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Interest in the past has existed since the beginning of the human race – your writing of a history essay confirms it. Humans themselves are historical beings – we grow, change, and evolve. History essays often explore the origins of history. Samples of essays on history teach us that the original meaning of the word ‘history” goes back to ancient Greek, meaning “investigation”, “establishment” – history was identified as the establishment of the truth about events and facts. Later this word’s meaning changed and it was perceived more as a story about the events of the past. History is one of the oldest sciences, so many essays were written about it over the years. Our ancestors appreciated history and called it “Magistra vitae” – a teacher of life. Check out our history essay samples and explore various topics on the history you can apply in your essay.

colombia’s revolutionary armed forces

The paper briefly discusses the past of Colombia’s democratic armed forces in this section. It goes on to explain the group’s inspiration, priorities, and goals. Furthermore, the presentation provides insight into their mistakes and successes. This segment discusses the group’s most important concerns. Furthermore, the body discusses how the manufacture…

Words: 388

Pages: 2

leaders and machiavelli’s advice

Niccol Machiavelli, a Renaissance scholar, was born in May 1469 in Florence, modern-day Italy, and lived to the age of 58. Machiavelli was an important man whose works are known as cornerstones of modern political science. He was a diplomat and politician, as well as a philosopher and poet. Over…

Words: 1745

Pages: 7

The realism movement is an artistic movement

The realism movement is an artistic movement that began in the 1850s in the aftermath of the 1848 revolution. Prior to this time, the French art industry had been dominated by romanticism, and realism artists were so opposed to it that a revolution occurred. To put out their different themes,…

Words: 2185

Pages: 8

Renaissance art

Renaissance art refers to decorative and drawing art from the renaissance era of European history. The distinct style has evolved in tandem with the advancements in music, technology, literature, and theory. The craft was one of the most prestigious of all ancient customs, and it served as the foundation for…

Words: 1173

Pages: 5

about amistad

The film is about a group of slaves who were being transported to America to be enslaved. When they realized the journey was causing them pain and anguish, they vowed to battle their way back by disarming the crew on board. The trip was chaotic, so they tried to sail…

Words: 1011

Pages: 4

God on Our Side

Dylan’s “Angel on Our Side” was written during the volatile days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which took the world to the verge of nuclear catastrophe. As a consequence, the album is a reaction to the country’s discrimination. Dylan emphasizes the inconsistency that occurs between residual philosophies such as patriotism,…

Words: 268

Pages: 1

Whitman’s poem; “Song of me”

Whitman’s poem “Song of me,” as the father of American poetry, embodies a message of national harmony and togetherness. A closer reading of his song shows that Whitman uses the term himself to illustrate that every person types the single word in the debate. I also see a clear parallel…

Words: 271

Pages: 1

Stories Hollywood Never Tells by Howard Zinn

Hollywood has been very limited in the portrayal of American history. It has purposefully ignored presenting certain important events in our country’s past. Hollywood seems to only produce films that are attractive and likable, especially those that will attract money and earnings. This is achieved, unfortunately, at the detriment of…

Words: 558

Pages: 3

In the epic of Gilgamesh

There are several problems that humans face in the epic of Gilgamesh that represent their quest for numerous things in life. These goals and boundaries are visible in a variety of ways, including the depiction of marriage, society, and death. These themes illustrate individual limitations and ambitions in engaging with…

Words: 863

Pages: 4

The book was first published in 1851, in the book, Harriet Jacobs narrates her experience in North Carolina where she was a slave.

Harriet Jacobs narrates her experience as a slave in North Carolina in the novel, which was first published in 1851. The book was one of the first to be published, and it called for the abolition of the slave trade. The book was well-received; several people praised it for including…

Words: 809

Pages: 3

Winesburg, Ohio, a book by Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson’s novel Winesburg, Ohio was written in the early twentieth century. It is a series of 25 books that cover a wide range of psychological topics. Grotesque is a representation of bizarre human character distortions as well as exaggerated unusual characteristics. It contains the hideous caricature of people’s appearance…

Words: 855

Pages: 4

The Style and Structure Employed in Cyclops

The poem opens with a self-reflection in the midst of joy in the kingdom of Troy. There is no sign of hostility or upheaval since life progressed as usual. This is evident in the atmosphere depicted by Joyce in her work of art. The answer aims to analyze the poem’s…

Words: 388

Pages: 2

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