Fix My Essay Effectively

Is it possible to fix my essay? How can I mend something that looks so entirely ruined?” These are the common questions lots of students ask themselves at some point in their college education. Writing a paper is a difficult task that requires a huge amount of effort — you should be attentive and diligent as you’re researching the topic, gathering all the materials, and then incorporating them within text. 

Meeting academic requirements isn’t easy, so students could lose track and find themselves facing a dead-end. If a person who has been working on an essay for hours understands that they’re going nowhere and there are too many mistakes to proceed, they might feel discouraged and upset. The idea of having to redo everything is never pleasant, but even if you face the same situation, don’t panic. There is a solution that could help you fix everything so thoroughly that your work will look nearly flawless.

When Do I Need to Fix My Paper?

So, how do students get themselves into hopeless situations? There are several ways in which this could happen. The most frequent one is failing to read instructions properly. Let’s use a direct example: guidelines ask for essay supporting of death penalty. But after you write a final sentence and check guidelines again, you suddenly realize that you had to argue against death penalty, not for it. Now your whole work has been rendered useless — long research, every argument, each paragraph, everything is futile. It is difficult to imagine a more frustrating situation. It’s one thing saying, “I should correct my paper,” but an idea of re-writing it entirely? It is positively rage-inducing.

Or perhaps you’ve been planning on exploring a great argument, but halfway through, you understand that it just doesn’t work and you have nothing else to say. Your ideas ended after two pages and still have 4 more to create. Some research could suddenly refute your idea, forcing to edit the major half of your work or even start it anew. A student could also simply change their mind, losing their interest in an essay topic or position they’ve selected. If it happens, take a short break. Give yourself some time to calm down, and afterward, follow methods we’ll outline below.         

Recognize Where the Problem Is

At first, a person must understand why they need to correct essay. That entails diagnosing your writing and separating infected places from healthy ones. These are the steps you should follow.

  1. Read instructions and Re-read an essay.  Be sure you understood instructions well. Did you follow the prompt accurately? Read a paper again and separate the parts that don’t meet final goal from the rest. You won’t need them, they’ll just ruin impression of your readers.
  2. Assess veracity of sources. Each paper should be supported by academic level of evidence. Start using your essay correcting skills by going through the sources you’ve picked. Have they been published within the last 5 years? If not, then professor could consider them outdated. Are they valid? Best sources are peer-reviewed articles from academic journals or books of scholarly nature. They should have Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  3. Check evidence. Good work has no unsupported sentences. If a student introduces a claim that general audience doesn’t know about, it must be supported by a source. You can then expand without citing anything, but the first claim-related citation must be there. If several separate statements are made in sequence, all of them require support.
  4. Look at essay structure. If you look at an essay and wonder, “Should I fix my paragraph?,” there are some questions you could ask yourself. Are some paragraphs too long? That would be more than 200 words. Maybe some are too short and cannot function independently? The ideal paragraph should have at least 3 sentences, preferably 5. They cannot begin or end with direct quotes; more than that, opening and closing sentences must be strong. Do they introduce the overall idea of a paragraph / summarize it? Check introduction together with conclusion: they shouldn’t exceed 10% from content. Introduction must include only background info while conclusion should not include any new facts.
  5. Evaluate thesis. Thesis is the strongest and most important moment of work. Students could use free online thesis generator or come up with their own, but in any case, it should be strong, convincing, and argumentative. Remember that the entire essay is based on it. Is it clear why your paper is important from it? Does it express specific claim that need improvement?
  6. Determine consistency. Did arguments stay the same from the start to finish? Is your thesis developed in each paragraph, up until conclusion, or did the text become rambling at some point and lost track of major points? Were there any deviations where you wandered into unnecessary details or topics? Write your observations down if needed before devising recovery plan.    

Correct My Essay: Ways of Addressing Problems

Now that the problem has been located, it is time for starting the search for a cure. It’ll depend on many factors, especially on nature of problem itself. You will determine the scope of work waiting for you and then embark on a healing operation. These are some of your available options.  

  • Do cosmetic surgery. Your paper might be fine as a whole, with only some enhancement needed. Tweak words or sentences in case they sound confusing or redundant. Expand on ideas that haven’t been developed properly, exploring them in more depth. Remove small bits that your essay could do without — if they aren’t relevant, there is no need for them. Make some paragraphs shorter if their size is a reason for concern.   
  • Inject vital elements. Correcting essays is easy when you boost them with healthy dose of evidence. Add it to weak bits that don’t sound convincing. Include more sources or remove the ones that failed to be effective (if so, don’t forget to change in-text references, too!). Such vital support could help you get far ahead in your class.
  • Consider amputation and rearrangement. Some cases are so complex that writers cannot correct mistakes by adding just a few details. It might seem unfortunate, but you may consider removing larger parts or at least rearranging them. If paragraph doesn’t correspond to thesis or content requirements, delete it. If structure would benefit from replacing some paragraphs with others, do it. Mix content if this could help: let’s apply death penalty example we regarded above to illustrate this tip better. If instructions asked you to refute necessity of death penalty but you wrote paper in its support, you can leave some bits and make them into counter-arguments. This would be on point and argumentative, saving your efforts and time.  
  • Seek consultation. Sometimes the feeling of discouragement becomes too profound. If one starts thinking, “I wish I could fix my essay errors free online,” there is a way out! Use free spelling and plag checkers. Swap your work with that of your classmates: help them as they’re helping you. In urgent cases, contact special writing agencies that could take care of everything. Yes, their assistance won’t be free, but they provide good rates and help on a truly professional level. For instance, some firms could correct an essay by your specific deadline at a standard market price. They carry responsibility for their work, so your requirements will be met at 100%.    
  • Do thorough follow-up. This is the moment for getting your grammar and punctuation in order. Use special checker to remove spelling errors. Proofread text yourself to do away with grammatical mistakes. Ask someone else to read your work so that they could offer their feedback — eyes of strangers always see more clearly. Plagiarism is another big problem: engage plag checkers to chase away all instances of copied content.  

Treat Every Tip Like Medicine and Enjoy Your Restored Essay

Now, if you catch yourself thinking, “I should fix my writing,” remember that there is nothing to fear. There are plenty of solutions you could use, and even in the worst scenarios, you won’t waste an entire day on redoing everything. Be creative, thorough, and patient, and even the most terrible mistakes will lose their intensity. If there is no time at all, there is always an option of contacting professional team of writers who’ll remove errors and fix your essay at an affordable rate. So, cure your essay yourself or trust experts to do that, and in any case, stay positive. This is the best solution for reaching success in academic writing.

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