150 Argumentative Essay Topics to Boost Your Creativity

Finding good argumentative essay topics is a necessity every student faces at some point during their education. College professors want you to learn how to collect facts, assess an issue (especially if it is controversial), analyze all points of view on it, and then argue for your position by providing evidence and counter-arguments.

This is exactly why argumentative essays are assigned. They are a piece of formal writing where you attempt to prove your view on a subject by showing objectivity, thoroughness, and ability to support your words with evidence. It could be hard to work on these tasks, but funnily, the toughest part isn’t about gathering credible facts, it’s about choosing a topic. Here are the tips we’ve prepared.

Tips for Choosing Great Topics for Argumentative Essay

The first thing you must understand is that the more interesting you find the topic, the easier it’ll be to write an argumentative essay on it. These papers are tricky since you have to spend a lot of time on them. Looking for solid counterarguments and evidence, framing it all in a convincing way, selecting the best credible sources — all these actions are extremely boring if you have zero interest in a subject matter. So, once you receive an assignment, you should do your best to find personally appealing topics to argue about.

Discuss it with your friends or classmates — find out what they’ll be researching as it could give you some ideas. Ask your professor for advice: after teaching for a while, they have likely seen numerous essays and have a well of great titles to share with you. Think about what you like or dislike. Are there any issues you have a strong opinion on? What are the things you argued passionately on discussion forums or even in real life? That could give you a clue. Finally, look through available lists online. They could trigger your inspiration and give you valuable ideas that you would love to explore. We prepared 150 interesting topics in various categories — check them out and find the ones that seem to be most appealing!

150 Best Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Argumentative Essay Ideas About Animals

Animals are a huge part of our life. There is so much controversy surrounding our coexistence that you might like to express your personal views on it.

  1. Forcible Dismantling of Meat Industries: Legality & Consequences
  2. Intensifying Punishment for Animal Cruelty
  3. Connection between Animal Cruelty in a Childhood & Violent Adult Behavior
  4. Obligatory Registering of Pets: Is It Necessary?
  5. Criticism of Animal Portrayal in Fiction
  6. Empathy for Animals as Evidence of Good Communication Level
  7. The Use of Animals in Therapy: Positive and Negative Examples
  8. Promotion of Veganism: Possibilities & Drawbacks
  9. Cloning a Pet or Buying a New One?
  10. Adopting Pets from the Shelter vs. Buying Them

Good Argumentative Topics

Children are taught what is good and what is bad from their early years, but as they grow up, they discover that things aren’t black and white. That is why this category has some of the best argumentative essay topics.

  1. Guns on Campus as a Safety Rule
  2. Inherent Goodness: Reality or Myth?
  3. Albus Dumbledore and Principles of the Greater Good
  4. Teaching Children to Be Positive: Is It Possible?
  5. Science Behind Love, Lust, and Attraction
  6. Arguments Against Police Brutality
  7. Best Ways to Determine the Best Decision in a Moral Dilemma
  8. Safety and Side Effects of Meditation
  9. Psychological View On Philanthropists
  10. The Best Country in the World: Evaluation Criteria

Controversial Ideas

Controversial argumentative essay topics could be extremely interesting. They require a more thorough approach, though.

  1. The Role of Men in Abortion Protests
  2. Giving Speech on Controversial Matters Live: Dangers & Benefits
  3. Punishment for Homosexuality in Underdeveloped Regions: Reaction of Developed Countries
  4. Exploitation of Actors: Unsavory Truth and the Way Public Ignores It
  5. True Statistics About Police Work and What It Means for Americans
  6. Who Organizes Riots and Revolutions?
  7. Ways in Which Societal Violence Ignites Individual Violence
  8. Depiction of Morally Ambiguous Topics in Fiction: Are Boundaries Needed?
  9. ‘Cancel’ Culture, Its History & Consequences
  10. The World Would Be Safer Without Men

Easy Argumentative Essays Topics

Are you not in the mood to do heavy research? No problem — let us offer you a few easy argumentative essay topics.

  1. Harry Potter in Books and Movies: Which Portrayal Is Better?
  2. Learning English vs. Studying Spanish: What is Easier?
  3. Free Education in the US
  4. High School vs. College: Ease of Studying
  5. The Problem of Ads
  6. Why American Education System is Flawed
  7. ‘Antis’ Culture and How It Affects Fiction
  8. Attitude of TV Shows’ Directors toward Fans
  9. Should People’s Weight Be Controlled on a Governmental Level?
  10. Why Gen-Zs Do Not Want to Work at Regular Jobs

Argumentative Essays on Mental illness

Mental disorders are among the most arguable topics. If you have firm thoughts about it, this could be a great chance to voice them.

  1. Impact of Coronavirus on Americans’ Mental Health
  2. Universal Definition of Attractiveness and How It Affects People
  3. Major Contributors to Mental Disorders
  4. Stereotypes Surrounding ADHD: Are They Justified?
  5. Problematic Portrayals of Mental Issues in English Literature
  6. Stigma Mentally Patients Undergo: What Lies Behind It?
  7. Ignorance of Mental Health Workers and What It Results In
  8. Where Could Mentally Distressed People Get the Best Help?
  9. Overuse of Antidepressants Promoted on an International Level
  10. Best Depictions of Mental Issues in Fiction

Interesting Argumentative Essays Ideas

  1. Do you feel bored and eager for some interesting argumentative essay topics? Here they are!
  2. Which Hannibal Lecter Version Is the Scariest?
  3. Season 4 of ‘Sherlock’ Was Disastrous: Here Is Why
  4. Creativity Will Be Sought After by Most Future Employers
  5. Problems That True Crime Shows Have
  6. Are There Age-Inappropriate Hobbies?
  7. All Aspects of Sexuality and How They Are Presented in Media
  8. Why the US Is the Most Interesting Country for Tourists
  9. Handling Grief: Popular Ineffective Strategies
  10. What Makes Horror Movies Scary?
  11. Do Talents Exist or Are Skills Developed?

Ideas For College Students

College presupposes a specific level of argumentative persuasive essay topics. We decided to come up with some.

  1. Drugs Intake Among College Students
  2. Partying or Studying: Why People Are Becoming Less Educated
  3. The Practice of Hazing: Support & Opposition
  4. American Colleges’ Assessment Criteria Are Ineffective
  5. Tuition Problems: Who Is Responsible?
  6. Should Students Be Allowed to Argue With Professors?
  7. College Rankings and Their Real Importance
  8. Should Parents Be Contacted When College Students Misbehave?
  9. Why College Education Is Not Needed
  10. Public Education for Immigrants: Should It Cost Less?

Technology and Social Media

Social media and technologies are everywhere. For this reason, you could always pick some of classical argument topics.

  1. Reddit or Twitter: Best Discussion Platform
  2. Internet Trolls and What Motivates Them: Different Outlooks
  3. Tumblr and Its Adult Content Restrictions
  4. Do Humans Spend Too Much Time on Technology?
  5. Dating Sites: Do They Work?
  6. Technology as a Bane of Human Existence
  7. Cyberbullying and Failed Government’s Policies
  8. Technology Helps Criminals Commit Crimes Easier
  9. Could Social Media Be Helpful?
  10. Dangers of Media’s Impact on Social Networks

Essay Prompts For High School Students

Interesting argumentative essay topics for high school tend to be easier than those for college. Take your pick from these 10 options.

  1. Concept of Prom Should Be Cancelled
  2. High School as the Best Time of Teens’ Life
  3. Problems of American Public Schools
  4. The Best Age for Starting Education
  5. Schools’ Failed Attempts at Fighting Bullying
  6. American Schools Should Be Transformed
  7. Teaching Methods Have Become Outdated
  8. Subjects That Are Easiest to Teach
  9. Ideal Term for School Education
  10. Schools Should Improve Their System of Punishing Students for Misbehavior

Funny Ideas for Argumentative Essays

How about funny argumentative essay topics? Impress your teacher with your quirky approach.

  1. Fights between Neighbors: Who Should Resolve Them?
  2. Animals Must Get Human Rights
  3. Why X Movie Is the Worst in the Last Decade
  4. Marijuana Improves Creativity
  5. Why Students Should Want to Get a Detention
  6. Why Hospital Visits Could Be Enjoyable
  7. Optimists Have a Happier Life Than Pessimists
  8. Reasons Why Schools Should Be Banned
  9. The World Could Survive Without Money
  10. Birds Make the Best Pets

Topics on Social Issues

People always fight for their rights or against them. This makes for highly engaging argumentative essays topics.

  1. Pride Parades Help Diminish Ignorance
  2. Hate Crimes Are Changing Shape
  3. Reverse Racism Exists
  4. Black People Still Face Oppression in the US
  5. Freedom of Speech: Does It Really Exist?
  6. Teenagers Must Not Undergo Plastic Surgery Until They Are Of Age
  7. Beauty Contests Among Children Must Be Stopped
  8. Worldwide Slavery Is Getting Worse
  9. Violence Against Men Is Dismissed
  10. Punishment For Domestic Violence Has to Be More Severe

Ethical Topics

The relevance of ethical argument topics will never fade. We hope you’ll consider them interesting.

  1. The World Is Drowning in Blood: Animals Should Not Be Killed for Food
  2. Do Hunters Lack Empathy?
  3. Should You Be Allowed to Post Videos with Personal Details Publicly?
  4. Euthanasia Should Be Made Legal Worldwide
  5. Death Penalty Should Be Swift yet Selective
  6. Humans Must Never Be Persecuted For Their Political Views
  7. All Books Should Have No Age Restrictions
  8. You Should Not Have Children If They Cannot Afford It
  9. Number of Public Cameras Should Be Increased to Diminish Crimes
  10. The Idea of Cold Cases Should Be Eliminated

Medical Argumentative Topics

The healthcare sector has some good argument topics, especially for nursing students.

  1. Ideal Time for Falling Asleep
  2. How Many Hours Does a Person Need to Have a Normal Sleep?
  3. Medical Care Should Be Provided to Everyone Regardless of Their Financial Status
  4. Hot Weather Is More Dangerous Than Cold One
  5. Nurses Should Not Have Such Long Shifts
  6. Doctors Are Not Depicted Realistically in Fiction
  7. Vet Services Should Be Cheaper
  8. US Needs Stricter Regulation of Healthcare Quality
  9. Doctors Who Cover for Each Other: Hidden Problems
  10. House MD Has The Most Diverse Portrayal of Medical Issues

Argumentative Essay on History

Loud past events never get old, so there is a diversity of American history argumentative essay topics.

  1. True Historical Foundation of the US
  2. Positive Developments Brought by WW2
  3. Benefits and Achievements of USSR
  4. How Revolutions Shaped American History
  5. The World Under Hitler’s Control: How Would It Look Like?
  6. Which Country Has the Bloodiest History?
  7. Society in Old and Modern Europe: Which Was More Educated?
  8. Immigration Shapes Modern World History
  9. Historical Crimes Should Be Remembered
  10. History Is Redundant: People Should Start From a Clean Slate

Argumentative Sports Essay Ideas

Sport is such a crucial part of American life that it has millions of fans all over the states. Take a look at these related argument topic ideas.

  1. Culture of Sport in the US
  2. It Is More Beneficial to Be a Sportsman Than Educator
  3. Football Fans Are a Threat to Society
  4. Why Sport Is Overrated
  5. Boxing Should Be Banned Because of Its Violence
  6. More Teams with Disabled People Should Be Sponsored on a Global Level
  7. Baseball Is the Most Exciting Sport
  8. US Has the Most Diverse Sports Industry
  9. It Is Too Dangerous to Resume Sports Activities So Soon After Coronavirus
  10. Violent Kinds of Sport Trigger Violence in Fans

Find the Most Compelling Argumentative Speech Topics

As long as you genuinely have something to say about a topic, your success is partly guaranteed. This list we’ve composed makes it clear that there are hundreds of topics you could choose from. Read through them carefully and settle on whatever you consider exciting. But sadly, it isn’t everything. Numerous students worry about writing because they don’t have enough time for research, lack proper writing skills, or simply feel no motivation for deciphering complicated instructions and exploring anything.

Fortunately, our team is always here to help! We have professional writers who could handle any rebuttal essay topics. They work strictly by deadlines and bring impressive expertise into everything they do. From our side, we ensure a money-back guarantee for protecting your interests. Contact us if you’re struggling with an essay and we’ll ensure that you receive exactly what you’re looking for!

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