Worksheet for Brainstorming and Preparation

What two things, persons, topics, characters, or ideas can you compare and contrast? What drew you to this topic? I’m going to compare Apple and Microsoft because they’re both well-known operating-system manufacturers in the United States. Before you begin your study, consider the following: What do the two things, persons,…

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Apple vs. Microsoft

Apple vs. Microsoft Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is one of the most profitable multinational corporations in the world. Microsoft Corporation is primarily engaged in the development, manufacture, and distribution of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and other electronic products. Microsoft Windows, which is used in computers, is the…

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Apple and IPad

The caricature illustrates iPad and Daily Newspaper. R.I.P sign and grave are used to indicate termination of the iPad only newspaper. News Corp in 2012 introduced that it would terminate publication of the daily less than two years after the paper made its debut. Thus, the cool animated film represents…

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Tim Cook’s Effective Leadership and Management in Apple Inc

In March 2015, Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc., one of the world’s biggest technology companies, was recognized as the greatest leader by Fortune magazine thanks to his effective leadership. Apple is a globally famous company from the US that works in production, designing, and selling mobile devices,…

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Strategic and Managerial Economics Analysis

In several companies the principles of management economics are used today. Despite the varying application severity, at some stage the management principle must obey the management business rules to settle on operating strategies for the enterprise. The introduction of management principles in all areas of the operation of the organization…

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Developing and Training People

Apple has been thriving since its inception in the area of creative technology and industry. Apple Inc. is illustrated by contemporary strategies for employee recruitment, retention and growth. Again Apple Inc. separates itself from similar rivals by inviting different skills, distinctive staff and an engaged workforce. Apple Inc. needs to…

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management of personal finance

On the basis of personal financial control, I am grateful, to say the least, that the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air typing this assignment is a testament to the power of saving. When I open my closet, it motivates me to practice hard and to buy more of the new collections….

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Theory on Business

Armenia is the identified global ecosystem for Apple Inc. The features of the emerging global economy shall contain the following. First, Apple is going to grow well in a world that is economically secure. A country of good governance increases the productivity of the enterprise by increasing the production process…

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Apple- parallelism between the philosophy an organization adopts and the culture it develops

Tsoukas & Chia, (2011) draw up parallelism between the philosophy an organization adopts and the culture it develops. According to the authors, organization philosophy describes the distinctive set of values and principles that guide the behavior of its employees. In essence, it describes the character of the organization. On the…

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