Essays on Painting

Baroque style in painting and sculpture

The Baroque style and technique is used in painting, sculpture and various work of art. It is a style that uses exagerated motion to communicate a clear message that can easily be understood and interpreted. Index Artist Date Title/Description Key areas that fit in the style Reason for choosing the…

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What paintings are used for

Painting is a platform used by people to express their emotions about diverse subject matter. Many artists use this as a medium of communicating with their audience without the use of words. The current generation has demanded for modern art because of its uniqueness. Many people go to museums for…

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Art History: The Virgin Adoring the Host

One of the significant artists of the 18th and 19th century is Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, a French painter that contributed to classical arts through his neoclassic characteristics. An example of one of his famous pieces is The Virgin Adoring the Host, it is dated to 1852 and measures 40.3…

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The Milk Maid by Johannes Vermeer

The Milk Maid is a painting done by Johannes Vermeer . It is one of the most influential paintings done by Johannes Vermeer and was inspired by his era and their tradition. Portrayed in the background of the painting is the foot warmer which is a perfect replication of what…

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All About Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a famous artist well known for his great talent in painting. He was the youngest in his family (Pollock 11), born on January 28th, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. Thomas Benton was his tutor, taught him the basics of painting and influenced most of his early works. Later…

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Review of Art Exhibition

Stuart Davis is one among America’s first modern artist and considered by many the father of the popular culture . He began his work with the Ashcan school before shortly following the Europeans modernism. Davis had tons of determination to convey something from the American form of government and blend…

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The Sleepers image created by Courbet in 1866,

The picture of the Sleepers that Courbet created in 1866 gives us a brief overview of the culture of lesbianism in the 19th century and how it was treated. Using tools such as sculptures, artists such as Courbet were bold enough to publicly portray homosexuality in the media. He was…

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The Athenaeum Painting

I have chosen the paintings of George Washington which was created on 1 January 1796 in Boston. This artwork is additionally known as the unfinished and Athenaeum portrait. After visiting the museum of best arts virtually, I learned several matters regarding the artwork. For example, the artist of the artwork…

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Medieval Europe and the churches

Medieval Europe times were hard. Art and religion went hand in hand: after a few silicon churches were constructed to make sure that the orthodox communities reduced, the Great Schism followed instantly. This had a huge impact on Italy as it enabled the Normans to conquer the Italy-Greek to control…

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my hobbies

When asked about my interests or what I do in my spare time, I usually say that I enjoy drawing. As a result, I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Mexican American Fine Arts because it allowed me to learn something I had never done before. Throughout…

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Ukiyo-e and Modern Art

The Ukiyo-e are images of the floating world that has the names of the prints and paintings primarily which give an explanation for the transition of the licensed pleasure to that of the Edo and present day in Tokyo Japan. Initially, the ukiyo was a Buddhist phrase that used to…

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