Globalization and Technology as Catalyst for Economic Inequality

The global divide between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow, with the rich being wealthier while the poor continue to be exploited and remain poor. Scholars have proposed that some aspects continue to intensify this economic problem. Globalization and technical development are two modern-day economic features that are...

Words: 1912

Pages: 7

The Debate of Rumors

In most social situations, people communicate with one another through a variety of methods, with rumors playing a significant role. The derivative nature of this phenomenon, which is exhibited because the information conveyed is third hand, is an exciting aspect of it. In most cases, the source of information in...

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Analysis about the Age Gap

Taking a gap is becoming a common practice amongst the American students: taking a gap a year during the student’s most extreme years of study can be tremendously beneficial. As the practice will become common, educational experts have suggested a quantity of reasons how it can be beneficial to the...

Words: 893

Pages: 4

Poverty and Riches

Original Text These words have been used to identify different people, households and countries' social status. Inequality in the USA In the USA, for instance, poor people are identified as food for the farm, as food for those who cannot afford every day and as people who live on the streets (Justice,...

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Employee Compensation and Ethics

The wage disparity between managers and workers is immoral because employees think the money that they are paid for the job they are expected to do is unfair. Some executives earning excessive sums of money typically linked to their results are broken compensation schemes, while low level workers earn compensation...

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Bhalla, Ajit S. and Frédéric Lapeyre: Poverty and Exclusion In A Global World

Bhalla and Lapeyre present a book on poverty and how its inclusion is viewed in the international world. A clear contrast is given between the rich and the poor. The book creates a terrific gap between the rich and the poor and states how shut the middle class is with...

Words: 326

Pages: 2

The Digital Divide and its Overcoming

The digital divide is the divide between those who have access to and without information technology. However, there are several distinction between cultures, ethnic groups, economic groups and age groups (Ohemeng & Ofosu-Adarkwa, 2014). When others gain more access to the technology, other groups fall farther behind. The digital divide...

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Pages: 3

An Explanation For Taking a Gap Year and What Was Achieved

II didn't think I was able to pursue my university education on my own. I wanted to take a break and reflect on cultivating various facets of my personality and characteristics of character. Therefore, I decided to take a gap year to get ready for my life's next chapter.I still...

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Why is it better and smarter to sake a gap year?

Benefits of Taking a Gap Year With the rising number of seniors in high school deciding to take a gap year before beginning their freshman year, it could only mean that it has become safer and wiser to do so. Harvard recorded a 33 percent rise in students taking gap years,...

Words: 418

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