Essays on International Law

Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and the Environment

The United Nations The United Nations strives to manage the nations of the world, specifically in accordance with human rights, war, environment, and harmony. The most pressing issue facing the global network is human rights. Human rights are not to be missed. There is a lack of definition and understanding that...

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Analysis of China's Maritime Disputes

The amazing information about the reading is that six nations are claiming to be the rightful owners of a region located in the Eastern and Southern parts of China. The rationale for their competition is driven by the regions’ hydrocarbons and natural gas, which are precious items for any nation’s...

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Sovereignty and Human Rights

Traditionally, sovereignty is described state's jurisdiction to self-government that is free from external interferences (Glanville 2014, p.11). In that case, a sovereign country would be accountable to none but itself. The same state is expected to meddle in its internal affairs, politics, and decision-making process without interfering with that of...

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The Concept of State Sovereignty in International Law

Original Text with HTML Headings In Western doctrine interpretation of unlimited, indivisible, inalienable sovereignty from the end of the 19 century, is criticized because there is more or fewer restrictions on the power of any state, especially a democratic and legal state, in which state power is limited by human rights,...

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The Evolution of China as a Country

1. The article by Zewei is all about the evolution of China as a country in terms of it's economic, political and social system, culture and structure. The article is divided into four sections that are section one is describes the world of Chinese Confucianism centered...

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The Use of Force in Humanitarian Interventions

The world has witnessed a series of humanitarian crisis and different responses have risen to such situations especially on international interventions on altruistic grounds. Force should be used against sovereign states for humanitarian reasons. Many of the countries where forceful intervention is demanded, violation of human rights by the ruling...

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The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Promoting Human Rights

The world has become a global village and thus the need to develop a mandatory framework that will enhance the protection and assurance of Human Rights across state boundaries. Although the United Nations and other regional organizations have made similar efforts to enhance human rights, getting a clear picture of...

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The Law of the Sea Convention

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) was signed in 1982 and came into force in 1994. It was ratified by a total of 168 parties among them is the European Union (United Nations, 1982). Maritime Sector...

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Carriage of Goods

International rules of the carriage acknowledge the inherent risks associated with deck carriage and, in most instances, allow parties to share these risks among themselves. Exclusion clauses are typically used to handle these risks during contract negotiations, though different countries may use them differently. For instance, the Hague-Visby regulations in...

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The state of responsibility laws

States are required to take responsibility for their actions when they violate foreign agreements, according to the state of responsibility laws. In general, a country's compliance with a duty and the likely penalties for the violation are determined by the state responsibility rules. When breaches of international law's substantive rules...

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International Court of Justice (ICJ)

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and US Funding The International Court of Justice (ICJ) remains to be totally reliant on US funding despite US budgetary restrictions. A branch of the UN that deals with the jurisdiction of cases involving international justice is the international Court of Justice, a court created...

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Policemen in the world

In every community, the police have traditionally served and guarded the populace. But when viewed globally, America has never enforced laws; instead, it has merely taken advantage of other countries. Two international events that occurred in the last five years can be linked to a post-Civil War foreign or international strategy. In...

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