100 Narrative Essay Topics

Every month, students start looking for good narrative essay topics, hoping to fulfill their professors’ requirements. Writing assignments is a common academic task all over the world, in every school, college, and university. To get a great grade, in most cases, you have to demonstrate how thorough your research is and how well you understand a complex topic. But narrative papers stand out because of creativity heavily involved in them. There is no need to investigate something — all you have to do is tell a personal story in a compelling way.

Narrative essay prompts are usually autobiographical, so you have to describe your own life. At times, papers could focus on fictional events, but in any case, the most important thing is to disclose the personality of the main character, whether it’s you or some made-up person. Students should describe something that has affected them on a deep level, slowly revealing the lesson they’ve learned. This is the essence of such paper. By analyzing an important situation, writers get a chance to understand how it affected them and what they can do in the future. So, there must be an emphasis on personal growth and an event that caused it. Topics differ — they could include anything from personal life to education, but there are still tips you should follow.

How to Find Personal Narrative Ideas for Best Essay

The first tip lies in understanding the nature of your assignment. Lots of students confuse narrative essays writing with short stories writing. Both types are descriptive in nature — they should have vivid details and an alluring style, but the difference is, narration focuses on one specific motif. The point here is to describe what happened and how as well as why it affected you. For choosing an interesting topic, you should think about your past. What made you stronger? What challenge forced you to rethink your life? Perhaps a teacher inspired you to choose a certain profession or a friend’s betrayal made you wary and mistrustful toward other people. Search your mind, consider all relevant happenings, select the most specific and important one, and build solid link between it and its result.

Stimulating your memory is another thing you should keep in mind. Just saying that something happened isn’t enough, you have to describe it as vividly and richly as possible. For that, you should re-create the situation perfectly. Why don’t you discuss it with other involved parties? For example, ask your best friend if they remember how you behaved or what you said during an event. Collect information and add these details to your work, making readers feel as if they were present there with you. Be heartfelt, truthful, follow the standard essay structure, and you won’t face any problems!

100 Narrative Essays Topics for College Students

After hours of creative brainstorming, we created a list with top topic samples for narrative papers. There will be 10 categories with ten themes in each. All of them are interesting and refreshing, and they could serve as an inspiration source for your essay.

Personal Topics

This is the most common category for tasks of this nature. Exploring your inner world and showing what made you the person you are today is extremely interesting, so take a look at these personal narrative topics.

  1. Being a Betrayer: Reasons, Pain, Consequences, and Remorse
  2. Fighting for a Personal Opinion Even If People Hate It
  3. Living in a House Full of Violence
  4. Learning to Put Others Above Yourself: Long and Troubling Journey
  5. Hobby That Grew to Be a Profession
  6. An Unlikely Role Model That Shaped Your Behavior
  7. The Most Inspiring Moment From Your Life
  8. The World of Books & Their Influence
  9. What Is a Soul and How It Affects One’s Personality
  10. Panic Attacks, Everlasting Fear, & Ways of Fighting It

Technology and Social Media Narrative Topics

These days, finding a person who wouldn’t be interested in technology is a tough task. Check out top topics for narrative essay about this subject below.

  1. My Favorite Social Media Platform and Problems It Brought
  2. Being a Young Scientist Among Skeptical Family Members
  3. Being Popular Blogger: Dream or Nightmare?
  4. The Moment I Knew My Future Will Be Related to Technology
  5. Having a Robot for a Pet
  6. My Amazing/Terrible Experience with Online Dating
  7. Cyberstalking and Doxxing: Small Mistake with Dangerous Consequences
  8. Why Sharing Your Password Is a Bad Idea
  9. The Worst/Best Email in My Life
  10. The Day I Was Caught Using My Phone During a Lesson

Narrative Essays Ideas For College Students

Some narrative essays topics are suitable for college in particular. If this is what you’re searching for, the ideas are below.

  1. Public Humiliation and What It Taught Me
  2. How Undone Homework Ruined My Entire Day
  3. Looking for Work & Not Hearing Back from Employers
  4. How I Lost an Important Bet and Had to Face Repercussions
  5. Staying Friends with People Who Entered Different Colleges
  6. Chance Meeting and How It Changed Everything
  7. The Dangers of Plagiarism for College Students
  8. Doing Something Illegal & Regretting It
  9. The Most Scandalous Party I Have Ever Visited
  10. Correcting All Wrongs: Arguing with Professors When It Is Deserved

Narrative Culture Prompts

This is a powerful category with numerous great narrative writing topics ideas. Sample at least some of them.

  1. Travelling to the Poorest Regions & Impact It Left on Me
  2. Misunderstanding That Happened Due to Cultural Differences
  3. Strange Family Traditions We Keep Following
  4. How Culture Surrounding Me Affected My Personality
  5. Culture of Music and Its Impacts
  6. Why I Celebrate Some Holidays Differently From the Rest of the World
  7. Foreign Culture I Unexpectedly Found Close To My Heart
  8. Culture and Society: How They Are Related
  9. Strange Cultural Norms That Shocked Me
  10. Why Learning Foreign Languages Helped Me Understand Another Culture

Narrative Topics About Love and Friendship

Everyone wants to love or be loved. These personal narrative essay ideas could help you explore some of such wishes.

  1. How It Felt to Be in Love For the First Time
  2. Treachery and Betrayals: The Closest People Have Most Power to Hurt You
  3. Choosing between a Partner and a Friend: Story of Heartbreak and Recovery
  4. Surviving a Break-Up & Becoming Stronger
  5. Closest Friends Make the Best Romantic Partners
  6. Love as It Is Depicted in Movies vs. Reality and Impact This Difference Had
  7. Experience with Being Unloved
  8. Having Two Best Friends At Once & Balancing These Relationships
  9. Age Difference Between Friends & Stereotypes Surrounding It
  10. Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships After Being Separated

Ideas About Life

Sure, this category is very broad, but that means it has plenty of amazing narrative topics.

  1. Losing a Loved One and Finding a Way to Move On
  2. Understanding Death & Planning Life on the Basis of This Notion
  3. Learning How to Be Happy No Matter What
  4. My Visit to a Place Devoured by Natural Disaster
  5. Near-Death Experience and Its Impact on My Further Life
  6. Dreams and Their Value: Night Is My Favorite Time of the Day
  7. Surviving Disappointment and Rejection
  8. Life with Depression
  9. The Time When You Were Sick and Worried You Might Not Recover
  10. Role of Fiction in Your Life

Narrative Topics on Education

Getting an education is a difficult stage for some people. Sure, it could be fun, but it could also be brutal, so finding a topic for a narrative essay in this sphere is very easy.

  1. Teacher Who Hated Me at First Sight
  2. The Worst Paragraph In Your Life: Redoing It Over and Over Again
  3. Experience with Writing the Most Complex Essay & What It Taught Me
  4. Failing At School and Fearing Punishment At Home
  5. Why Teachers’ Indifference Hurts
  6. Staying Motivated to Study Despite Personal Problems
  7. Fears of High Tuition and Inability to Afford It
  8. Does Not Getting Higher Education Mean You Would Be Unemployable?
  9. Combining Parties with Studying: Why It Does Not Work
  10. How Researching a Topic for Academic Project Can Transform One’s Life

Prompts For High School

Some levels of topics are easier than others. Take some of these narrative essay ideas if you’d like to be done with your essay sooner rather than later.

  1. The Thing I Spent All My Birthday Money On
  2. Cheating During Exams: What It Could Result In
  3. The Happiest Holiday In Your Life
  4. How Having a Pet Has Changed the Course of My Life
  5. Developing Empathy and Lessons Acquired After This Process
  6. Why Age-Related Stereotypes Hurt
  7. Having a Hobby Many People Deem Shameful
  8. My First Visit to Church & Why It Had a Profound Impact On Me
  9. Why Childish Dreams Often Lead Nowhere
  10. How Doing Homework With My Parents Made Me Feel

Social Issues Topics for Narrative Essay

Our world is full of problems. If this bothers you, too, check the following ideas for narrative essay.

  1. The Day I Witnessed A Person Being Bullied
  2. Being Raised in a Homophobic Family & The Wounds It Inflicted On Me
  3. When the World Is Bitterly Unfair and There Is Nothing You Could Do
  4. People Eating Meat & Ignoring the Slaughter of Billions of Animals Hurts
  5. Cruelty Among Teenagers Is Often Worse Than What Adults Do
  6. Weight Shaming: Why I Used to Be Embarrassed about Being Myself
  7. How I Learned About Feminism and What It Meant For Me
  8. Ways in Which Gender Bias Affects Everything I Do
  9. Story of How I Was Catcalled When Walking Down the Street & Why It Terrified Me
  10. My Parents Always Violate My Privacy by Looking Through My Things and Online Posts

Funny and Interesting Narrative Prompts

Sometimes nothing is inspiring enough. If this is a problem you’ve faced, look at these interesting narrative ideas!

  1. Reasons Why All My Closest Neighbors Hate Me
  2. My Ghost Story: How I Stumbled Upon Something I Cannot Understand
  3. Winning a Lottery: Delight & Sadness That Came With It
  4. Being Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere
  5. The Time I Got Lost in the Woods & How I Escaped
  6. First Time Being Hospitalized and Why I Never Want to Repeat That Experience
  7. An Amazing Day That I Would Love to Live Through Again
  8. Why Few People Know What I Do In My Free Time
  9. The Most Difficult Decision I Ever Had to Make
  10. The Time I Cried and Could Not Make Myself Stop

Share a Personal Story and Get Great Results

Narrative papers are something students should enjoy writing. It’s a chance to tell their professors more about themselves and test their creativity. Look for those topics for a narrative essay that make your heart beat faster. Add personal details, describe them, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a positive reaction. But if for any reason you don’t think this is an assignment you could do, it’s not a problem either! We offer professional help with papers of all kinds, and we have experts who could produce a perfect creative narration you and your professor would love. Drop us a word, explain the topic you need (or tell us if we should find it ourselves), and receive an essay that’s ready to be submitted!

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