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As you go about writing your culture essay you can discover so much about yourself, your country, and your people. Culture plays a huge role in the development of the world’s civilization, as well as in the life of every person. The influence that it has on personal growth cannot be overemphasized. The cultural environment shapes the development of a person's thoughts, spiritual world, life principles, and behavior. Culture is essentially everything that is created by mankind throughout the entire history of human existence as a result of human thought and imagination. Writing essays, especially essays on culture is a very common way to learn and explore differences between nations, as different culture essays can provide invaluable insight into other people’s life. You can refer to our best culture essay samples below for inspiration for your essay!

Cultural Relativism

Cultures have different ways of defining their moral conduct. For instance, while Callatians in India fed on the bodies of their dead fathers, the Greeks instead cremated dead bodies and found it fit to discard them. A particular practice may be right in one community but it may be unacceptable...

Words: 556

Pages: 3

Ai Weiwei and Censorship in China

“They say that God created all human beings equal, but you are so limited by who you are, whom you know, how much money you have, who your father is, and your education. Nonetheless, through the internet, everything is abstract, but you do not know about that” (Ai Weiwei). Those...

Words: 2854

Pages: 11

Cultural Patterns in Australia

Cultural Patterns in Sydney, Australia Cultural patterns are a system of social beliefs and values that work hand in hand to provide an intelligible perspective for observing the world. From the previous observations done in Sydney Australia, we can comfortably have a clear analysis and interpretation of the noticeable cultural patterns...

Words: 1083

Pages: 4

Cultural Relativism and Ethical Relativism

Since time immemorial, human beings have existed in various cultural subgroups with different beliefs and customs. What one cultural group beliefs in may differ from what another cultural group believes in. As such, notions of good and bad or right and wrong stop to have any evaluative meaning beyond the...

Words: 574

Pages: 3

The Confucian Code of Ethics

Confucianism is a system of ethics devised by the Ancient Chinese scholar K’ung Futzu (Latinized to Confucius). The scholar as well as an educator shaped the ancient Chinese philosophy. The scholar come up with ideologies that have also shaped the political and economic wellbeing of china up to date, although...

Words: 1951

Pages: 8

The Influence of Cultural Beliefs on my Life

Today, people are either influenced by their insights, relatives or friends regarding specific steps to take in life. However, it reaches a time when individuals disobey the advice of others and, instead, stick to their opinions. In 2017, I refused to follow the advice of my parents concerning the religious...

Words: 291

Pages: 2

The Right to Refuse Service to Gays

In this paper, I will be arguing that Jack Phillips is not obligated to extend his skills to gay people as long as he feels it violates his Christian faith and right to express himself, on the condition that he remains consistent with this policy. The idea that a business...

Words: 2740

Pages: 10

Kant's Concept of Global Justice

According to Kant's Concept of Global Justice According to Kant, the quality and benefits of interactions is enhanced if they include both domestic and global authorities. It is important that the society identifies problems that cannot be solved without the participation of global authorities. The society should also acknowledge that a...

Words: 1389

Pages: 6

Application of Ethics in Anthropological Analyses

The Application of Ethics in Anthropological Analyses The application of ethics in anthropological analyses introduces various theories regarding the causalities and intentionality of the moral principles that govern human behavior in the individual and communal contexts. Applying the theories of ethical relativism and objectivism to the same situations reveals the strengths...

Words: 637

Pages: 3

Hawaiian Prisoners

Human Right and the Film "Out of State" Human right is essential moralities belonging to an individual and in whose application a Government may not interfere. Out of State is one of the film line up of USF's sixth Annual Human Rights Film Festival. The producer of Out of State is...

Words: 672

Pages: 3

An Analysis of Dwight Macdonald's Masscult and Midcult

Dwight Macdonald in his book, “Masscult and Midcult.” Macdonald distinguishes between midcult which he referred to it as “middle brow” while masscult is labeling it as the “lowbrow”. He went ahead and described the different characteristics of both forms of culture in united states of America contrasting them with what...

Words: 308

Pages: 2

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work

In a world where every society is becoming culturally diverse, there is a need for social workers to become culturally sensitive. In the US, a census has shown that the ethnic and racial makeup of the individual states has been increasing tremendously over the years. According to the Federation of...

Words: 1628

Pages: 6

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