The Work That Seems to Be Too Good to Be True

The FBI’s tactics in this case involving two Russian hackers, Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov, were both legal and appropriate in light of the circumstances. Furthermore, the use of deception to entice the two hackers showed that US law enforcement officials were eager to use whatever means available to them…

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Pages: 6

Profiling by Psychology

This paper explores psychological profiling and the situations under which it can be helpful or the complete opposite. It gathers from different sources to demonstrate how psychological profiling can be of benefit to those who use it or, in terms of one’s work ethic, often turn out to be catastrophic….

Words: 1481

Pages: 6

My Life as an Undercover Agent by Donnie Brasco

After joining the FBI from the Naval Intelligence, Joseph D. Pistone developed himself as a skilled undercover operative. Pistone was chosen for the role after leading a fruitful campaign in which the FBI apprehended some of the most lucrative robbery rings. There was no going back for Pistone at this…

Words: 640

Pages: 3

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