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This type of writing is a little bit tricky because it does not stand for any explanation of a certain process but aims to keep your reader interested by posing an analytical exploration. As you will see from our essay examples, you must examine various problems that talk about a certain idea or an experience that you had to let your readers understand your paper. It is not always backed up with a list of sources, yet some paper samples do so only to avoid plagiarism risks. Still, there is no need to support your thesis this way since the task is to provide your unique exploration of a topic. Another important aspect that you will notice in every essay sample is the lack of criticism or bias, which is also important.

About Depression

Depression is one of today’s psychiatric disorders in society and is one of the subjects in the visual media. Cyber Bully is a 2011 film directed by Charles Biname about Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment), a teenage girl who falls victim to online bullying and retires from spending time with her…

Words: 289

Pages: 2

About Defamation

The balance between one person’s right to freedom of expression and the right of another person to protect one’s integrity is often fragile. It is difficult to correctly state the personal comments are in order and which go against the rule of diffamation. The word diffamation has as many meanings…

Words: 1425

Pages: 6

Marijuana Legalization

Pyke, A, the guy (2016). The $2.4 billion effects of marijuana in Colorado are a lesson for five states seeking legalization. In this post, Alan Pyke discusses the economic effects of the legalization of marijuana with a focus on Colorado. Through citing that the weed industry has become one of…

Words: 1655

Pages: 7

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Identifying the impact of divorce on children, some of which can be either positive or negative in nature. Many families around the world have been through a divorce journey that has contributed to their break-up (Fagan, Patrick and Aaron Churchill 2). Positive consequences of divorce on children; it can give…

Words: 214

Pages: 1

Advertisement in Facebook

Facebook ads is the practice of advertising on social medial for making money. It’s an example of what is called “paid social”. Paid social helps the users to find business that are based on their interest and goal in the ways that they behave online rather than in the paid…

Words: 1005

Pages: 4

Importance quotes

“At a conference at the new school in New York City, I first floated my idea of gaga feminism ” At a meeting, she first gave out her concept of feminism. Here she comes to the concept that for the young and the elderly, feminism is both. There is no…

Words: 262

Pages: 1

Bullying Activities

Outline to Research on Bullying Activities in Schools Causes of Bullying Effects of Bullying in excessive school Effects of Bullying to victim Effects of Bullying on Bullies Effects of Bullying on Observers Psychological Effects of Bulling Major Depressive Disorder Ways to Stop Bullying Anti-Bullying Awareness Setting Strict Measures Encouraging Bullied…

Words: 64

Pages: 1

The impact of divorce

Divorce’s influence started as a myth in antiquity. Divorce, like a flaming bush, spread the message that it has an effect on children’s thinking and attitudes toward marriage. It was previously said that if the parents were angry, the rest of the family would be as well. As a consequence,…

Words: 1437

Pages: 6


On this planet, we have different kinds of leaders with distinct characters that allow them to rule. These leaders can be inspirational, transformational, or transactional. Charismatic leaders are those who know how to connect and convince others to do what they believe is right or what they desire. These individuals…

Words: 1162

Pages: 5

Driving while Texting

The majority of injuries are thought to be caused by a distracted driver. However, some critics believe that the most dangerous driving is exacerbated by the use of mobile phones. In this situation, a regulation should be enforced to ban mobile phone use while not infringing on their rights. Some…

Words: 1438

Pages: 6

Is a factor behind child obesity parental negligence?

Obesity is characterized by excessive fat accumulation in the body (Chubdari, 2015). These fats are in the form of cholesterol, which is detrimental to the individual’s wellbeing, especially to children who are unable to monitor their diets. Different controversial ideas on the topic of maternal neglect have been set in…

Words: 672

Pages: 3

Fast Food Pandemic

Fast food companies are during a race to re-invent food and food perceptions to stay their market distracted from the very fact that their products lack quality, healthy ingredients. KFC Double Down Burger The KFC’s Burger consists of boneless pig meat, liquidities of cheese and sauce fixed together between two…

Words: 1878

Pages: 7

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