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Interest in the past has existed since the beginning of the human race – your writing of a history essay confirms it. Humans themselves are historical beings – we grow, change, and evolve. History essays often explore the origins of history. Samples of essays on history teach us that the original meaning of the word ‘history” goes back to ancient Greek, meaning “investigation”, “establishment” – history was identified as the establishment of the truth about events and facts. Later this word’s meaning changed and it was perceived more as a story about the events of the past. History is one of the oldest sciences, so many essays were written about it over the years. Our ancestors appreciated history and called it “Magistra vitae” – a teacher of life. Check out our history essay samples and explore various topics on the history you can apply in your essay.

Thomas Stephen Szasz YouTube video

In his YouTube video, Thomas Stephen Szasz (Szasz) makes the case that both psychiatry and religion are committed to restricting people’s freedom. Sociologically speaking, religion is a unifying force that, by fostering coherence, has the ability to influence societal beliefs as a whole. Religious organizations cared for the community’s mentally…

Words: 718

Pages: 3

The Impact of Saudi Scholarship Program

Since the turn of the century, there have been numerous exchanges between various civilizations, made possible by migration between continents. The necessity to pursue higher education in the industrialized nations found on the continents of America, Europe, Australia, and Asia has sparked these movements. The situation has been the same…

Words: 4028

Pages: 15

Voice Inflection in Martin Luther’s Speech ‘I Have a Dream.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is held in an ever-present and rising awe. The entire statement is insightful and well-written, utilizing a number of literary and communication techniques. Martin Luther King gave a speech in front of more than 20,000 people that was inspirational and built…

Words: 686

Pages: 3

achievement gap- black and white

The article discusses a study conducted by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and primarily examines whether the achievement gap has changed over time. In particular, the study by NAEP places more emphasis on the educational achievement disparity between Blacks and Whites and how various factors have played a…

Words: 326

Pages: 2

“Economentality: How the Future Entered Government.”

Before 1948 or the time before World War II, the economy was not well understood by the general public. The word economy was seen from a conventional standpoint as a process rather than a product. The author’s major claim is that there aren’t many or any economists who have a…

Words: 322

Pages: 2

Race in America: “Blaming the victim”

Given the history of race in America, colorblindness has taken on the characteristics of “history-denying” movements like those that reject the Holocaust. The 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust are comparable to this. Ian Lopez offers a historical account of racism and citizenship. “Those who want to claim…

Words: 460

Pages: 2

Issues of racism and sexism

Racism and sexism are issues that are present throughout world history, art, and society. Males, galleries, and art collectors frequently overtly overlook the innovation of women and undervalue their contributions throughout most of ancient history. Gender equality is not a new phenomena; it emerged in the eighteenth century, a time…

Words: 676

Pages: 3

Comparative American Indian Societies

Between 1820 and 1871, the southeastern countries of the United States highlighted native American societies. Before different political, economic, and cultural influences were directed at them, indigenous cultures’ lives and ways of life were peaceful. The role of hegemony is responsible for a significant percentage of the problems brought on…

Words: 1557

Pages: 6

Slavery in Louisiana

Before European settlers arrived, the inhabitants of Louisiana began to enslave people by capturing them from their encircled foes and using them as slaves in their own country. Spanish kings once controlled the region (Burin 174). French colonists recognized the region upon their arrival and gave it the name Louisiana….

Words: 1483

Pages: 6

Arthur – The Legendary Hero of Medieval Britain

Arthur was a legendary figure of medieval Britain who became one of its greatest warriors, knights and kings. He is credited with defeating giants, witches and monsters and for founding the kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. He also became a powerful source of morality for writers,…

Words: 503

Pages: 2

Jourdon Anderson’s Letter

Jourdon Anderson’s letter is a classic in the literature of slavery and emancipation. The former slave wrote a response to a plantation owner who was desperate for his return, and it was published in a Cincinnati newspaper. Jordan Anderson lived in Dayton with his wife and family after the Civil…

Words: 507

Pages: 2

Jamestown, Virginia – The First English Settlement in the United States

The first English settlement in the United States, jamestown was established by 144 men and boys who set sail for the New World from England in May 1607. Under a charter from King James I, the settlement was named after the king. Despite the colonists’ efforts, the first years were…

Words: 500

Pages: 2

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