Essays on Literature Review

The literature review essay defines literary review as a comprehensive study that evaluates and combines all previous materials and research on a specific topic. Many authors of literature review essays specify that it is not simply a compilation of resources, but a critical review that considers all available sources of knowledge about a certain subject, topic, or area of expertise. According to essays on literature review, it analyzes those resources, determines main themes, questions, and notes inconsistencies. It allows getting a full idea about the information available on a subject. Give some love to our literature review essay samples below – we put together some great essay samples we sure you'll like.

The books “Shooting an elephant” and “No witchcraft for sale”

Answer 1: Conflicts in ‘Shooting an Elephant’ and ‘No Witchcraft for Sale’ are examples that show the relationships between natives an colonialists. ‘Shooting an Elephant’ written by Orwell’s is the tale of a police officer in the Burmese community, he was subjected to ridicule from the community and the colonial…

Words: 657

Pages: 3

The Hobbit, J.R.R Tolken

John Ronald Reuel Tolken lived during a period in history when Literature, particularly in poetry, was at its formative stage and many literary works were made. J.R.R. Tolken was a man with many accomplishments, both when he was alive and since his premature death. During his life, he was a…

Words: 3545

Pages: 13

Identity in the Kite Runner

Identity is a special and complicated character of an organism that is usually affected by a variety of influences as one develops and moves from one goal to another, and ambition to aspiration. What distinguishes one’s personality is mainly one’s history, memories, and family, among other things. In an ideal…

Words: 1275

Pages: 5

The article by Teaching Tolerance titled “A Tale of Two Cities”

The essay “A Tale of Two Cities” by Teaching Tolerance examines racism in the United States during the early 1930s and 1940s. It describes how Chicanos were discriminated against depending on their race and forced to attend separate schools from whites, where they were only granted basic education rights. It…

Words: 514

Pages: 2

postmodern use of concepts in “City of Glass”

Postmodernism in literature includes, among other aspects, the use of inconsistency, ambiguity, and the difference in the development of narratives. Obviously, Paul Auster’s “City of Glass” rebuffs and courtesy the realism and builds itself around coincidences, doubles, and superimpositions. It also combines the postmodern themes of intertextuality, metaphysical and playful…

Words: 664

Pages: 3

The Giver

The protagonist of the novel “The Giver,” Lois Lowry, must have foreseen the link between the time he wrote it and the recent turns of events in 2018. The book is entirely focused on the philosophy of civilization and culture. For example, the author focuses on the trade-offs that occurred…

Words: 340

Pages: 2

Gulliver’s Travel is considered as the masterpiece of Jonathan Swift.

Gulliver’s Travel is considered to be the masterpiece of Jonathan Swift. This novel consists of four sections detailing Gulliver’s four travels to imaginary tropical destinations. His first journey is to the world of diminutive people called the Lilliputians. Then his quest begins to the world of Brobdingnag, the land of…

Words: 1197

Pages: 5

A modest proposal

The high wit of exaltation occurred in the middle of the 18th century, and it became the headline of literature in that time frame. The literature of that time period did some particular alignment with the culture because it was full of corruption problems that were prevalent. Underneath, the alignment…

Words: 589

Pages: 3

“Science in Reflections”

A critical review of the three chosen literatures discussing various ideas related to political decision making is discussed in the following article. The paper also reflects on the main observations and points put forward by the scholars. The Introduction chapter of Jon Elster’s book “Science in Reflections” tries to accurately…

Words: 1421

Pages: 6

“A Modest Proposal,” Jonathan Swift.

Jonathan Swift, the author of “A Modest Proposal,” analyzes the extent of suffering as a significant subject. In his fiction, the author employs humor to highlight some of the facets of Ireland’s low living standards. In doing so, he employs the instrument to condemn the country’s parents’ naive approach to…

Words: 560

Pages: 3

Influences of the Boston Tea Party on the Revolutionary War

This book examines some of the origins of the Revolutionary War. It goes on to describe how the activities occurred as well as the participants. The British levied tariffs on a variety of commodities, which irritated the Americans. It was time to protest and bring an end to British colonial…

Words: 440

Pages: 2

About the glass castle

The Glass Castle is Jeannette Walls’ narration of her family’s experience with a cash and food shortage, which caused them to relocate to various locations in search of a safer place to live. And if the family is unstable, the plot talks without accusing the parents. Furthermore, the story depicts…

Words: 1123

Pages: 5


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