Essays on Drugs Legalization

Simple possession of drugs

Drugs should be legalized for simple possession since doing so will eliminate many issues relating to the worry of unlawful ownership. First off, the number of drug-related offenses would decline. For instance, as Kalant (2010) noted, narcotics are so expensive on the illicit market that many people who otherwise could...

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“Does the legalization of Marijuana increase in Teens smoking

The article “Does the legalization of Marijuana Increase the Smoking Rate Among Teens? I chose the subject because I have observed many people, especially my friends, engage in the habit of smoking marijuana, and I hope that this essay would inform me in some way. The opening is good and sets...

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Legalization of Marijuana in USA

Since marijuana use has historically been controversial, there have been spirited discussions about whether it should be made legal. With their own well-informed opinions on the question, medical specialists, sociologists, politicians, and religious leaders have all weighed in on the debate. The discussion over whether or not marijuana should be...

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Subject: Legalization of Marijuana

I am fully aware of the long-running controversy around the legalization of marijuana. Commonly known as cannabis, in America. It s also true that while marijuana is still banned in some places, it has been made legal for recreational use in Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington. Most adults have tried...

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Californian marijuana legalization

Marijuana, often known as cannabis, marijuana, herb, pot, or bud, is one of the many narcotics that are abused around the globe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that about 20 million people use the medicine each month (63). About 47% of American adults stated they had used...

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The Legality of Cannabis The legality of cannabis has always been a contentious issue, whose use has been deemed illegal for a long time now. The United States federal authorities prohibits its use, ownership, farming, and transporting. Recently, its medical use has been allowed in some of the states. Why does...

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About Medical Marijuana as a Gateway Drug

Medical marijuana is a term that refers to the use of unprocessed or whole cannabis plants, or their primary extracts, to relieve various effects of diseases and disorders (Chu 121). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has not licensed or accepted marijuana as a medicine. Various...

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