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Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

Sir Arthur Conan's Sherlock Holmes series of stories has gone down in history as rich works of literature due to their adaptability in the fields of television, stage plays, and film. Over 125 years ago, Sir Arthur Conan introduced his readers to Sherlock Holmes. Despite the passing of time, the...

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The Character of Sherlock Holmes

The character of Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is a fictional detective who is renowned for his skills and tenacity. The fictional detective is often portrayed as cold and dispassionate, but his enthusiasm for solving a mystery can often be seen when the pressure is...

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Sherlock Holmes Book Review

There are numerous books devoted to the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Whether you prefer the classics or are new to the series, you can find the right book for you. This review is going to discuss some of the best books about the great detective. In particular, we'll cover The...

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