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History of Education in UK and France

In the United Kingdom, some human beings showed interest in education huge in the 19th century, but they never obtained support from both the administration and people. At that time, the school was once not a priority up to when the Education Act was handed in 1870. The main contributors…

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Comparison between American and Japanese Education System

Education Systems in the United States and Japan Education in Japan is not meant to produce people skilled in the arts and sciences, but rather to produce the people needed by the state. Japan’s first Education Minister, Arinori Mori Mori (2001) asserts in his introspective and thought-provoking essay that a…

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The Complexity of American Education System

Politicians, policy elites, school administrative bodies, and the general public often debate the size and scope of the US education system. Although most people accept that some of the broken problems in the education system need to be fixed, some people deny that America’s education system is poor, as shown…

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about higher education

Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk is an intriguing series that examines what is going on in higher education. It wants to know what happens before enrollment and graduation. It demonstrates so something has gone wrong. The documentary advocates for reform, demonstrating that the nation is in grave danger…

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The Role of Family and Community Involvement in the Development and Implementation of School Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy

The new evidence-based guidelines designed to promote physical activity and nutrition have not been adapted by the United States. As a result, despite large investments in research on lifestyle diseases, many individuals still suffer from lifestyle diseases. Kehm et al. conducted a study to identify the role that family and…

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System of Education in the U.S

The country has not impressed where education is concerned, despite the many successes the USA has made. For others, the country’s education system is, in truth, mediocre. In terms of their education systems and results, smaller nations such as Finland, Canada and others are ranked above the United States as…

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School Sexual Assault

Sexual assault in schools applies to the sexual essence of inappropriate or unwelcome conduct that hinders one’s ability to have a fair educational opportunity (Stein). Sexually harassing actions can interfere with one’s schooling, such as unwanted physical contact, movements, and both spoken and written language. In 1993, Louis Harris and…

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Educational System Difference

An educational culture is a dynamic institution that requires a deep understanding to be able to conceptualize the essential variables that distinguish a specific framework. In several ways, the US educational system has been questioned in the manner in which it reinforces its ideals and in some cases has even…

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Higher Education Problems

Contemporary educational patterns continue to deteriorate, despite changes that have been adopted by most governments. While education is a key sector in the growth of the economy and society, there are many reasons why most education systems need to be reoriented. In particular, the standard and knowledge of education and…

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Education in Europe vs. in America

Globally, the education system varies. The services may be either the same or different, such as term dates and classes. Comparative education research focuses on the methodology and curriculum of studies between countries and continents (Manzon 1). It focuses on the relation between the studies and how they can be…

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Civil Service Curriculum in China

Undoubtedly, the Chinese Civil Service Curriculum is the longest academic assessment system in human history. It was formed around 146 BCE and, in 1905, was eventually abolished. The test, taken only by boys, qualified applicants to work for the imperial government and helped form China’s socio-cultural, political, academic and economic…

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The Effect of Process Philosophy on Education

Process philosophy is a discipline that works by combining past and future events earlier than making a decision. Process philosophy is used in many fields although over the past centuries education has been researched extensively. One of the earliest pioneers of the discipline Alfred North Whitehead argues that the best…

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