 413

Pages: 2

Assessment and Reflection Paper on Cultural Competencies

From the outset of my class until today, my multicultural experience has been substantially enhanced and transformed. In this regard I am willing, in order to communicate and connect effectively, to enhance my understanding of the value or significance of multicultural awareness. In terms of multicultural surroundings, these advantages include…

Words: 2570

Pages: 10


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