Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

These two are the most considerable men in the civil rights movement, and years later after their demise, America still celebrates them with their image constant in the American consciousness. As great men who share connections, their ideologies and zeal might be similar, however their character and motivation were driven…

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“The Ballot or the Bullet” by Malcolm X

Malcolm X delivered one of the most powerful speeches in American civil rights history in April 1964. The Ballot and The Bullet declaration concentrated on Black Nationalism at a time when the African American community had no influence about who they elected. During the electioneering time, white nationalists will usually…

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learning to read by Malcolm X

Before the adoption of the letter X to signify the lack of his African tribal identity, Malcolm X was known as Malcolm Little. He was born in 1925 in Nebraska, and his political activity started with his conversion to Islam. Learning to Read was based on interviews gathered shortly before…

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