Essays on Theatre

A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

The struggle for social justice that took place during the 1950s characterized the American civil rights movement. The movement called for equal rights for the African Americans who lived in the United States. The American Civil Right Movement sought to abolish the violence and prejudice that surrounded the African American...

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Role of The Theatre Director

A theatre director is described as an instructor who orchestrates and oversees the theatre production. The director’s function is to unify various aspects of production and ensure completeness and quality of output. The term director came into use in the 19th century. The modern theatre director originated after the staging...

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The Definition of Drama, Theatre and Performance

In literature, the definitions of drama, theatre and performance are correlated. However, from a theatrical perspective, each of the three terms has its own concrete definition. Although the terms are related in one way or the other, scholars have been trying to establish a deeper understanding of the terms separately...

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Character Analysis in The Tragedy of Errors

The plot is the first element of drama, and it represents the events of the drama. The plot reveals the journey, quest and the desires of the characters and keeps the audience engaged in the entire play. The plot helps to build the relationships and develop trust with the audience....

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The Effect of Multiculturalism and Diversity on Theatre Performance

While globalization and changes in social standpoints have greatly influence theatre, it is agreed that the two aspects are linked to diversity and multiculturalism. Performance of theatre is a universal cultural phenomenon experienced in every society around the world. The fact that human beings are responsible for the creation of...

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Analysis of the Play "Tartuffe"

Has the Maukingbird Theatre Company Had Success in Creating Innovative Gay-Themed Theatre? The production has been successful in creating innovation in gay themed theatre, evidenced in its award-winning projects. It has also had collaborations with other talented artists who perform and instruct the students on theatre production. The company also provides...

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Cynthia, Thespian

Theater reflects and influences the society in various ways. One significant way, through which theater reflects the community, is by showing the challenges facing a changing society. Changes can be inevitable from time to time. A society like Reading, where most of the people have been depending on their work...

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Mark Tobey's "Broadway" 1935

Broadway by Tobey demonstrates his departure from western conventions. His art features volumetric and spatial configurations of the cityscape, where the infrared perspective of human activity and electric craft seems to have completely erased. The piece was envisioned as Tobey's debut illustration, created in his distinct style with light tones...

Words: 1981

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Satire is a genre that can be found in literature, theater, and even graphic arts. The art or performance exemplifies community abuses, vices, and flaws and is held up to ridicule (Morreall 1). Satire's goal is to shame the government, corporations, individuals, or society as a whole into correcting and...

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role of estragon and absurdism

Absurdism has been extensively used in representing Estragon in Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." This type can be used by an actor to recognize the character's role. This paper investigates how an actor should use absurdist methods and norms in representing Estragon as seen in Waiting for Godot. The use...

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The Epic Story of Love, Loyalty, and Redemption

The play "Cyrano de Bergerac" was written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand, a French writer. The play is based on the real-life story of the narrator, Cyrano de Bergerac. It is one of the most famous pieces of French literature. This play is a wonderful story of love, loyalty, and...

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An analysis of ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare

Othello's Dying Words "Loved not wisely, but too well" reflect the fated General's demise in the Venetian military (Shakespeare 148). Othello's Weak Judgment of Character From the start of the play, Shakespeare portrays Othello as a weak judge of character. The tragic hero is unable to distinguish between fact and fantasy, which heightens...

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