stem cell research ethics and policy

Scientists have shown a high degree of creativity and commitment to changing lives through stem cell studies over the last few decades. However, there are ethical and political concerns over the use of human embryonic stem cells in science. And if the scientists’ efforts are only in their early stages,…

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Research of the theme of social class in Wall Street and Drown by Diaz

Melville’s Wall Street and Drown written by Diaz gives a classic view of the theme of social class in the society thru different examples. Some critics point out that Melville has two separate lives where he skilled low standards jobs such as cabin boy on the whaling and a captive…

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regarding verbal communication

The majority of contact studies would contend with problems of vocabulary and the application of their work. As a considerable portion of the classic approaches of communication science, the question of speech looms big on research methodology. From content analysis to interviews and questionnaires, not to mention the obvious examples…

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bio fuel

The current research article’s aim was to provide a comprehensive understanding of biofuels as possible renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the benefits and drawbacks of biofuels were balanced against conventional fossil fuels. Scientific interest in the use of biofuels grew after it was discovered that global fossil fuel stocks were declining,…

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codes of gender

The primary goal of this article is to compose an article on Gender Codes. Essentially, in order to complete this task, a well-written research report that relates to and promotes multiple claims will be written down. Most critically, the statements must be rational or make sense to the reader. To…

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Deontological Theories of Kant

Immanuel Kant is well-known for his philosophical ideas and importance in the field of deontological ethics. As spelled out in his moral philosophy, Kant continues to argue that human beings are born with a special capacity to reason. Human beings may participate in acts that are morally evil or wrong,…

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Celebrity Endorsements and Online Advertising

The impact of celebrity endorsements on online advertisements is discussed in this research article. The study’s aims are to ascertain the efficacy of celebrity endorsements on online advertisements, to investigate the factors that lead to celebrities’ impact on the online audience, and to assess the benefits and drawbacks of celebrity…

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Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is an examination process where foremost cells which develop living organisms are examined. The Stem cell procedures are done in the lab where cells are fully fledged to discover their fundamental possession. The stem cell research controversy delivered a powerful debate on ethics in the past years,…

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The study of Stem cell research

The science of stem cell research is an area of medicine in which cells are studied for disease habits, medication efficacy, drug protection, and the development of regenerative medicine. The cells are derived from embryonic cubicles located in the umbilical cord and then combined with an ovum to replicate the…

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the techniques of genetic engineering to reverse antibiotic resistance

Researchers also created a genetic modification strategy that allows bacteria that are drug-resistant to be deemed drug-susceptible for the first time. This strategy of combating antibiotic resistance seems to be less expensive than other recent drug discovery methods. At the moment, scientists will use biosynthetic bacteria machines to produce antibiotics…

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Relax You Don’t Need to Eat Clean

Carroll attempted to establish the dietary principles that should guide the choice of food in his article “Relax You Don’t Need to Eat Clean” (Carroll n.p). He bases his arguments on other research studies and historical events in order to demonstrate the inconsistencies in the scientific attempt to define healthy…

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Proposal Research on Capital Punishment

The study’s subject is the reprieve of prisoners from the death penalty. The report reflects on how imposing the death penalty on convicted criminals violates the same civil rights that the constitution seeks to secure. Thus, the article suggests a thesis proving that convicted prisoners awaiting the death penalty should…

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