The discourse of Said’s model of Orientalism

In the colonial discourse of tribal cannibalism and savagery as portrayed in Juan Jose Saer s work The Witness, Said s model of Orientalism has a significant influence. In various discourses (religious, anthropological, scientific, historical, etc.) about prehistoric societies, the post-Enlightenment European narrative of cannibalism and savagery is exhibited. The...

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The Use of Eye-Witness Testimony in Criminal and Civil Court Cases

Misinformation can simply be used to alter an eyewitness' recollection. False memories can be implanted into a person's mind and subsequently submitted in court. This means that in legal procedures, eyewitness recollection is not a highly credible source of information. More mechanisms and procedures for authenticating this information are required. In...

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Ethics and murder essay

Mary Thompson saw Tom being cut down with a machete. She lied to the authorities when they questioned her about the incident and the unfortunate occurrence. She insisted that she remained silent. An anthropologist named Thompson was present to study a South-East Asian civilization. She asserted that she adhered to...

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The reliability of eyewitness testimony

The eyewitness's evidence may have a strong effect on the jurors' decisions on different cases dealt with in the courtroom. Therefore, the use of eyewitnesses includes stricter supervision and use of a scientific method to determine how eyewitnesses identify a perpetrator during classical politics or eyewitness interviews (Stein, 2003). Issue...

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Juries,the Law and Psychologists Roles

Attorneys are required to pick a jury that comes from members of the community that have presented themselves for jury duty before the start of a jury trial. The selection of juries has become one of the most significant services that law firms offer to the degree that they include...

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