Essays on Art in Architecture

Developments in the field of architecture

Discuss how the modern forces such as nature and machines has influenced the developments in the field of architecture, industry, engineering and sociology and the transitions that such fields have witnessed Preamble: Due to the speedy changing technological advances, the fields of architecture, industry, engineering and sociology have witnessed major…

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Self-Organizing Biological Systems in terms of Architecture

Biological architecture is outstanding and desirable. It takes into consideration the natural issue hence bringing out the beauty in each and every biological design. For instance, Self-organizing Biological system’s architecture is one lovely architectural design that if actualized could mesmerize the world with its organic design. The above project developed…

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Comparison of Architecture

Norman Forster is one of the world’s most productive architects coming from the classical age with his well-known historical building designs. Unlike the modern architects, Forster designs are precise to every constructing depending on the locality, the structure and architectural culture. The Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) on the different hand,…

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Building Classification Project

Topic: Apply constructing codes and standards to the building process for giant building projects Part 1: Classifying constructing and type of construction Task 1.1 (Building Classification) Criteria to decide the classification of buildings The classification of buildings or components of buildings relies upon on the purpose for which it is…

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Architecture in Andalusia

During the Islamic rule that lasted between AD 711 and 1492, a prosperous selection of distinctive palaces, mosques, and fortresses were erected in Andalusia, which used to be then an important section of the Islamic lands known as the heartland of Al-Andalus. The distinguishing characteristic of the Omayyad architecture was…

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Architecture Project: Market Hall

A market hall is an open space which is ordinarily meant for conducting business activities and in some cases civil functions. I can also be referred as a marketplace. Market halls have a historic origin in Great Britain from the 1620s2. The proper and mandate to build and very own…

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Islamic Architecture and Art

The time period Islamic historically means that work that was designed in a region that was dominated by Muslims. This religion has been in existence when you consider that 600 AD in what is at present known as Saudi Arabia. The Islamic faith spread out in the seventh century first…

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The Gothic Revival Style in Art History

The Gothic Revival style is a revival of architecture that took place in the early nineteenth century in England. Around 1840 to about 1880, the Renaissance happened when Victorian artists chose to build on previous classical styles. The architectural Gothic Revival is often referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo-Gothic,…

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Modernism Seeds: From Dada to Discursive Design

Architecture and design are some of the most evolutionary areas of human development. Analysis of modernism movements in architectural designs from Dada’s Marcel Duchamp and DeStijl’s Mondrian and Gerrit Rievelt concentrated usually on idealism in architecture, rather than objectivism which characterized preceding design approaches. Consequently, the modern actions appeared to…

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Tadao Ando’s Architecture

Tadao Ando is a well-known Japanese architect born in 1941 in Osaka, Japan. He had a twin brother, and at the age of two, their parents decided to separate them making Tadao to dwell at his grandmother’s place (Tadao Ando, 2016). He labored as a boxer and a truck driver…

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Digital Architecture Nowadays

Digital Architecture is a area of engineering which is embedded on the use of digital media in coming up with architectural designs. It is the believed to be the modern and distinct way of questioning and modeling in architecture. This technique uses laptop modeling, imaging, simulation, and programming in order…

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The Description of the Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture Gothic Architectures is a form of art in architecture that is gotten from church buildings that had been constructed before. But, Gothic architecture, unlike these church buildings, focused on the lighting and the height of the building. These church buildings focused more on the thickness and large of…

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