Quantitative research paper

Also known as quantitative writing, it has an aim to study the numbers of a concept or an idea in a real-world environment with the observations that relate to a certain analysis or an argument being made. The topics can deal with anything from Business Management financing to Healthcare Administration strategies with a list of numbers. You can check our essay samples to gain a better understanding of how various statistical data can be implemented. Remember that you should start with the argument that is supported by numbers and not the other way around. Some essay examples provided will help you with structure and a way how to support your statistical data with correct references as you write.

Linear Regression

Modeling of a Conditional Relation This is the modeling of a conditional relation as a straight line between two variables. Y is often dependent on X; hence, regression is used for modeling Y behavior in X, as it was in the prediction, outside of the established data set. Linear Regression in SPSS How...

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z Scores in SPSS

A z value is normally evaluated when an average population (μ) and a standard population difference (β) are known. In SPSS, however, z values for grades.sav data can still be determined using a mean (M) and standard sample deviation (s). Open.sav in SPSS to do this. Select Summary Statistics and...

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Binomial distribution

If an experiment generates only two results and measures the likelihood of an occurrence happening when a fixed number of experiments are used, a binomial distribution is used. When a discrete likelihood distribution exists, in each case only two mutually excluded outcomes (only two options) exist (Bluman, Allan G). These two...

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Business Analytics

The Methodological and Iterative Assessment of Business Analytics The methodological and iterative assessment of the information given by an organization is business analytics that emphasizes the statistical assessment. It is used primarily by companies that are interested in verdicts based on results. It deals primarily with market intelligence and statistical analysis....

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Knowledge Management Research

This record offers the research findings of the position of knowledge management system in helping students. The research is based on a sample of 480 college students from a college in Victoria between year 2 and yr 12 of study. The following table represents the descriptive facts for three variables in...

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Logic and Critical Thinking

What kind of advertisements are these (the Seventeen ads) — identification or promise? Who is meant to identify with whom? Or, what exactly is being promised? What message(s) about sex do the Seventeen Magazine photos convey to young girls? What do you say to young boys about sex? According to the...

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Algebra in secondary schools

In recent years, arguments against the need for secondary school students to learn mathematics, including algebra, have gained traction. Hacker (2012) questions the importance of algebra in high school students' future careers, claiming that it restricts the development of their skills. Algebra, and mathematics in general, according to opponents, is...

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Criminal Behavior and Deviant Behavior

Criminal Behavior and Deviant Behavior Non-conformity, or going against society s agreed or defined rules/norms, is referred to as deviance. In a social sense, this is a violation of appropriate expectations. Every culture has its own set of laws and social values, and non-compliance with these norms is referred to as...

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Why a large number of firms are employing temporary employees

Statistics show that since 1990, the number of people employed permanently has decreased by 50%, and temporary workers have taken their place. There are numerous reasons for the trend, including globalization, flexibility, the availability of new skills, cost-saving measures, hiring decisions that have purpose, and lastly morale-boosting measures (Segal, 2007). The...

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control in data analysis

Control Charts in Process Control and Data Analysis To answer the subject of process control in data analysis, control charts must be understood. A control chart is a graph that is used to routinely monitor the quality of statistical operations (Adams, 2014). Control charts have a mean value line in the...

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C Programming Description

This software will allow you to enter the number. It reduces the number by dividing it by two. It will continue to request input from the user until the user inputs the number 0. I will use the same programming technique of repetition, selection, and sequential statements. I'll define one integer variable...

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A Report on the Drop in Sales Volume at Knight Food Company

This analysis was commissioned to analyze why Knight Food Company's sales volume has decreased dramatically in the two years since its high in 2014, and to offer measures to increase sales. The study focuses on the fact that Knight had a 54% market share in 2014. Great competitors, such as...

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