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Child Protection in the United Kingdom

Child Protection is a fundamental issue that has been addressed at various levels of governance. The United Kingdom is one of the many countries that are still grappling with how best to protect a child from any dangerous exposure. Prof Eileen Munro was tasked to come up with a report...

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The Consequences of Child Maltreatment on Children

Are you aware of the Eileen Munro’s Recommendations? Any suspicion of child abuse in school or at home? Can you relate mood disorders you recently noticed in your child to child maltreatment? Can you relate poor academic performance you recently noticed in your child to child abuse? The Figure 1 below represents the data...

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The Little Albert Experiment

The little Albert experiment showed how classical conditioning works in people. Classical conditioning is the process of developing new behavior through the association of stimuli. In classical conditioning, two stimuli are linked to elicit a reaction. In this experiment, little Albert expressed fear for very loud sound. However, he also...

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The Impact of Father's Presence on Children's Cognitive and Behavioral Functioning

Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue Canadienne des sciences du compartment, 43(3), 173. Introduction The study carried out in this article aims to find out the kind of impact that a father has on the cognitive and behavioral functioning of his children. This is based on his presence and absence. The authors...

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Effects of Sexual Assault on Mental Health

Sexual assault is defined as an infringement of a person's sexual space by sexual touch without consent by coercion or physical force to engage in a sexual act against the person's will. It ranges from verbal sexual insults to the physical acts such as groping, rape, and sodomy and child...

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The Pros and Cons of Antisocial and Prosocial Behaviors

Both pro-social and antisocial behaviors are voluntary actions, but the former is intended to benefit another person or group of people, while the latter seeks to harm or disadvantage another individual or group (Hyde, Shaw, " Moilanen, 2010). This discussion describes prosocial and antisocial behaviors depicted in two advertisements and...

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The Development of Prosocial Behavior

Prosocial Behavior Prosocial behavior is a pattern of actions that occur when a person helps others without the thought of receiving a reward or compensation and without motivation. On the other hand, if a motive is involved in doing charitable work, then it is altruism. Prosocial behavior is voluntary and includes...

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Problem Behavior: Why I Should Study More in College

P variables: P self-awareness1, P attitude2E variables: E my college colleagues1, E influential people in society2My problem behavior is why I should put more effort in my studies in college. Self-awareness has significantly contributed to my studying efforts. The subjective awareness of an individual is referred to as Consciousness. Consciousness...

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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

“Diagnosis and Classification of Atypical Psychological Behavior is Difficult Because Atypical Behavior Never Has a Single Cause”.NameUniversity“Diagnosis And Classification Of Atypical Psychological Behavior Is Difficult Because Atypical Behavior Never Has A Single Cause”.Introduction          Atypical psychological behavior refers to a condition characterized by abnormal feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Psychopathy on the...

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Effects of Television on Children

Television and its Impact on Children Television and other media have become essential tools as most information is being delivered to the people using these technologies. In contrast with other media, TV remains as the most accessible form of media to most people including the young. However, its use by children...

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The Nature of Teenagers

Teenagers and Evolution Teenagers are products of mutations, which occurred in earlier centuries. As the film notes, the human brain has evolved three times since creation, that is, about three million years ago and after 300,000 years ago. However, these two changes only added up about 50 percent of the size...

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The Fundamental Attribution Error

Peoples actions are subject to criticism despite their magnitude, timing and personality traits. It is inevitable to judge hence considered human nature. The fundamental attribution error depicts a significant problem where too much emphasis is put on a person’s characteristics disregarding situational factors which are equally essential. An example of...

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