Essays on Social Issues

Social issues essay defines the subject as problems and situations that directly or indirectly affect a person and society as a whole and require collective efforts to manage or overcome them. The term “social issue”, which appeared in Western European thought in the early 19th century. As a subject of theoretical study, social problems first began to be considered in the United States when the American Social Science Association was formed in 1865, and many social issues essays elaborate on that. According to essays on social issues, some of the direst social problems of the modern world are obesity, smoking, inequality, loneliness (along with depression and suicide), crime, alcoholism, poverty, homelessness, violence, and abuse. Our social issues essay samples will let you cut back research time – just view essay samples below for extra information.

The Importance of Globalization in IEC Electronics

IEC Electronics is an American company in New York established in 1966 and deals with electronic components. IEC Electronics manufactures electronic components such as circuit boards, electrical cables, and wires for different industries including the military, healthcare, transport industry among others. Additional activities done by the company are such as...

Words: 429

Pages: 2

The Garment Industry and Responsible Business Practices

The garment industry is a key driver of a country’s economy and development, employing millions of people and accounting for national export earnings. At the same time, a series of fatal factory incidents has highlighted the sector’s deplorable working conditions and has exposed international retailers and fashion brands for exploiting...

Words: 2747

Pages: 10

The Role of Management in Global Environment

The global environment and the economy often play critical roles of forcing business partners to make adjustments within the company and results to the positive outcome.  The mandatory changes afford the chances which may have been overlooked in the past. As such, they can lead to higher employee morale and...

Words: 1501

Pages: 6

Legal Law on Age Discrimination

Economic development has led to the improvement of living standards across the United States and other developed states. Improvement of institutions such as healthcare as evidenced by the success of Medicare and Medicaid has increased life longevity. By implication, this development has increased the number of older people with the...

Words: 2027

Pages: 8

Weight Bias in the Workplace

The rates of obesity have increased significantly in the recent past due to factors such as the sudden change of lifestyle and poor feeding habits(James et al, 2001 p,9). People rarely engage in physical exercises despite the poor diet. According to a recent report, people’s body mass index, which determines...

Words: 3960

Pages: 15

Gender Inequality in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is currently faced with skills shortage which in turn affects staffing negatively. Mining companies struggle to remain viable and profitable considering the skills shortage. Historically, mining industry has been a male dominated industry with very few women finding their way in the industry right from the entry...

Words: 1311

Pages: 5

Corporate Social Responsibility Paper

Promote a quality workplace by investing in employee s development, providing opportunities for growth and safeguarding the company s interests and corporate rights. Implementation of Quality Standards Standards guiding business operation are vital to any company or institution. For an employer to be able to deter employees from breaking the set laws,...

Words: 256

Pages: 1

The Impact of Globalization and Technological Innovation on Consumer and Industrial Goods and Services Production

As the world advance as witnessed in globalization and technological innovations, the consumer and industrial goods and services production increase significantly regarding quantity, quality and variety. Businesses always strive to ensure that commodities they offer to consumers meet the preferences of the given target market segments based on culture and...

Words: 574

Pages: 3

The Impact of Globalization on Small Enterprises

The globalization process keeps on producing new surprises. Globalization 1.0 lasted until world war 1 and shrunk the world from large to medium size. Globalization 2.0 lasted until 2000, but still, most of the companies are at this stage. This stage shifted the world from medium-sized into small. Lastly, globalization...

Words: 394

Pages: 2

Population Control in China

About twenty-five years ago, China’s main concern was that it had a very high birth rate, too high to provide support for. As China limited its birth rate and introduced a birth control policy this matter came under control. However, as a result of the one-child policy, China has a...

Words: 2257

Pages: 9

How consumerism will solve the issue of inequality in America

Consumerism is the idea that increasing consumption is the best way to improve a country’s economy. It involves putting the needs of the consumers first and could be the motivation behind terms such as, “The customer is always right.” Furthermore, consumerism enables consumers to have access to luxury goods (Barber...

Words: 957

Pages: 4

Homelessness in the United States

In the article “Homelessness has a black face” in the HuffPost, the article states that the scale of homelessness in the United States is reaching an alarming, especially among the African Americans. In the state of California, the number of homeless people has reached critical mass mainly due to unemployment...

Words: 332

Pages: 2

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