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Interest in the past has existed since the beginning of the human race – your writing of a history essay confirms it. Humans themselves are historical beings – we grow, change, and evolve. History essays often explore the origins of history. Samples of essays on history teach us that the original meaning of the word ‘history” goes back to ancient Greek, meaning “investigation”, “establishment” – history was identified as the establishment of the truth about events and facts. Later this word’s meaning changed and it was perceived more as a story about the events of the past. History is one of the oldest sciences, so many essays were written about it over the years. Our ancestors appreciated history and called it “Magistra vitae” – a teacher of life. Check out our history essay samples and explore various topics on the history you can apply in your essay.

The Importance of Railways in Bangladesh

The infrastructure that surrounds people globally includes roads, railways, telephone lines, power lines (Hexter and Mischke 2013, p.1). Their effectiveness is dependent on how they are built and their operationalization that is a crucial factor to the growth of the economy and an arbiter of the competitive nature of different...

Words: 2130

Pages: 8

Analysis of the Aviation Industry During World War II

The aerospace corporate organizations of the U.S. had tremendous development in the wake of the Second World War. As of 1944, the aircraft had become the most significant manufacturing industry in the country. During this time the industry had exploited piston technology virtually to the limits. Up to now, the...

Words: 632

Pages: 3

The Royal Palaces

Historical High Palaces was founded in the year 1998 under the Environmental Department.It was intended to be the government’s executive agency.The palaces in the Historic High Palaces are; Kew Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London and, Banqueting House. Later, it was transformed into an independent charity whose...

Words: 2160

Pages: 8

The Historic Royal Palaces in the United Kingdom

Historic Royal Palace was initially a government established charity organization in the United Kingdom. It was established originally in 1989 as the Environmental Department executive agency to care for the five royal palaces. In 1998, the agency became an independent charity which was then caring for the UK’s unoccupied royal...

Words: 1308

Pages: 5

Implications of China’s Long-Term Plans

The past four-five decades have seen China rising from a developing country to a dominant economic nation (Morrison, 2018). China has always been determined to overcome the ever-rising social, economic and environmental challenges (Serger " Breidne, 2017). Her gross domestic product has always been on the rise at a rate...

Words: 1083

Pages: 4

The Effect of the Incident on the Company's Reputation

The success of a service company depends heavily on its reputation. The manner in which the company holds the clients creates ether customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In the case of quality customer service and satisfaction, the organization gains a competitive advantage in the market. When the customer experience is regrettable,...

Words: 1182

Pages: 5

The Economic History of Texas

Texas is ranked second in terms of land size after California amongst other states in the US. The state commands a State Gross Product up to a tune of 1.645 trillion dollars. The state offers accommodation to six companies that are found in Fortune 500’s Top 50 Companies. Texas’ 2017...

Words: 1386

Pages: 6

Impacts of Trade Tariffs on the United States Economy

The recent move by President Trump’s administration to impose trade tariffs on Chinese Aluminium and Steel is anticipated to have various future impacts on the United States’ economy. According to McBride, the increase in the cost of consumer products that are made from steel and aluminium is among the expected...

Words: 668

Pages: 3

History of Texas

largest state in the US both in terms of population and area. Texas is situated in the south central region of the nation and shares borders with the US state of New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The state has a gross domestic product of 1645 trillion dollars based on...

Words: 1104

Pages: 5

Why The 'Obama Recovery' Took So Long

The article “Why the ‘Obama Recovery’ Took so Long” by Peter Ferrara evaluates President Obama’s claim that he played a pivotal role in helping the economy of the United States recover from the 2008 – 2009 recession period. The author analyzes the former head of states’ contribution using historical evidence...

Words: 281

Pages: 2

Economic Growth in America

America has one of the most developed and mixed economies in the world by nominal GDP as well as purchasing power parity. When one compares on how the economy looked like in the 1950s and today, vast changes are evident. The average per capita real GDP for the US amounted...

Words: 1425

Pages: 6

Trade War between America and China

Since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, trade transactions between the two countries have steadily evolved leading to the signing of multiple bilateral trade treaties. These treaties are meant to guide and improve trade agreements. China has undertaken significant economic reforms which have been complemented...

Words: 724

Pages: 3

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