Essays on Learning Styles

Students time and again favor a particular method of learning

Students frequently express a preference for a particular learning method. Some students, for example, may prefer hands-on activities while others prefer homework assignments and textbook reading. Knowing one’s learning style will aid a student in selecting study methods. This is due to the fact that learning styles are linked to…

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Objective for Learning

I expect to enroll in a self-learning program by studying aged adults’ lack of sensory processing and presenting my conclusions on October 2nd, 2017. It will require interviewing, listening, and writing skills practice by completing an oral history at Mercy’s Nursing Home for older adults. The estimated date for completion…

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Digital Era and Successful Adult Learner

The definition of adult learning relates to the variety of non-formal, informal and formal learning activities carried out by adults, leading to new knowledge and skills being learned. Adult learners are identified as individuals over the age of seventeen years who are enrolled in universities or other official tertiary education…

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Online and Ofline Learning Styles

The current state of the global economy has led to the growing demand for more innovative ways of turning in the education curriculum to learners. With the increasing adoption of technology in education, various learning institutions are trying to strike a stability between online and face-to-face methods of curriculum delivery….

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Reflection Paper

This paper displays on my ten-hour service learning project at Friendly House in Worcester. It entails things that I learned, community service, food pantry, immigration service, after school programs, millinery, etc. Also, the paper will encompass what I was able to achieve in the course of this service learning as…

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Learning Methods

The learning process that in every classical state has a higher order of synchronization is known as the conditioned stimulus (CS). In this scenario, a guy with a black and white striped shirt was already used to the birds and blew a whistle because he was the one who fed…

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Online learning as a part of education system

Online learning is part of education system considering that it involves several activities which are typical in education systems across the world. Today, many humans do not prefer going to school in order to be trained (Johnson et al., 2014). However, they prefer online learning when you consider that it…

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Charter schools and the need for libraries

Libraries are an important factor in the learning process as they provide students with a means of reading and study (Chandler, 2015). As such, this report will explore the need for libraries in charter schools by addressing the following main questions, as well as other minor ones. Why are charter…

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