Essays on Historical Figures

The Rhetorical Appeal in Eleanor Roosevelt's Speech to the United Nations

All the foundations of effective speaking lead back to the audience. Moreover, sitting through a presentation in which the speaker doesn’t have a rhetorical appeal makes the valuable content to become valueless. In this regard, the late 1940s became Eleanor Roosevelt’s most prolific period of public speaking, due to the...

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Comparison of Hitler and Napoleon

Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte were two great leaders who changed the face of the world. Notably, they did not only have a significant impact during their time, but also their influence is still felt in the modern world. The two rulers followed a near identical...

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Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

By 1794, both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had a clear vision for the destiny of this nation. By the end of the Reconstruction period in 1877, whose vision of America s future was closer to becoming a reality? Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were very distinct from one another....

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History of the western civilization

The Transition of European Nations The transition of the European nations from the medieval era s practices to modernity occurred during the period of western culture. The period was when the area surpassed other parts of the globe in terms of economic dominance. Examining the Rise of the West The study examines the...

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Iron Curtain Speech by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill described the Russian expansionist notions as a challenge to the established western principles in his 1946 speech on the iron curtain. Western values are founded on individual development, free enterprise, and private property ownership. While privately held organizations handle the delivery of healthcare and education, press freedom is...

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The war between Japan success against the United States and Europe

Millions of people died in the second World War which was the largest human war to date. Victims included both military personnel and civilians. Germany, Italy, and Japan were at war with the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain when World War II first broke out. Axis powers gain strength Due...

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Why does Churchill see Russia as a threat?

Churchill's Perceptions of Russia Due to its domestic uprising within Britain and its ability to undercut established global action policies, Churchill perceived Russia as a threat. But he believed that Russia's social and economic collapse could influence other countries and impose its socialist policies. Churchill knew that the totalitarian communist regime...

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Baron von Steuben: Key Figure in Revolutionary War

Introduction Due to the numerous ways in which he reorganized the army, Baron von Steuben was crucial in ensuring the success of the Patriot conflict. He introduced novel, highly advanced drill methods as a former Prussian military officer. In place of the British and Patriots' drill methods, Baron von Steuben introduced...

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The history of education for children in Churchill has not been excellent. He had little interest in schooling because of the impendent speech. His least favorite subjects at school were writing in English and history. Because he detested going to school, he kept track of every school day, starting to...

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Alexander Hamilton Essay

One of the most intriguing and important individuals in the history of the United States is Alexander Hamilton. He is one of the political theorists whose ideas have influenced the characteristics of the American people. Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury, a member of Congress, a signatory to...

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The History of Opiates

The opiate issue first emerged during the Neolithic era, when the local inhabitants cultivated papaver, which gave rise to poppy seeds. These individuals were the first to use opiates after learning that the poppy plant had narcotic properties. As more people became aware of the opium poppy's potential, demand for...

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Alexander Hamilton

Judicial Independence and the Role of Alexander Hamilton Judicial independence became a focal point of Alexander Hamilton's defense of the courts. He asserted that life tenure for judges and judicial impartiality were two key ideas in the theory of democratic government. The offices had to be permanent in order to protect...

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