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Interest in the past has existed since the beginning of the human race – your writing of a history essay confirms it. Humans themselves are historical beings – we grow, change, and evolve. History essays often explore the origins of history. Samples of essays on history teach us that the original meaning of the word ‘history” goes back to ancient Greek, meaning “investigation”, “establishment” – history was identified as the establishment of the truth about events and facts. Later this word’s meaning changed and it was perceived more as a story about the events of the past. History is one of the oldest sciences, so many essays were written about it over the years. Our ancestors appreciated history and called it “Magistra vitae” – a teacher of life. Check out our history essay samples and explore various topics on the history you can apply in your essay.

Book Review: The Price of Civilization

When he wrote the book The Price of Civilization, Jeffrey Sach argued that the cost of making education free in the US would range between 15 to 30 million dollars. Many have additionally argued that it I unrealistic to make schooling and especially that of college degree free to everyone…

Words: 1473

Pages: 6

Boston marathon bomber

Often it becomes difficult to evaluate odd behavior in a person like most of Jahar’s high school and university peers. Psychologists, however, have specific guidelines that can be used to assess the pathological behavior of an individual. Criteria are five-factor and are composed of breach of social standards, personal discomfort,…

Words: 1642

Pages: 6

Who was Winston Churchill

Born on November 30, William Leonard Spencer-Churchill was educated in an aristocratic family in England’s Oxford Shire in Blenheim Palace. His father, Lord Randolph, was an influential political figure in England, while his mother, Lady Randolph, was an American millionaire. Churchill did not have a tightly knitted friendship with his…

Words: 973

Pages: 4

The Road to 9/11 and what is Terrorism

Lesson One: The 9/11 Road and What Terrorism Is P1. Q1. The two western countries which dominated the Middle East after WWII were Britain and France. P2. Q2. Many countries that gained independence in the years after World War II through the 1960s are some of the long-lasting effects that…

Words: 472

Pages: 2

The US Has Been Declining Because of Low Income

Because of low wages, the middle class in the United States has been shrinking since the late twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. As a consequence, society is split into two ruling classes: (the haves) and (the have nots). Historically, three trends have affected middle-class incomes: how productivity has…

Words: 1238

Pages: 5

Becoming Less Connected Through Connection

The spoken word has been under threat of imperialism since the dawn of time. Even before our ancestors evolved and became acquainted with the language, they used pictures to communicate, and then sophisticated minds developed that we’re able to communicate using words from all over the world. As time passed,…

Words: 1391

Pages: 6

Pyramid scheme of Madoff’s

The pyramid scheme business model is an unconstitutional trick founded on the view of a hierarchical hierarchy of levels. The newly enrolled members make up the backbone of the pyramid and subsidize the burden by supplying support. Investors above them are formerly registered investors who only get half of their…

Words: 605

Pages: 3

About Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant is a prolific French writer who has been active since 1880. He is widely regarded as the founder of short story literature. He was also selected to reflect the Naturalist writers’ institution. His tales are distinguished by his effortless and powerful use of little style, as well…

Words: 1049

Pages: 4

The Middle-Class American Families

In August 1929, the American economy began to contract. The Great Depression, which began on October 29, 1929, was the world’s worst economic downturn. It was marked by the lack of land by farmers who were homeless, as well as the collapse of financial markets. Banking processes deteriorated, and factories…

Words: 2651

Pages: 10

John Lennon

John Lennon, widely regarded as one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century, was instrumental in changing the way people, especially the media, viewed music. He was the founder of the Beatles, the greatest band that has ever existed in the world, and after leaving the group, he went…

Words: 812

Pages: 3

The Reconstruction era came after Civil War

The Restoration period followed the Civil War and aimed at reuniting Union and Confederate states, which had divided the nation in two. Deep disputes over Restoration policies helped to further polarize both factions. The Southern states, mainly affiliated with the Confederacy, had been severely defeated and damaged by the North-aligned…

Words: 1518

Pages: 6

Benito Cereno is a story authored by Herman Melville.

Herman Melville wrote the story Benito Cereno. It is a fictitious account of the Spanish slave ship revolt led by Don Benito Cereno (Melville). The novel was originally published in three parts but was later expanded to incorporate a short story. The narrator makes an oblique statement on contemporary views…

Words: 609

Pages: 3


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