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Experiential paper on police ride along

I've always been interested in how the police truly enforce law and order on the streets as a law student. The New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Ryan, who works at the 28th Precinct of the NYPD in Harlem, and I had an extraordinary encounter on the streets. After I...

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Technology in investigations

The police officer can conduct a quicker and more comprehensive investigation thanks to a variety of technologies. Among these technologies are crime lights, which have various wavelengths and are therefore helpful for detecting body fluids, hair, and fiber (The Police Chief 2016). The officer can additionally make use of an...

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Correctional Centers and Use of Violence

In the recent past, numerous instances of officers using excessive force when dealing with inmates in prisons around the globe have been documented. Despite denials made by some authorities regarding this subject, the issue has been established. Former prisoners have spoken out about their negative encounters with the prisons. One...

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Changes to the Police Services Act

The Police Services Act has recently undergone changes, including the suspension of police officers who engage in severe criminal activity without being compensated. I am in favor of these modifications because they instill discipline in the police force and make it possible for them to uphold the Police Services Act's...

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Hiring Process and its Purpose

In addition to the easy application process, candidates for police officer employment must pass a stringent multi-step vetting process. Pre-employment is the first stage, during which documents are reviewed. Following a review of their paperwork by the Human Resource Directorate, candidates whose eligibility criteria fall short of those of the...

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The Lawfulness of the Use of Force

In specific situations, a police officer is authorized to use physical action in the service of legitimate goals. The use of power isn't always defined in the same way. It is defined as the level of force a cop must employ to subdue a suspect who resists. The Graham v....

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Introduction of policy

Body cams are widely used by police officers. The cameras are essential for reducing misconduct by police personnel while on the job. The video footage from the cameras aids in comprehending the various processes that the police run into while doing their jobs. (Mateescu & Rosenblat, 2015). Due to the...

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Mapp. V Ohio

Police broke into Mapp's home after being refused entry and began looking for a wanted person and some homemade weapons. The focus was instead shifted to something else based on her combative behavior after their fruitless hunt. Without a warrant, they decided to conduct a comprehensive search of her home...

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The Blue Wall of Silence

The blue wall of silence, also known as the blue code or blue shield, is an unwritten rule among police officers that prevents them from reporting their colleagues' errors, crimes, and misbehavior. When a colleague is accused of misconduct, police officers read from the same script and choose not to...

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A Policy Option Paper for Police Pursuit Deaths: An Inquest into the Death of Sarah Louise Booth

Since the dawn of time, police pursuit fatalities have generated debate. They have been identified as one of the primary causes of fatalities for innocent bystanders, evading drivers, and car occupants on metropolitan streets and in towns with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic (Hill 2002, p. 27). Hoffman and Mazerolle...

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Law Enforcement and Use of Force

In general, there is no set definition of the use of force in law. There may not be another public situation that attracts as much attention as police officers' use of force. Its circumstances and extent of applicability are frequently hotly contested issues. Physical restraint, basic-verbal restraint, less lethal methods,...

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Character and Cops Ethics in Policing

Edwin J. Delattre authored the sixth edition of Character and Cops Ethics in Policing, which was released in 2011. The police department and all of its relevant topics are covered in the book. The book's "Introduction" chapter is where the review is located. Briefly describing the book's goal and primary...

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