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A psychology essay is not easy to write – you must know the topic well and be good at analysis. Word “psychology” is of Greek origin and means: “psychē” – soul and “logos”- word. Many psychology essays define psychology as a science that studies the processes and patterns of mental activity. Other authors of essays on psychology define it as a science that studies the development of the mental state, mental activity, and behavior of an individual or a group. One of the important practical uses of psychology is the diagnosis and treatment of mental problems. Psychology aims to explain and predict human behavior, but also find ways to correct it. We can Need help with a psychology essay? Get in touch with us or view psychology essay samples below for additional information. Provided essay samples here are easy to read and informative.

The Issue Of Childhood Obesity

Obesity refers to health condition where fat in the body is excess. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is extensively utilized as the screening procedure to determine the existence of the disease. Moreover, childhood obesity is long-term and immediate effects on emotional, social, and physical health (Sahoo et al. 187). For...

Words: 1378

Pages: 6

Combat-Injured Families: Challenges and Solutions

In the 21st century, the United States of America has deployed up to 2 million soldiers to support military operations in war-stricken countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Such deployments often affect the service members as well as those left at home (Lara-Cinisomo, Chandra, Burns, Jaycox, Tanielian, Ruder, " Han,...

Words: 1316

Pages: 5

Why Teenagers Should Not Have Cosmetic Surgery

Adolescent girls are under pressure of exploring ways of enhancing their appearance. This pressure has seen the number of teens going for cosmetic surgeries rise dramatically in the past years. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has reported that the number of girls having cosmetic surgeries as tripled since...

Words: 760

Pages: 3

Mental Health Services Utilization in School System

Image 1: Healthy child program from pregnancy to age 2 sourced from Image 1 above demonstrates the significance of having children mental health programs that will facilitate better development of brain. It shows the stages through which a child undergoes from prenatal stage until the time when the baby is...

Words: 884

Pages: 4

Analysis of A Doll's House

I personally believe that it was not right for Nora to leave her husband and children. Nora should have behaved like a responsible mother and a wife. Children deserve parental care and this comes from both the mother and the father. As such, provided a woman has children, the first...

Words: 357

Pages: 2

Effect of Peer Victimization on School Delinquency

The recent incidences of school have sparked interest in research to determine the effect of this behavior on delinquency within the learning institutions. According to the article, peer victimization plays a significant role in bringing about strain, which consequently manifests itself in school delinquency. The study found out that physical...

Words: 328

Pages: 2

Water Crisis in California

Water is a crucial natural resource with a myriad of biological, chemical and physical uses. According to Ballard and Hively (2017, p.96), the current water coverage is 71% of the earth's total surface with the percentage rapidly increasing due to unpredictable climatic changes caused by the greenhouse effect. California is...

Words: 1142

Pages: 5

Sustainable Residential Development Projects in Australia

Australia is able to create a favorable environment for its citizens as well as for the growth of its economy by undertaking some changes in its residential development projects. By so doing, Australia will have sustainable residential projects that have no negative impacts on the environment. The elements to be...

Words: 1190

Pages: 5

Growing up in India

We were a simple family of five; my parents and my two siblings, before we were joined by our cousin who was orphaned at an early age. My mother has not gone through school, and my dad is a Hindu priest and has a college equivalent degree. My younger brother...

Words: 840

Pages: 4

KYEG Multimedia Project

Kamburu Youth Empowerment Group (KYEG) is a community based group committed to uplifting the socio-economic status of youths and children in its target localities. KYEG is base in Kamuchege Location in Lari County. Started in 2016, KYEG has had spectacular success in organizing charitable events and Talent shows in the...

Words: 1172

Pages: 5

Personality Assessment using Nomothetic Approach

Arguably, employee appraisal has become the cornerstone of any organisation (Beckmann and Wood 2017, p.1489). Importantly, direct and albeit effects of personal differences and assessment have increasingly become core target; its necessity rises big day by day. Employee assessment is crucial to growth, achievement, and general realisation of a firm’s...

Words: 1998

Pages: 8

About Resilience

Resilience is a term used in psychology to describe the capacity of people to cope with stress and catastrophe. It is also used to indicate a characteristic of resistance to future negative events. This psychological meaning of resilience is often contrasted with...

Words: 2278

Pages: 9

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