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The literature review essay defines literary review as a comprehensive study that evaluates and combines all previous materials and research on a specific topic. Many authors of literature review essays specify that it is not simply a compilation of resources, but a critical review that considers all available sources of knowledge about a certain subject, topic, or area of expertise. According to essays on literature review, it analyzes those resources, determines main themes, questions, and notes inconsistencies. It allows getting a full idea about the information available on a subject. Give some love to our literature review essay samples below – we put together some great essay samples we sure you'll like.

Carbon Democracy Economy and Society

The article provides a historical overview of the connections between fossil fuel income and democracy. It analyzes how reliance on fossil fuels has impacted democracy and contends that new challenges such as reduced carbon energy stocks and climate change issues are impeding modern democracy. What are the key question(s) that…

Words: 365

Pages: 2

The three political economies of the welfare state

“The three political economies of the welfare state,” Gosta EspingAndersen. Revue Canadienne de Sociologie/Canadian Review of Sociology 26.1 (1989): 10-36. Synopsis of the Text The article contends that the extensive debate on the welfare state has failed to generate a debate on the real answers concerning the causes and nature…

Words: 451

Pages: 2

Language, thought, and symbols

The three major themes of Mead’s writing—mind, symbols, and language—are discussed in the following essay, which also outlines the social significance of each theme for a person. The greatest approach to comprehend gestures is through the responses that animals make to particular stimuli from other species since language development is…

Words: 361

Pages: 2

“Economentality: How the Future Entered Government.”

Before 1948 or the time before World War II, the economy was not well understood by the general public. The word economy was seen from a conventional standpoint as a process rather than a product. The author’s major claim is that there aren’t many or any economists who have a…

Words: 322

Pages: 2

Lobbying as legislative subsidy.

The essay examines lobbying as a sort of legislative subsidy, in which policy intelligence and legislative effort are offered to selected politicians to encourage the fulfillment of specific goals. The article examines lobbying theories and offers an alternative perspective on lobbying as a technique of accomplishing political goals. What is…

Words: 620

Pages: 3

Culture, religion and social impact on public policy

Peter B. Evans, Dietrich Rueschemeyer, and Theda Skocpol. Reintroducing the state. 1985, Cambridge University Press. George Steinmetz. State/culture: The creation of a state following the cultural turn. 1-2 Sentence, Cornell University Press, 1999 Culture, religion, and the social impact on public policy are all important for the establishment of a…

Words: 474

Pages: 2

The Sociology of Mass Communication and Media

The function that technology plays is addressed in Walter Benjamin’s article The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. In his writings during the Nazi era, Benjamin addressed how modernism has affected art, particularly film and photography. When Benjamin said that “mechanical reproduction” had altered art, he meant…

Words: 223

Pages: 1

About Trauma Resilience

A person’s resilience is their capacity to overcome challenges while maintaining their regular development. A person is considered to have trauma resilience when they encounter a painful incident in life and learn to adjust so they are not badly impacted. In spite of practicing trauma resilience, a study by Leon,…

Words: 360

Pages: 2

Response on Goffman Footing

In his chapter “Footing,” Goffman makes the case that linguistics can pinpoint the signals and markers that allow footings to emerge or the alignment of speakers to one another and to themselves as shown by the way they control utterances. In an effort to comprehend how speakers tend to set…

Words: 211

Pages: 1

My Several Worlds by Pearl Buck, Chinese Family, and Kinship by Hugh Baker

Several literary authors have previously written about family and kinship; many of them have used their own personal experiences to explain the mortal bond that exists between people. As the daughter of a Presbyterian missionary, Pearl Buck spent the most of her early years immersed in the local Chinese culture….

Words: 1106

Pages: 5

The Social Life of Cultural Value

The author of “The Social Life of Cultural Value,” Asif Agha, is interested in the steps that lead to the formation of cultural values, the actual preservation of norms and how they spread throughout societies, as well as the traits that aid and direct the register’s dissemination to audiences around…

Words: 192

Pages: 1

Final Reflections for class readings

The readings for week three are all related in some way. To start, the texts made available during week three reflect on various subjects and ideas. However, because each reading places a strong emphasis on a different area of cultural anthropology, it is possible to say that the readings are…

Words: 588

Pages: 3

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