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Interest in the past has existed since the beginning of the human race – your writing of a history essay confirms it. Humans themselves are historical beings – we grow, change, and evolve. History essays often explore the origins of history. Samples of essays on history teach us that the original meaning of the word ‘history” goes back to ancient Greek, meaning “investigation”, “establishment” – history was identified as the establishment of the truth about events and facts. Later this word’s meaning changed and it was perceived more as a story about the events of the past. History is one of the oldest sciences, so many essays were written about it over the years. Our ancestors appreciated history and called it “Magistra vitae” – a teacher of life. Check out our history essay samples and explore various topics on the history you can apply in your essay.

The Role of Humanitarian Action in the Process of Peace Building and the Role It Plays in Prolonging Conflicts

There have been different views about the role of humanitarian action in the process of peace building and the role it plays in prolonging conflicts. Consequently, this section will examine how humanitarian action affects the regions affected by civil war negatively in terms of how it causes more harm than...

Words: 4892

Pages: 18

The Role of Women in the Holocaust

The experiences of Jewish women in the Holocaust has, for a long time, been overlookeddeserted [A1] for a gender-neutral narrative or male-dominated expression of the Jewish genocide imposed on the Jewish population. Many scholars have been skeptical over a gendered study on the Holocaust – this skepticism has, however, been...

Words: 5088

Pages: 19

The Impact of the Eastern Enlargement on the Business Environment

The European Union (EU) is seen to be one of the most successful political and economic unions in history. Since the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1951 by the EU’s six founding countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands) which created the European Coal and Steel Community,...

Words: 4946

Pages: 18

The Bauhaus and Its Influence on Women Today

The Bauhaus was one of the most influential art schools in the 20th century especially due to a teaching approach that shaped the understanding of the relationship between art and society as well as technology. According to Wick and Grawe (2000, p. 11), the Bauhaus changed the course of the...

Words: 4777

Pages: 18

The Debate Between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky

The article describes a debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault. The subject of the debate was on human nature and was hosted by Fons Elders, a Dutch philosopher. The two were trying to answer the question of whether human nature exists independent of our external influences and experiences. In...

Words: 1785

Pages: 7

The Conflict Between Georgia And Abkhazia

Georgia-Abkhaz Conflict Georgia is a nation found at the intersection between Asian and Europe which was formerly a member of the Soviet Union with its capital at Tbilisi. The official languages are Georgian and Abkhaz. On the other end, the republic of Abkhazia, a de facto state, is located in the...

Words: 1712

Pages: 7

Edward Thomas and John Betjeman on the Collapse of Aldestrop Railway Station

Document A: John Betjeman, in Architectural Review, 1933. Document B: Edward Thomas, from Poems, 1917. Adlestrop. Introduction In 1914, there was a demolition of a monumental part of railway infrastructure in London. Such act marked a new era of practice and research. Various buildings were demolished along the North London railway station. For...

Words: 1180

Pages: 5

History of Trance Music

discussion of the historical development and neurological implications of trance music. The report will explored the growth of the subject through history and its use by different cultural groups throughout time to its adoption in the contemporary music scene. The article will utilise s two primary research methodologies for data collection...

Words: 4778

Pages: 18

China's Middle East Policy

China's Increasing Engagement with the Middle East China has had its foreign strategy centered on strengthening economic cooperation with developed countries such as Europe and America and improving relations with her neighbors. However, Middle East has been on the periphery. Over the years, the country has struggled to create diplomatic relations...

Words: 460

Pages: 2

Comparison between Early African American Slave Narratives and Later One, Frederick Douglass

A Comparison between the Early African American Slaves Narratives and the Later One, Fredrick Douglass Abstract The main objective of this research is to investigate and compare how the lives of three African Americans in the eighteenth and the nineteenth century were impacted by religion and literacy. The three narratives analysed include...

Words: 5247

Pages: 20

Causal Analysis of the Arab Spring

The rise of the Arab spring has been attributed to a number of factors, most of which are related to the nature of governance, economic status, and lack of sufficient opportunities for employment. This dissertation seeks to investigate external factors which were responsible for instigating the revolts and sustaining them....

Words: 5024

Pages: 19

The Role of Documentary Photography in South Africa

In the 20th century, South Africa was under the rule of white minority who introduced the apartheid rule. This was a form of colonial rule that separated access of social amenities through a separate system based on race. Africans were not allowed to go to certain areas, use certain bus...

Words: 4920

Pages: 18

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