Essays on 20Th Century

Winesburg, Ohio, a book by Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson’s novel Winesburg, Ohio was written in the early twentieth century. It is a series of 25 books that cover a wide range of psychological topics. Grotesque is a representation of bizarre human character distortions as well as exaggerated unusual characteristics. It contains the hideous caricature of people’s appearance…

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Bigfoot at 50: Article Critique

The essay “Bigfoot at 50: Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Proof” by Benjamin Radford examines the evidence of Bigfoot’s presence gathered over the last fifty years. Around the same time, the author tries to offer proof of the validity of the data while still challenging its dependability. Radford observes at…

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The poem “If We Must Die”

The poem “If We Must Die,” written by Claude McKay, is a representation of the hardships that black people faced in the United States during the early twentieth century. The writer’s tone portrays a human who is burdened by a slew of stereotypes and racial alienation from white Americans (Maxwell…

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Chicago Poems

Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems is a book of his poetry that was published in 1916. They offer a vivid overview of the state of Chicago during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as people’s perceptions of the inhabitants. Sandburg wrote the book of poetry after living in the…

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Drugs and Crime Rate in the US relationship

In the twentieth century, the prevalence of opioid addiction in the United States increased exponentially. Many stakeholders became worried that the narcotics were adversely impacting different facets of the growth of American societies. Crime is one aspect of social life that has gained a lot of attention in regards to…

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The term “modernism” refers to a modern way of thought and practicing that differs from the conventional rules and writing methods used by older writers prior to the twentieth century. Any of the main forces that influenced the emergence of modernism were the development of modern industrial economies, the rapid…

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19th-20th Century American Literature

The primary goal of this literature reflection is to demonstrate certain individual viewpoints on American literature from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries. The reflection will show how works such as Kerouac’s “Big Sur,” Ginsberg’s “Howl,” and Lowell’s “The Captured Goddess” represent America. The research would also demonstrate how the literature…

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Sunday morning by wallace stevens

Great literature resonates in a variety of important areas. For example, it allows mankind to focus on itself by offering metaphoric and literal allusions to real-world situations, highlighting both vices and commendable aspects of human life. Great literature, like great music, transcends time and is celebrated even today. It alters…

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A Mother is a Dubliner collection

A Mother is a short story collection by Dubliner (1914) that focuses on four aspects: vocabulary, plot, character traits, and characterization style (Joyce 2). The short story was written by James Joyce, who has an outspoken reputation for being a very prominent literary figure during the first half of the…

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The Rise and Demise of Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams is a well-known American playwright whose works have inspired the very essence of fiction. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest playwrights of twentieth-century American drama. One of the most intriguing facets of his best works is how he blends his own life experiences into them…

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the role of women then and now

In Western society, the national movement for women’s liberation emerges in the second half of the nineteenth century, when women first manifest as autonomous organized political power. The term feminism, which means “women’s liberation,” was first used in political debates (Hannam, 2007). As a synonym for female liberation, the word…

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In the 17th century, there was a domestic method of producing goods. The industrial revolution, on the other hand, prevailed. The invention of computers capable of doing the function of a hand tool was one of the most dramatic developments brought on by the revolution. Second, in the nineteenth and…

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