Essays on Education System

Theories of Teaching

Teaching has always been packed with new philosophies about learning and teaching. Instructors are regularly blitzed with thoughts for reform. They are requested to use new syllabuses, new teaching tactics, and new valuations. They are focused to prepare scholars for the current state even test or to document and evaluate...

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Differentiation Does Not Work

I found the article Differentiation Does Not Work quite intriguing and informative at the same time. I liked the way the author articulates his points. After reading the article, I share his opinions that differentiation in classrooms cannot work. It is a hype that has been promoted by the media...

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The Importance of Intelligence in Teaching

Intelligence is the ability to analyze an event and form a substantive conclusion (Sternberg " Grigorenko, 2004, p. 274-280). Teachers always need intelligence while teaching in that classes are made of students from diverse culture, social classes and intellectual.  Due to the variance in the social, culture and intellectual different...

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The Stakeholders in the Education System

There are various stakeholders in the education system; there are those who are directly involved in the system while others are involved indirectly. The category which is directly involved can be termed as the major stakeholders while those that involved indirectly can be termed, minor stakeholders. The main stakeholders in...

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Use of State Law to Prevent Expulsion of Students for Willful Defiance

The state law should be used to decide specific issues happening in the school environment, notably the expulsion of students for willful defiance. One of the reasons for the use of state law in determining such a matter is to avoid misuse of such loopholes. For example, statistics show that...

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The Role of Education in Modern Society

Several thousand years ago schools came into existence in developed agricultural and horticultural societies with the aim of preparing the selected few for professional positions. In the past century, no society was capable of affording a handful of educated persons. The upcoming of large numbers of industries and organizations structures...

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Equality in Accessing Education in the United States

Education in the United States is one of the key areas that undergo reforms regularly, to meet the changing learning needs. The education system plays a vital role in the economy by providing the relevant labor resources as well as by producing productive and responsible citizens. However, the U.S. education...

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The Role of Education in Shaping the Behavior of a Person

Education is possibly one of the most effective tools of conferring knowledge critical for assisting people to adopt ethically inspired behaviors. Such is based on the information aspects of education on the people as well as assisting people to comprehend and discriminate between behaviors. The behavior of a person is...

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The Role of Courtesy in the Education System

There is the famous phrase that courtesy costs nothing but buys everything. Courtesy can be defined as a collection of polite gestures and good manners. Courtesy stems from kindness and affection. A person who demonstrates courtesy is said to be a courteous person. Courtesy governs our day-to-day interactions with others....

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Government Intervention in Education

A positive externality such public education subsidies is a benefit that is enjoyed by learners while the persons that enjoy such forms of externalities are considered to be free riders. Unlike the negative externalities that must be discouraged, positive externalities should be allowed or encouraged (Fogarty " Sagerer, 2016). Subsidies...

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Investment in Education

Education has been regarded as an integral element in the development of modern economies. The development of human capital in many countries has proved to be fundamental to economic growth and development. Efficient human resource tends to be more productive at workplace most especially in manufacturing firms and other service-related...

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Disadvantages of Remote Education in Australia

Education is one of the main contributing factors to economic development and improved standards of living. The dynamic structure of the Australian economy raises the demand for a skilled and highly educated workforce. Despite the improvements in Australian education, some sectors of still find difficulty accessing education beyond the compulsory...

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