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The Police Discretion in a Militarized Police Force

Officers of the law have viewed the twenty-first century as a time for some of the most sophisticated judicial controls, including full oversight of all acts taken. In an age where police departments in the United States have become heavily militarized, police discretion has become a contentious issue. Police discretion…

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The Police Body-Mounted Cameras

Technology advancements, especially the advent of cell phones and body cameras, are transforming almost every career in the world. A Smartphone allows you to capture incidents in real-time and upload them to the internet. Body cameras can also be used to capture incidents as they happen, and many agencies in…

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black community and police

Judicial misconduct is the use of unnecessary force by law enforcement officials when carrying out their duties. The legacy of police violence against African Americans goes back to the time of segregation when law enforcement suppressed all provocation from black citizens trying to flee their masters. Particularly in a democratic…

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Law Enforcement Policies

The article investigates the topic of police officers wearing body cameras in the United States. The author contends that the use of body cameras would help shield police officers from false allegations and discourage rogue officers from intimidating people when doing their duties. In favor of the claim, the article…

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the beating of rodney king

On March 3, 1991, Rodney King was stopped by police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and beaten up, an attack that was prominently reported on major American television networks. An onlooker, George Holiday, videotaped Rodney King’s pounding. In the footage, police officers are seen targeting King with high-voltage…

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Oral History Project; Acceptance of Interracial Relationships in Our Society

Interracial relationships are characterized as interbreeding, marriage, sexual relations, or cohabitation between people of different ethnic groups or races, particularly in historical contexts as a violation of the law (Twine & Smyth, 2011). There are many historical examples of interracial marriages that culminated in marriage against legal resistance. Richard and…

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Cons of the police body cameras

Body Cameras are a form of video and audio surveillance device that law enforcement officers may use to track their interactions with the general population, violent suspects, and their colleagues. A video monitor, a microphone, a charger, and an onboard data retrieval system are the common components of a police…

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Police brutality.

When a police officer uses excessive and needless brutality on people, he is said to be brutal. The police violence has been documented in a number of countries around the world. Several people have come to accept that police violence only happens against oppressed and marginalized communities as a result…

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Being a police officer

The career of a police officer is one of the most demanding that anyone might have had. It is one of the foundations of government in its role in the preservation of peace and justice, and hence of law and order. An enormous duty allows a person to possess tremendous…

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“Without Access, police body cameras won’t live up to promise”

For years, several innocent people have killed or been injured at the hands of corrupt police officers. Many of the officers abuse the authority granted to them by the constitution, harassing and even murdering ordinary people. Aside from that, certain people kill their coworkers in order to silence them or…

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