Essays on Employment Law

Elements of a valid contract

An agreement between two parties is not all that a contract is. In order to establish whether a contract is legitimate, four conditions must be met. The offer and acceptance, the consideration, the legal intention, and the competent parties are some of these components. The foregoing components must be present…

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at will employment

Employment-at-will has become a point of contention, especially in modern business operations. The idea has evolved in recent years, with intensified scrutiny and criticism, especially from those who stand to profit from the projects. The concept of employment-at-will refers to the assumption that any person may be fired by the…

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Family and Medical Leave Act(FMLA)

FMLA, which became law in 1993, refers to businesses with more than 50 workers who reside within a 75-mile radius of their place of employment. According to the act, if an employee has served for more than 12 months and 25 hours a week, they are entitled to 12 weeks…

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Government on Staff Recruiting and Firing

Employers should be given the right to employ, maintain and fire their workers as they please, according to the Ministry of Finance (2013). If the retention or discharge was for a positive or poor purpose did not really matter. It is also possible to ignore the fact that the contract…

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