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A Comparative Study of Carpaccio and Rembrandt

A paint is an amalgamation of thoughts, talent, and emotions which are meant to communicate concealed messages and ideas. Two paintings stand out in this case, Carpaccio s The Lion of Saint Mark and Rembrandt s Titus at His Desk. The Lion of Saint Mark...

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Pages: 3

The Concept of Otherness in The Painting La Venadita (Frita Kahlo)

Otherness is a concept helps to highlight how communities create a sense of identity, belonging and social status through the construction of social categories. The notion of otherness is also used to break down the resources and ideologies that are used by groups in maintaining their social identities. In the...

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Pages: 5

The Girl with Death Mask

During the periods of 1938, Frida Kahlo painted an art. The painting by Frida depicted a picture of a small little girl which was believed to be herself as she was at an age of four years wearing a mask of the skull. The skull mask that she wore on...

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The Influence of Impressionism and Post-impressionism in the Art of Paul Gauguin

Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a museum with rich and high-quality collection of art objects of all historical periods. The objects are nicely presented within the framework of their origin, meaning, role in society, temporal affiliation. Here, the accent is put on the painting section. Regarding the permanent...

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Pages: 4

The Painting Starry Night Over The Rhine by Vincent van Gogh

The painting “Starry Night over the Rhine" is one of the arts' works which made Vincent Van Gogh popular in the arts arena. The painting is a representation of how Gogh viewed the Rhine River from his rented house in Lamartine (Naifeh and Gregory 34). Even though Starry Night was...

Words: 371

Pages: 2

Rosa Bonheur's The Horse Fair

Out of the works listed for this course, I finally settled on researching Rosa Bonheur s The Horse Fair (1852-1855). I have always been drawn to arts composed during the period of Realism since they do not only give the real impression of the beginning of modern art but also...

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Ground Swell

Gentle rolling waves wade through the air; stirring up sea and sand, The sun glistening water gleaming like satin sheets, reflecting the blue sky, As slow blowing wind, blusters the cloth on the mast, swaying the boat hard, All is peaceful and calm with Pearl Kite chirpings, a day to make merry. From a...

Words: 235

Pages: 1

Analysis of Gustave Courbet's "The Stonebreakers"

Gustave Courbet and The Stone Breakers Art Gustave Courbet painted the Stone Breakers art in 1849 during the period of social realism. The painting is a depiction of young and old peasant men breaking rocks. The picture was destroyed in 1945 along with other 154 paintings that were in transit to...

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Pages: 3

The Social and Aesthetic Value of Domingo's Painting

According to the painting of Domingo of 1960, a group of white racists is seen assembled in front of a school protesting against integration. The painting is focused on the American society social ills, inequality and aspects of racism that was experienced in the 1960s. The Domingo’s painting depicts the...

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The Portrait of Anguissola Sisters Playing Chess

Paintings portray various messages and have also been used to depict the emotional state of the environment or the artist. In the Renaissance and post-Renaissance period artwork was dominated by men and just a few women managed to stamp their authority in this profession. However, among the few we female...

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Analysis of I and the Village and Maternity by Marc Chagall

I and the Village is a painting done by the French artist Marc Chagall. The painting was composed in 1911 and is a colorful work of art done on canvas using oil paint to demonstrate its themes that incorporates multiple pictures that overlap each other in the painting ("Marc Chagall....

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Pages: 3

Comparative Analysis of The Harvesters and Garden at Saint-Adresse

Inspiration and Interpretation in Art Inspiration is a vital ingredient when it comes to the creation of a masterpiece. Different artists have different inspirations. It is always interesting to observe how aspects of our daily life are represented in art. Although a piece of art often represents an artist's point of...

Words: 1196

Pages: 5

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