Garden City, Mega City – The Work of Art

The Garden City, Mega City is a work of art that is preserved in the Skyscraper Museum in Manhattan, New York. The Garden City, Mage City illustrates a built and pre-built work by WOHA, a Singaporean building design company for tropical and urban buildings. The art work was introduced to...

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Designing Online Documents

There are important elements when designing online documents. They include the goals of the document, understanding design principles, planning the design, designing the print document and page (Glushko, Robert " Tim, 21). Some of the significant questions which can be raised during this process include; what is the objective of...

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The Importance of Scenography in Theatre

The article on scenography is the most fascinating compared to other pieces. According to it, scenography refers to all the rudiments that facilitates enhancement of theatrical and presentation atmosphere in acting centers. Elements that create a conducive acting atmosphere involve lighting, sound, set, and the design of costumes. The article...

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The Feasibility Study of a Speculative Office Project

Unit 1: Design Principles and Application for Construction and the Built Environment Feasibility Study Report Background Information             This report entails the preparation of a feasibility study for developing a speculative office project as commissioned by a client. The project, which involves redeveloping an existing stone-clad building, is located in a city center....

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Three Key Design Philosophies for Multi-Storey Buildings

In order to establish the integrity of multi-storey buildings, three key design philosophies are used: permissible stress; load factor; and limit state approach. The approaches are important as they facilitate the attainment of serviceability, economy, safety and functionality conditions. The approaches are elaborated further below. Permissible stress method             Bhavikatti (2010) notes...

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Planning in Construction Projects

Building construction is a rewarding, significant but complex process. The construction project usually begins with a concept and ends in a structure that might house people for many years. Nevertheless, the planning stage of the construction projects needs an orderly and well-planned assembly of all the needed resources. Articulation of...

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Brunelleschis Dome

The “Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture”is a nonfiction book by Ross King that describes the city of Florence at the beginning of Renaissance era.  The author uses Filippo Brunelleschi to describe the history of Florence.  Primarily, the book focuses on the building of Santa Maria del Fiore’s...

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Most Interesting Fact About IDEO and Its Five Mantras

IDEO is an international design and innovation firm founded in 1991 and has it’s headquarter in California, United States. The company is headed by Tim Brown as the Chief Executive Officer and boasts of over seven hundred employees. The discussion focuses on the most interesting fact about the company based...

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A Comparison of Graphic Design Websites and Cloud Technology Websites

The is a computer animation website, which has both a clear message and a beautiful design. The site introduces its visitors to Jeremy Birn's new "Third Edition of Digital Lighting and Rendering" which is an improvement of the books published in 2000 and 2006; it is exciting and irresistible...

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Computer-Aided Drawing and Design

Every day, we face a number of complex issues which requires weighing of evidence and coming to conclusions based on the information acquired. Development of cognitive skills encompasses suspending one’s principles to explore different subjects from a blank-slate point of view. Engineering has many concepts and they include; hands-on project...

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Designing Skill

Designing skill encompasses visual communication and problem-solving through illustration. It calls for an individual disciple to master the art. Through this course, I have learned how to design and use graphics work to convey a message. The journey has been exciting and full of trials and errors. Most importantly, I...

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Designing Animation for Kids

The millennium generation is made up of kids that embrace modern technology and media. Art designers and media firms are not left behind towards delivering services. They have targeted children by producing animations and illustrations that are on demand in the film market. This has been made possible by employing...

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