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Only Experts Working Your Research
Only Experts Working Your Research

People who become our writers have been tested multiple times. They are researchers and educators with years of experience, and they're ready to help even with impossible tasks.

24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

Operators form the supportive foundation of our company. Whatever questions our clients have, they can initiate a chat and ask them. The team is online 24/7 and they'll always reply.

Complete Confidentiality
Complete Confidentiality

We defend the privacy of clients who pay to write research paper like we would our own. No one abuses your data - it's kept safely and no third party will ever see it.

Only Original Papers
Only Original Papers

Our best writers produce strictly unique essays that follow clients' instructions to a T. You could request plagiarism reports to make certain your paper is original.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

We don't fail often, but if we do, we're going to fix it. You could ask for your money back and we'll return it to you within five days. You'll either be happy or you'll save money.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

When you pay to write a research paper, you can rest assured that you'll receive it on time. We don't miss deadlines, not even the shortest - if we accept an order, we'll do it.

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Pay for Research Paper and Enjoy Quality!

Doing homework never gets easy, no matter how many years you’ve been studying. Sooner or later, most students make a decision to pay for research paper, and they start searching for reliable options. We’re proud to say that WritingUniverse is among their first choices! We might not have been working for decades, but we have valuable experience, a brilliant team, and verified reviews from previous customers. Our professional writers would have no problem with doing research, reading relevant sources, and writing a unique paper following your demands. Similarly, we could edit an essay you wrote or do a quick round of proofreading. Our company provides numerous academic services for students. If you need urgent expert help, learn more about us and join our homely platform!

Things to Look Forward To As You Pay for Research Papers

Students hope to get essay writing service plagiarism free and at affordable rates. Many scoff, thinking it’s impossible, but these days, quality is a minimum you should expect! Check out benefits we prepared for our clients. We guarantee that you’ll obtain the following:

  • Loyal support 24/7. We work with students who live in different parts of the world. There is no telling what time zone they are from, which is why we keep a shift of operators online 24 hours a day. Start chatting any time with words, “Who do I have to pay to write my research paper?”, and someone will always be there, ready to be by your side in an instant.
  • No hint of plagiarism. Essays we complete are 100% unique. Each of our expert writers treats plagiarism like a crime, and they are professional enough to respect the law and create their works from scratch. See plagiarism report if you’d like additional guarantees.
  • Free essay samples. We provide essay examples for free in case you want to check possible quality before you pay someone to write research paper. Our collection is vast and exceeds 100K examples! Pick any paper and read it. Maybe you’ll find the one on a topic you need and you won’t have to pay anything at all.
  • High quality for every order. Our team follows quality standards in every respect. Essay delivery is always on time: once a writer agreed to accept a client’s order, they basically signed a contract with a promise to complete it timely. If they fail, they face severe penalties. We also have revisions for those who aren’t happy with quality they got — they are free and limitless.
  • Personal online chat with a writer. Clients can contact their writers any time and tell them something like, “I decided to pay for a research paper and you took my order. Did you understand the task? Did you find correct sources?” Communication means everything, and this is your chance to influence your paper directly.

Our list of benefits isn’t limited to these ones. We offer a free conclusion maker to our visitors and we have other tools you could use without registration. Spending time on our website is already beneficial, and benefits increase once you place orders!

Pay for Research Paper Writing: Any Types, Diverse Subjects, and Custom Academic Styles

WritingUniverse is an experienced custom writing firm that offers a variety of academic services to students. Throughout our work, we’ve focused on one goal: to provide our clients with exceptional papers to help them progress in their studies. Many of them have already achieved the success they’ve been hoping for — join them and become the next one in line!

Subjects that Cover Our Research Paper Writers

Students who pay for research paper writing come to us with all kinds of requests. Some need assistance with technical subjects; others seek something more creative. You’ll be happy to know that we support all the options. Our experts excel at delivering essays in English, Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, or Psychology: they effortlessly perform research, write compositions or narrations, and reflect on what they learned, analyzing texts and dissecting human behavior, beliefs, and culture. In the same way, they cover Math, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and other tough technical spheres, answering questions and solving tasks. Another team of writers specializes in Business, Nursing, IT, Marketing, Economics, and many others. Any challenge you face is something they’ve tackled many times before.

Academic Formatting Styles We Use

We often receive this question from students: “Could you write my research paper in the style I request?” This matter is important because many professors refuse to assess essays that aren’t formatted correctly. When writing, you need to observe rules about the use of italics, bold font, abstracts, the presence of a title page, works cited list and citation basics. Each style is unique — they all have rules, and keeping them all in mind can be extremely difficult. But not for us! Our experts have a vast experience with every known academic style, including but not limited to:

  • APA

  • MLA

  • Chicago

  • Harvard

  • Turabian

  • Vancouver

Order any of them, and we’ll gladly follow your instructions.

Types of Research Papers You Could Request from Our Experts

WritingUniverse can easily cater to our client's complex or specific needs. Look at the examples of papers we write daily. Order them or place any other request:

  • Cause-and-effect essays. In these papers, writers explore which reasons cause certain events or concepts.

  • Argumentative papers. When you pay to do research paper of an argumentative nature, your writer assumes a debatable position on a specific topic and argues in its support.

  • Analytical essays. Analysis papers require intense research and a sharp display of critical thinking skills.  

  • Compare and contrast papers. Writers focus on two or more subjects and highlight their differences and similarities.

  • Reports. Students provide materials, and our writers compose an objective report on their basis.

  • Summary. Experts study a book, a movie, or any other text and briefly outline its main points.

  • Subject-based orders. You might require special assignments like Q&A format essays, dashboard tasks, or other unique projects. We can take them on.

  • Creative writing. Per your instructions, we’d happily craft an original fiction story or a creative narration.

Explore WritingUniverse more closely — we guarantee that you’ll feel welcome here. Discover more benefits by placing your order and getting a full client experience. You can request an essay of any style, type, and subject — our writers will handle it. Make your demands clear and enjoy a perfectly crafted custom research paper!

How Much Do I Pay Someone to Write My Research Paper?

Students often worry about finances because they have limited budgets. We understand since we work closely with you. After doing thorough market research, we settled on a price of $11.99 per page of research essay, and this is the price we continue to maintain in 2024. It’s lower than in most agencies and we hope you’ll find it affordable enough. Note that if you have a short deadline or order a complex academic level, the price will increase, but the difference will be small. Whatever way you look at it, you won’t be overpaying.

Three Major Guarantees From Us

Other nuances that concern students who pay someone to write a research paper are privacy and refunds. Will their data be safe? Are they risking anything when they make a payment? We’re going to alleviate your concerns right away. You are entirely safe with us: info we collect is related to your order and its specifics only, and we keep it encrypted in a way that even our own employees cannot access it. For instance, your writer won’t know anything about you other than what paper you ordered.

Students also ask us, “In what ways could I pay someone write my research paper?” We support multiple payment methods. Use Visa or MasterCard or stick to American Express or Discover. They are safe and tried by many already. Also, if you believe we failed you, you could ask us to give your money back. Our team would investigate your case and transfer the amount you paid back. You are not taking any risks since we protect you at every stage.

Free Features for Our Clients

After clients select Writing Universe and pay someone to do research paper, they acquire some features for free. There is plagiarism report for those who need originality confirmation — other agencies charge extra for it. Not us. We also create a table of content and reference page for no cost even though it takes more time. Revisions are free, too.

Experts Who Work for WritingUniverse

But who are our writers? If you hire someone to write a research paper, how do you know they won’t disappoint you? The answer is in the strict hiring policies we maintain. Our managers recruit the most experienced writers depending on their major, qualifications, and expertise. We strive to diversify our base of specialists and match students with experts who suit them most.

We hire only native-speaking experts who succeed in proving their experience and qualifications. No writer is a random stranger: we test them carefully, seeing how they cope with grammar tasks, verifying their diplomas, and reading their essays. Each person we end up employing is a researcher or educator who understands the highest academic standards and knows how to turn even boring topics into thought-provoking papers. We personally match writers with clients based on qualification compatibility. This helps us achieve the best results!

Hire Research Paper Writers Who Won’t Betray Your Expectations

Our company offers the best terms for clients. We perform professional research, create excellent essays and protect our customers from any possible accidents or misfortunes. Our team works 24/7 for your benefit, so contact us whenever you feel like it. Tell our operators, “Could I pay for my research paper here?” and they’ll take you through this experience step by step. In the end, you’ll receive a great paper you wanted and plagiarism report proving its authenticity. It’s a win-win for both parties!


How do I pay for research papers online?

It’s easier than you think! Choose the right company by reading reviews and policies, placing an order, and selecting a payment method you like. In our company, this process is quick and completely safe.

Can I get discounts or bonuses?

Yep. When you pay for term papers in our company, we offer a discount of 13% to new clients. Old customers could be eligible as well — they can discuss it with our customer support team.

Can I be sure that my research paper is unique?

With WritingUniverse, the answer is always yes. We protect our reputation by crafting only original papers. You could see the confirmation in plagiarism report we’ll readily share at your request.

Is it legal to pay someone to do my research paper?

Yes. Companies like ours provide you with a sample only. You could use it as a template for your own paper. If you decide to present it as your own, that’s your business and we have no say here.