Essays on Militarization of Police

The militarization of the police

The use of military equipment and tactics by law enforcement is a common example of the arming of the police force. (Balko, 2006). Tear gas, grenades, guarded people movers, rifles, ammunition, guns, sniper rifles, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) squads are a few of the weapons that have been...

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The Police Body-Mounted Cameras

Technology Advancements and Their Impact on Careers Technology advancements, especially the advent of cell phones and body cameras, are transforming almost every career in the world. A Smartphone allows you to capture incidents in real-time and upload them to the internet. Body cameras can also be used to capture incidents as...

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Police Forces should not be militarized

The Effects of Police MilitarizationThe process by which civilian police officers increasingly draw on and model themselves after the tenets of militarism and military models is known as police militarization. (Greenwald, G.)Military Tactics and EquipmentThis includes military tactics as well as the use of military equipment such as snipers, armored...

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Police brutality.

When a police officer uses excessive and needless brutality on people, he is said to be brutal. The police violence has been documented in a number of countries around the world. Several people have come to accept that police violence only happens against oppressed and marginalized communities as a result...

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