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As you go about writing your culture essay you can discover so much about yourself, your country, and your people. Culture plays a huge role in the development of the world’s civilization, as well as in the life of every person. The influence that it has on personal growth cannot be overemphasized. The cultural environment shapes the development of a person's thoughts, spiritual world, life principles, and behavior. Culture is essentially everything that is created by mankind throughout the entire history of human existence as a result of human thought and imagination. Writing essays, especially essays on culture is a very common way to learn and explore differences between nations, as different culture essays can provide invaluable insight into other people’s life. You can refer to our best culture essay samples below for inspiration for your essay!

Mitch Landrieu’s Speech at the Katrina 5 Ceremony

In his speech at the Katrina 5 Commemoration and Determination Ceremony, the speaker, Mitch Landrieu, recounts the experiences of various people during the storm that struck the Gulf five years ago. Landrieu’s aim is to help people remember the souls that died during that time span and to ensure that…

Words: 875

Pages: 4


I saw a variety of works of art that piqued my interest during my visit to the university of Pennsylvania museum of archaeology and anthropology, also known as Penn museum. Furthermore, because I had experience that we had been taught in class, I was able to appreciate these works even…

Words: 1070

Pages: 4

St. Paul’s Influence on Western Civilization

Despite a long history of obliviousness or outright rejection of St. Paul’s contributions to Western Civilization, the positive influence of his contributions can be found in Western Civilization’s rich history and culture. The fine arts, literature, language, and individual behaviors enjoyed in Western Civilization today are influenced by St. Paul’s…

Words: 1080

Pages: 4

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is located in Washington, D.C.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a museum dedicated solely to documenting African Americans’ life history and culture (NMAAHC & Smithsonian Institute, 2015). The museum opened in 2003, one hundred years after it was first proposed in 1915, thanks to congressional support. The original goal was…

Words: 1485

Pages: 6

Western Civilization Paper

Question 1 Galileo claims that God is the universe’s creator and all that exists within it. These inventions are literally embodied in the Bible, and it is the responsibility of humans to decipher God’s work and to elaborate the true nature of the universe (Galilei, n.d). According to the preceding…

Words: 356

Pages: 2

Wealth Explanation

Definition of wealth relies upon on the context in which it is used thus, giving more than one explanation. Wealth is the abundance of possessions accumulated to the benefit of the frequent good. Such properties must be valuable assets for them to be considered as wealth. The UN defines wealth…

Words: 904

Pages: 4

Is technology a negative influence in American culture?

While technology has resulted in many positive facets of American culture, it has had major negative consequences. Technology was used to improve life in a variety of areas, including connectivity, housing, and schooling. Nonetheless, it has created a slew of problems in American culture, especially among the youth. As a…

Words: 988

Pages: 4

india’s culture charactaristics

India’s civilization is one of the world’s oldest living civilizations (Messner,178). The Indian society, as seen through the prism of the six-dimensional paradigm, provides a description of the main drivers of Indian culture in comparison to other cultures around the world. The power distance dimension is based on the fact…

Words: 928

Pages: 4

Cultural appropriation

As pop singer Selena Gomez wanted to incorporate a Hindu theme into her new song Come and Get It, she reasoned that the best way to celebrate this assertion would be to debut her composition with a badly executed Bollywood choreography. During her appearance, she unceremoniously donned a typical Hindu…

Words: 572

Pages: 3

Commercials on the North Korean Language

To gain a deeper understanding of the language, it is also important to research the language’s history by learning about Korean American culture. The population of the group is 0.6 percent of the total population of the United States. Philip Jaisohn was the first Korean American to be granted full…

Words: 1146

Pages: 5

Anglican Tradition Theological Essay

Many denominations have emerged as a result of the growth and spread of Christianity around the world. According to Oliver (2015), these sects have different traditions, values, adherents, and doctrines when it comes to their Christian beliefs. Furthermore, denominations continue to grow and integrate into sub-denominations, resulting in the emergence…

Words: 1944

Pages: 8

Influence of King’s Tradition of Civil Rights Protests and Public Demonstrations: A visual Analysis

This essay is a visual analysis of four images from the long history of political and social protests in the United States. The goal of the essay is to uncover a number of hidden issues in the photos related to ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and logical appeal. This is significant…

Words: 1161

Pages: 5


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