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Social issues essay defines the subject as problems and situations that directly or indirectly affect a person and society as a whole and require collective efforts to manage or overcome them. The term “social issue”, which appeared in Western European thought in the early 19th century. As a subject of theoretical study, social problems first began to be considered in the United States when the American Social Science Association was formed in 1865, and many social issues essays elaborate on that. According to essays on social issues, some of the direst social problems of the modern world are obesity, smoking, inequality, loneliness (along with depression and suicide), crime, alcoholism, poverty, homelessness, violence, and abuse. Our social issues essay samples will let you cut back research time – just view essay samples below for extra information.

White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville

A group of white nationalists and neo-Nazis held the Unite the Right demonstration on August 12, 2017, to air their frustrations against the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. The Confederate Army’s commanding general was General Lee. However, as a fight broke out between white supremacists and…

Words: 623

Pages: 3

Kansas City and Violent Crime Social Issue

Social problems are those that have a significant impact on a large number of people in a society. The general public may be affected in a limited or extensive way depending on their local or global focus. As a result, social issues are a collection of difficulties that are becoming…

Words: 2245

Pages: 9


I would like to communicate the desires, complaints, and aspirations of the immigrant families residing in the United States on behalf of the migrant farmers and their children. The appropriate parties in authority and pertinent organizations in the nation should prioritize and take into account their aspirations for a higher…

Words: 1198

Pages: 5

Criminal Deviance Bullying and Social Control

Making use of case studies and testimony from both targets and perpetrators is the most crucial step in the student’s guide to research that I would require to evaluate bullying. Barbara can evaluate bullying in the video by using a range of case studies, starting with the genocides in Rwanda…

Words: 465

Pages: 2

Ways of Reducing Diabetes in a Community

Diabetes continues to be a potentially fatal condition that affects people from all socioeconomic levels. However, because of a number of circumstances, those from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to develop the illness. On time diagnosis and the inclusion of suitable therapies, the disease can be treated and managed….

Words: 1220

Pages: 5

Voice Inflection in Martin Luther’s Speech ‘I Have a Dream.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is held in an ever-present and rising awe. The entire statement is insightful and well-written, utilizing a number of literary and communication techniques. Martin Luther King gave a speech in front of more than 20,000 people that was inspirational and built…

Words: 686

Pages: 3

Public opinion: debate over the death penalty

The debate over the death penalty today is driven by public opinion, as it has always been. The abolitionists and retentionists frequently cite ethical and philosophical works to support their respective arguments in the dispute. On the other side, legislators rely on public opinion when debating issues involving the death…

Words: 339

Pages: 2

About Poverty Eradication

The picture illustrates the efforts being made to alleviate poverty, a major social problem. The image’s components include diagonal lines that suggest movement and efforts to combat poverty, the image’s shapes, which stand out against the white background and add depth to the problem of poverty, and the image’s shapes….

Words: 270

Pages: 1

Chinese immigrants in United States

Chinese immigrants have been coming to the United States in great numbers and for a very long time. The immigrants started coming to America in the 1840s and up until the present. Currently, the majority of immigrants in America are citizens due to the country’s high immigration rate. Some Chinese…

Words: 1195

Pages: 5

Minority groups’ contributions to American culture

The history and culture of the United States have benefited greatly from the immigration of people from many cultures. In terms of the growth of American history and culture, immigrants from many ethnic groups, especially African Americans, have exhibited achievement in a variety of areas (Pole et al., 2008). The…

Words: 652

Pages: 3

Era of Gender Norms and Feminist Criticism

Studying and interpreting stories from a female and gender perspective is the focus of feminist critique, a branch of stylistic analysis. This analytical writing style focuses on the elements that are utilized to infer the meaning and goals of the story from the social environment and offers insight into the…

Words: 1565

Pages: 6

The Igbo Tribe of Eastern Nigeria

The Igbo ethnic group is the second-largest ethnic group in Nigeria. Given that they are dispersed throughout several villages, their enormous population helps to explain their diversity of cultures. Nevertheless, all of the subgroups speak the same language. According to some historians, they were originally immigrants from the west and…

Words: 1212

Pages: 5

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