Apple and Reputation Management

The image of organizations is formed over the years, and it can collapse at any moment. For such a world-famous company like Apple, any scandal or accusation does not work for the good of the image since the target audience of the brand has high expectations, both from Apple technology...

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Appeal to Emotions in Scott Stein's Article "Which iPad Should You Buy Now?"

In the article by Scott Stein the author tries to review some of Apple product and offer his opinion on which is the best product between an iPad, and iPad Pro, or even a non-Apple tablet. At the time of this article, many companies were offering technological products, but the...

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The Differences between Apple and Android

Apple and Android Devices: A Comparison of Operating Systems Apple and Android devices are two separate brands, but they have applications that enable them to perform similar tasks. One of the things that makes these two devices to be different is the operating system or popularly known as the OS. An...

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Biography of Steve Jobs

Chapter 1: Jobs’ parents never made him feel any different because he was adopted; rather, they tried to show him that he was special. Chapter 2: “If it hadn’t been for the Blue Boxes, there wouldn’t have been an Apple” Chapter 3: Jobs refused to go to assigned classes and instead went...

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Industry of Personal Computers Manufactured by Apple Company

The Apple Company is a pioneer in the creation of personal computers. In the 1980s, personal computers (PCs) were brought to the market by IBM and sales increased while prices were being maintained at minimum with growth in market capabilities. The sale of PCs manufactured by Apple oversaw a booming...

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The Legacy of Steve Jobs

Chapter Notes Chapter 1: Jobs’ parents never made him feel different because he was adopted; instead, they tried to show him that he was special. Chapter 2: “If it hadn’t been for the Blue Boxes, there wouldn’t have been an Apple.”[1] Chapter 3: Jobs refused to go to assigned classes and, instead, went...

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Samsung Galaxy vs Apple Iphone

Mary's Experience with Samsung Galaxy Mary uses a Samsung Galaxy smartphone but has experienced several problems with the smartphone. Mary's experience is painful because Samsung is not customer centric as it failed to satisfy Mary's need for a Smart Phone that has long battery life (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016). The customer's...

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George Orwell: Bio Essay

George Orwell's Influence on Art and Culture George Orwell's ideas have been heavily referenced in works of art that have emerged since the publication of his book. In its marketing campaign, the Apple MAC commercial featured the images of a heroine and a "big brother." According to the advertisement, the new...

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Apple Inc. Project Management Capability

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology business located in California that specializes in the design, development, and selling of various consumer gadgets, internet services, and computer software (Budnikas, 2016). Apple use project management as part of its strategy for delivering goods on time, within budget, and within resource limits (Nwogugu,...

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The Scent of Apples

Bienvenido Santos' short story 'The Smell of Apples' concentrates around the lives of Filipinos in the past and today. The story revolves around two individuals, Santos and Celestino Fabia, a Filipino farmer from Indiana. One was a typical Filipino, while the other was an Asian American. The book is a...

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Apple's Strong Moral Duty to User Privacy Apple has demonstrated a stronger moral duty to its users. The organization has worked hard to ensure that its clients' privacy is highly secured. This became clear in December 2015, when the FBI obtained an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists who killed...

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Apple Incorporated

Apple Inc. is a technology business founded in Silicon Valley, California, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The Corporation creates and sells cutting-edge electronic gear, software, accessories, and services. It offers a variety of PCs, iOS devices, operating systems, music programs, and app shops. Apple Inc. s objective is to...

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