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Social issues essay defines the subject as problems and situations that directly or indirectly affect a person and society as a whole and require collective efforts to manage or overcome them. The term “social issue”, which appeared in Western European thought in the early 19th century. As a subject of theoretical study, social problems first began to be considered in the United States when the American Social Science Association was formed in 1865, and many social issues essays elaborate on that. According to essays on social issues, some of the direst social problems of the modern world are obesity, smoking, inequality, loneliness (along with depression and suicide), crime, alcoholism, poverty, homelessness, violence, and abuse. Our social issues essay samples will let you cut back research time – just view essay samples below for extra information.

The Changing Face of Youth CrimeReluctant Gangsters

Youths are a significant demographic group of any community especially when they are not involved in societal vices such as crime. They have the muscles that enhance productivity thereby supporting the economy by offering the required work. However, they can effectively disrupt social order by engaging in law-breaking activities. The...

Words: 2895

Pages: 11

Youth homelessness 21 century

Youth homelessness remains a major issue in the 21st century in the United Kingdom due to its adverse long-term consequences. Homelessness among the young people increases the risk of developing mental illnesses by threefold since they lack the required social support system and at the same time are exposed to...

Words: 3252

Pages: 12

Counselor in domestic violence

Within my current practice as a counselor in domestic violence and caseworker with the Latino community, the problem of oppression is a present reality. The oppression occurs in the economic racism and class relations within this population. There are many disadvantages that do not sustain or enhance life for the...

Words: 597

Pages: 3

Increase of beneficiaries of Islam phobia

With the increase of beneficiaries of Islam phobia and the rise of hate against Muslims, it seems that there are people who supply this hate and support it to continue and expand the area of its occurrence. The purpose of the essay; Examine the causes of hate campaigns against Muslims. View...

Words: 181

Pages: 1

Pornography and Gender Equality

This research will explore feminism and Porngraphy, looking at how porn links to feminist politics and thus, shows gender equality. The study will explore the sociological context of pornography and how various feminist theories interlink. The study aims to analyse pornography as something which is created and interpreted within the...

Words: 1624

Pages: 6

Literature Review

This paper seeks to address challenges that disabled people face in the housing environment. It will address the various individual encompassed in the disability criteria and what are some of their needs for housing. The paper will first reflect on laws enacted to facilitate a favorable environment for the flourishing...

Words: 4839

Pages: 18

Violent Video Games and Their Effect on Children

Concerns Over Aggressiveness of American Teenagers Playing Violent Video Games There have been significant concerns among the Americans over the aggressiveness of the American teenagers who indulge in playing violent video games because they tend to imitate or engage in the violent activities they observe during the gameplay. An APA Taskforce...

Words: 1354

Pages: 5

Impacts of International War on Terrorism on Human Rights

The war on terrorism has currently been intensified due to the rise in deaths and destruction that arise from terror attacks in the United States of America. Most measures that have been employed to deal with terrorism often touch on intelligence gathering and surveillance. In recent years, however, such measures...

Words: 1040

Pages: 4

The Role of Women in the Society

The role of women in the society has been a subject of interest especially following the emergence of feminism that targets to empower woman across the globe. The female body has been the center of debate throughout history with different cultures presenting varied opinions on the way a woman should...

Words: 4257

Pages: 16

The Impact of Homelessness on Children in the United Kingdom

The paper has focused on investigation of the physical and mental experiences of homeless young children and homelessness impact on their wellbeing in the United Kingdom. It is widely known that social policy, budgets, standards of housing policies, and experience of parents commonly affect the child’s life. These variables influence...

Words: 4755

Pages: 18

The Role of Gun Control in Preventing School Shootings

The issue of gun control and preventing school mass shooting is a pervasive issue in the US with policymakers experiencing an impasse over means of bringing this issue to an end. Indeed, the US has in the past centuries had troubled youths, with a good number of them owning guns...

Words: 1580

Pages: 6

The Bauhaus and Its Influence on Women Today

The Bauhaus was one of the most influential art schools in the 20th century especially due to a teaching approach that shaped the understanding of the relationship between art and society as well as technology. According to Wick and Grawe (2000, p. 11), the Bauhaus changed the course of the...

Words: 4777

Pages: 18

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