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Your dog essay cannot omit the fact that you never experienced a truly pure, generous, and overwhelming unconditional love if you never had a dog. Unlike any other creatures, dogs are joyous, full of life, cheerful, and affectionate. For many centuries, dogs have accompanied a person in various life situations: from hunting to guarding the house, so essays on dog have been written by many generations of dog-lovers. Dog essays portray dogs as creatures that are smart and able to learn, play, and socialize. According to essays about dog history, the domestication of dogs took place during the Paleolithic period. It's no surprise that dogs are extremely popular and loved – over 30% of the entire world's population has a pet dog. Our dog essay samples will cover many dog-related topics – give those essay samples a read to find more useful info.

The Relationship Between People and Pets

The purpose of the research was to identify the relationship that people have with their pets. The investigation was driven by the observation that people identify their pets as part of their family and tend to have a special emotional connection with them. As a result, the research uses the...

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Adopt a Dog Instead of Buying One from a Breeder

Nothing beats a long walk in the morning or evening with the company of a friendly pet dog. Dogs have been man’s companion for several decades now because they share our lives in several ways many animals cannot. Dogs are always friendly and a perfect human companion that is why...

Words: 2842

Pages: 11

The Meaning of Home

My Home and the Void Without Jake My home used to be a place where I would feel the comfort of my family. Now I only feel an apparent emptiness, void of the joy I used to feel. This type of sorrow surrounds me, and I am caught in the dark,...


Words: 821

Pages: 3

Strengths and Weaknesses of Dog Foster Community

A community and its types A community is made up of individuals who have a lot in common and mingle in the same geographical area. Neighbourhoods are of various types. Some examples of communities are hobbies and other Interest-based communities, experience-based communities, ownership-based communities amongst others. Fosters are quick examples of...

Words: 1140

Pages: 5

Dog Breeding and Overpopulation

Purchasing a Hybrid Dog Many individuals would ask themselves whether purchasing a hybrid dog is a problematic issue even if the vendor is trustworthy. Another question one should ask is why pet breeding is irresponsible. Despite a vast number having pets in their homes, we still have millions of homeless dogs...

Words: 892

Pages: 4

The Pros and Cons of Cats and Dogs as Pets

The author, Sean Curtis in the article Why Cats Make Better Pets than Dogs explains the reasons as to why he would consider cats as pets to dogs. He bases his argument on the facts that cats are generally easy to deal with and require less time as compared to...

Words: 935

Pages: 4

The Importance of Puppy Training

Puppy Training: Setting a Foundation for a Well-Behaved Dog Puppies are adorably cute and enchanting little beings. Any pet lover can probably attest to the fact that bringing a puppy home was undoubtedly one of their most treasured moments. The first few weeks or months into the puppy's stay are often...

Words: 1537

Pages: 6

Puppy Training

Training a Puppy Often people anticipate the happiness of everything that is nice about having a puppy. However, most of the time, things fail to turn out like we would wish them to happen. Puppies are not only a source of delightful energy but curiosity too. Conversely, they can be both...

Words: 1458

Pages: 6

Canine Forms of Security and CPTED

In contrast to using dogs to protect private warehouses, the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design strategy is defined in the paper, along with the reasons why it is preferable. Also described are the specifics of CPTED that I would advise the proprietors implement in order to assist in securing a...

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Pages: 5

History of the nephrectomy procedure

The feasibility of removing a kidney in humans can be linked to many years of research on the best form of operation and the impact on physiological processes. The dog model was used in the initial tests. Tests done on dogs showed that compensative hypertrophy of the kidney remained and...

Words: 3006

Pages: 11

Critical Analysis of some Aspects of Remarkable Creatures: Dogs

Dogs are significant creatures in human society; they are domesticated for personal or commercial reasons, such as racing. Their importance in society is mostly reciprocal, and both sides of the divide have fostered this relationship since ancient times when they were domesticated, and it is said that a dog eventually...

Words: 1940

Pages: 8

Benefits of having a Dog in Stressful Situations

According to the excerpt from No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog . Every man or woman at some point in life experiences the adverse consequences of stress and depression. Certain factors bring stress such as family issues, impromptu payments and a car battery which is dead....

Words: 674

Pages: 3

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