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Zara and H&M Comparative Analysis on Brand Strategy

This section provides the results of the study that was undertaken the previous sections with reference to Zara and H M in United Kingdom. As such, the section is organised in three portions, including brand loyalty, brand strategy, and financial brand equity. The summary section provides findings on the UK...

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The Impact of PropTech on the Real Estate Industry

The process of developing and marketing properties in the mid-1990s was a business model that was considered impossible to change (Glascock, 2014, p. 25). Constructions firms designed urban landscapes, whereas real estate firms profited from the profit market. In the American construction industry, technocrats developed innovative ideas of engaging their...

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Summary of the Research Resources I Will Use to Support Conclusions in the Healthcare Management Capstone Paper

Summary of Resources for Healthcare Management Research The paper entails a summary of the resources I plan on using to support conclusions in the Healthcare Management Research Capstone paper. Selecting the right resources for research can be challenging, and there are several options available for the task. 1. Books Books are the first...

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Research Approach

The Methodology Segment The methodology segment provides the blueprint of how the data collection and the analysis will be done in the study. The section in this dissertation is based on Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2012) s methodology onion. The onion approach provides a chronological overview of how the research is...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Medical Records

The electronic medical record (EMR) refers to a paperless storage of medical records. It contains all medical history of a given patient from one practice. There is no use of papers or physical records when it comes to patient’s record keeping, but all medical information is kept on a digital...

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Mental Health App Market Analysis

Research on mHealth App Adoption Research has shown that mental health illness accounts for about 33% of the world s disability among adults; an aspect that challenges both the wellbeing of a population and burdens the economy. As a result, numerous solutions have been proposed, over the years, in an attempt...

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Research on Audiovisual Translation of Humor

Previous studies have given much focus to verbal translation at the expense of audiovisual translation of humor (Bogucki, 2016). Attardo (2002) explicitly looks into the existing relationship between humor, sound, culture, and meaning under translation completely ignoring the impact of audiovisual effects. This brings to question the validity of his...

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Case Study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number mental disorders associated with road traffic incidents. Post Traumatic Stress disorder is mental health problem which is significantly related to accident related variables such as physical injury, potential life threat as well as loss of close friends and family...

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The Importance of Data Analysis in Research

Kindly note that if a source was in the previous paper and not in this final it is because the student had listed it and did not use it in citation so I have removed it. In addition, some of the sources may seem to have different names because in...

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Analysis of the Impact of Internet Marketing on Small Firms

In this age of technology, internet marketing is vital since the majority of customers use the internet regularly which creates an opportunity for firms to reach them. Companies thus need strategies which will enable them to reach these customers and effectively advertise their goods and services to them. This study...

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Factors that Determine E-commerce Adoption by SMEs in Developing Countries

1.0 Brief Background to the Study In the modern business environment, electronic commerce is not preferred by large corporations only but also Small and Medium Sized entities (SMEs) respectively. E-commerce is a term used to refer to the nature of transactions that are carried out using electronic devices such as computers...

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The Pseudoscientific Topic of the MMR Vaccine and Autism

The pseudo-scientific topic of the relation between vaccines and autism starts with the publication in The Lancet in 1998 the misleading research paper. In particular, that article discussed the linkage between the autism spectrum disorders and the MMR vaccine (combined one for measles, mumps, and rubella). After the first publication following...

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