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The Impact of Technology on Critical Thinking

The latest years have seen great improvements and developments in the technological field with the invention of various software and hardware like phones and laptops with updated technology. The invention of the internet is a big part of this technology. It has become an indispensable part of people's lives and...

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Should the Government Offer Tax Credits for the Purchase of Hybrid or Alternative

I chose this specific topic because I believe is in an important topic that should be discussed widely. Use of hybrid or alternative energy vehicles is one of the main goals to be implemented in the climate policy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore in trust that the...

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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Cyberspace is significant in ensuring connectivity in the world in different ways such as economically, socially and culturally. The global connectivity of cyberspace has exposure it to various forms of harm, reducing the security and privacy in the cyberspace (Li et al., 2015). Cybercrime has increased incredibly involving computer and...

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The Discovery of the Telomerase Enzyme

According to Leonard Hayflick, typical human cells are mortal and have a limit to the much they can replicate, and the older cells often reach the replication limit earlier than younger cells. The Hayflick limit has a direct correlation to the number of DNA repeats that are found at the...

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Research Questions

1.1 Explain the uses and limitations of primary and secondary data. Primary data refers to the data obtained and collected by the researcher himself/herself first hand through surveys, interviews, questionnaires, and observation. The data is useful when the research is tailored to meet very particular objectives. Also, when the research...

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Competitive Intelligence and Ethics

What sort of difficulty can you imagine the manager of an organization would be in if the organization did not routinely prepare cash flow forecasts and working capital analyses? Financial life of an organization determines its future. Every business needs to manage its funds as this increases their chances of survival....

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Academic Misconduct

Assignment name:   Managing A Successful Business Project Student ID/number: Module number and title: D/508/0491 Unit 6 Managing a successful business project. Fit to sit declaration I confirm that I am fit to sit this assessment. Student signature........................................... Date...................... Module coordinators...

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News Frames and Representation of Addiction Research

News frames help in classification of news reports (Cunninghan " Turner, 2010). The news report in the analysis has various frames employed to prepare it. First is the issue-specific frame which bases on a particular issue in question. The specific issue tackled by the report is research on addiction as...

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The Importance of Credibility in Research

It is vital for students and communication teachers to be concerned with the materials as well as their credibility. The aspect determines the content that is going to be obtained from the sources. Various sources bombard students and teachers with bewildering and overwhelming amounts of materials. On that note, it’s...

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Analysis of "The Twelve Angry Men" Movie

Aristotle stated three forms of appeals and he referred to them as the “three proofs” that speakers can use as communication strategies to persuade their audiences. The three proofs are the ethos pertaining credibility, pathos pertaining emotions and logos that pertains logic; therefore, this paper seeks to provide an analysis...

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The Importance of Research

With reference to China, hotels are accountable for the health and the well being of their customers. Like the Chinese lifestyle, the society’s perspective on health is shifting, as more environmental and health-conscious is witnessed. Therefore, when booking hotels, most people expect to be offered healthy and safe food. Hotels...

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Limitations Of Secondary Data

1.1 Explain the uses and limitations of primary and secondary data. Primary Data: a. Uses It consists of information obtained in real time and first-hand. It is not affected by researchers’ biasness which makes it to minimize chances of conflicts of interest (Snelson, " Chareen, 2016). All real variables are...

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