Essays on Social Issues

Social issues essay defines the subject as problems and situations that directly or indirectly affect a person and society as a whole and require collective efforts to manage or overcome them. The term “social issue”, which appeared in Western European thought in the early 19th century. As a subject of theoretical study, social problems first began to be considered in the United States when the American Social Science Association was formed in 1865, and many social issues essays elaborate on that. According to essays on social issues, some of the direst social problems of the modern world are obesity, smoking, inequality, loneliness (along with depression and suicide), crime, alcoholism, poverty, homelessness, violence, and abuse. Our social issues essay samples will let you cut back research time – just view essay samples below for extra information.

“Social capital and voting participation of immigrants and minorities in Canada”

Bevelander and Pendakur examine the variables that influence minority groups and their voting practices in Canada in their article “Social capital and voting engagement of immigrants and minorities in Canada.” Minority voting rights are nearly identical to those of the majority, and the constitution recognizes that everyone has the freedom…

Words: 554

Pages: 3

The Saudi Arabia Security Dilemma in Relation to International Terrorism

After September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States, America has been able to put together a sizable multinational alliance to combat terrorism (Gold, 2004). Any countries in this alliance, though, are insignificant in the war against terrorism. Furthermore, the ability of certain coalition members to combat terrorism has…

Words: 838

Pages: 4

America’s Welfare State

According to a 2015 USCB (U.S. Census Bureau) survey, the United States has a poverty rate of about 13.5 percent. As a means of combating poverty, President Lyndon B. Johnson established the US Census Bureau in 1960, which provides regular reports on the levels of poverty in the United States….

Words: 2208

Pages: 9

World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs

Dr. Beck introduces the video “World Poverty, Immigration, and Gumballs.” My first impression of the video was that it was intended to demonstrate how immigration raises the level of poverty in the United States (the host). However, after paying careful attention to the presentation, I found that Dr. Beck has…

Words: 278

Pages: 2

“Under western eyes”

Mohanty, C. T. (2003). “Under western eyes” revisited: feminist solidarity through anticapitalist struggles. Signs: Journal of Women in culture and Society, 28(2), 499-535. The article is a reaction to criticism and feedback, as well as misunderstandings regarding Mohanty’s introductory post, “Behind Western Eyes.” The Women Studies program has been thoroughly…

Words: 727

Pages: 3

In his article, Stuart Hall states that “The Floating Signifier” while trying to explain the nature of racism.

Stuart Hall refers to “The Floating Signifier” in his essay while attempting to describe the essence of prejudice. Racial disparities are still variable, hence the expression “floating” (Hay, Hall & Grossberg, 2013). The title allows readers to learn about bigotry and to be able to examine ideas in diverse ways….

Words: 2012

Pages: 8

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

Corruption is the manipulation by those in authority, and it mainly entails bribery. In this regard, it has a number of consequences on culture, including inflation and economic depreciation. Corruption exists in several facets of the government in the United States, as it does in other countries around the world….

Words: 1173

Pages: 5

Othello Shakespeare

The feminist study of Shakespeare’s Othello encourages us to judge, understand, and critique different social ideals as well as the role of women in a patriarchal society. Othello is an example of a film that illustrates patriarchal society’s standards and the showing of rights in patriarchal relationships, as well as…

Words: 503

Pages: 2

The female man is a novel authored by a famous feminist

Joanna Russ, a well-known feminist, wrote the novel The Female Man. The novel was written in 1970 and published in America in 1975. The book is classified as both a fantasy novel and a feminist science fiction novel. The protagonist is a feminist who used short stories, novels, and nonfiction…

Words: 364

Pages: 2

What you pawn I will redeem

Sherman Alexie’s What You Pawn I Can Reclaim is a story shared by Jackson, a homeless Spokane Indian living on the streets of Seattle. The story brings to light the truth of cultural emptiness. Living far away, learning away from home, there is a sense of being robbed of my…

Words: 338

Pages: 2

“God on Our Side” by Bob Dylan”

Bob Dylan wrote “God on Our Side” in 1964, amid the American Civil Rights Movement. Bob Dylan wrote the song by emphasizing the conflict between residual philosophies such as patriotism and white supremacy (Dylan). The song was written during a period when latent philosophies such as racial injustice were influencing…

Words: 386

Pages: 2

Response to Readings

True, the issue of sexual offenses in America threatened to sever social ties between natives and blacks. I accept that bigotry contributed to the lynching of blacks by white women in order to shield them from sexual offenses. According to the book, “Benjamin Tillman proudly told the United States Senate…

Words: 347

Pages: 2

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