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5th Tutorial: Complex Numbers

5th Tutorial: Complex Numbers 2. Work out the following equations. (a) X1 = 2 + j; X2 = 2 - j (d) X4 = 1 X = 1, -1 for real roots; X = j, -j for imaginary roots 3. Determine the real and imaginary components of the complex numbers below. (b) -3 for the real...

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Rich association between the arts and mathematics

The arts and mathematics have always had a close relationship. Although many people regard the arts and mathematics as distinct fields, there are several ties between them. Art is regarded as a method of expression and admiration for beauty, as well as an emotional connection. The American Mathematical Society's (AMS)...

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The use of instructional methods

The employment of instructional methods is a time-tested strategy of improving student learning in a variety of areas, including mathematics. Teaching approaches allow students to be doers and gain from having their first-hand knowledge compared to the instructor's notes. Role play, also known as 'engaging the learner,' is beneficial for...

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C Programming Description

This software will allow you to enter the number. It reduces the number by dividing it by two. It will continue to request input from the user until the user inputs the number 0. I will use the same programming technique of repetition, selection, and sequential statements. I'll define one integer variable...

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z Scores in SPSS

A z value is normally evaluated when an average population (μ) and a standard population difference (β) are known. In SPSS, however, z values for grades.sav data can still be determined using a mean (M) and standard sample deviation (s). Open.sav in SPSS to do this. Select Summary Statistics and...

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