service diary

This paper seeks to offer an overview of the service experiences I have been through with a practical interpretation of what has happened and my opinion of the service in various contexts. I have divided the programs into two different connotations: pleasing and unsatisfactory. In particular, there are six satisfying…

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Pages: 4

About International Business

Multinational Companies (MNCs) are those companies present and provide valuable contributions to the services or exploitation of processes in more than one market, home country and host country. Often recognized as a multi-territorial corporation is transnational companies. This indicates that a company was known as an MNE due to the…

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Multicultural Communication Article

Recent years have viewed the globalization of business enterprises, with most business groups targeting a multicultural market. This coupled with the advent of technological know-how and the adoption of information communication applied sciences in businesses has made it easier for them to attain their now widely fragmented market. This has…

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About Public warehousing

As is well established, Fishy is a start-up warehouse business that stores canned Salmon from Chile in South America. As a start-up venture, it is expected to demonstrate good results in order to prevent losses and to be closed. The corporation will receive forty containers each month and each unit…

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Calming chords

Calming chords is a music training tutoring company. The company is partnered with plans to transform its organization in the next two-three years from a corporation to a limited liability company. Alex Harvey, Sam Lyon, Leah Vagnoni, Saim Aziz Songo, Sikder and Sophie Tiv, were formed as members of Calming…

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Employee Interview

The interviewee serves as the Vice President of Canon Inc. USA in this article. He also serves as the company’s public relations officer in the US regional office. The main objective of this interview was to find out the status of this employee. During the interview, the interview exercise focuses…

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strategy of a business

Scoot Tigerair Pte Corporation has been in service for the last four years. The airline is a low-cost affiliate of Singapore Airlines and its main destinations are China and India. Passenger prefers Scoot over other Singapore airlines because of its affordability, protection and comfort. In 2015, Tigerair merged with Scoot,…

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Interns and Employees

It is my honor to make readability regarding the main distinctions that exist between the personnel and the interns, and to that effect, those working for this company. According to international jurisdictions and standards, one qualifies to be an worker if the employer has given them permission to work and…

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Pages: 2

business enviroment in U.S Airways

U.S. Airways is the largest carrier in the U.S. As a former member of the Star Alliance, the influence of the organization in the aviation industry was nothing short of important. U.S. Airways resides in the vast aviation market, which has seen several innovations and developments in recent years. The…

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Amazon has an incredibly broad customer base, given that it offers consumers all kinds of goods. The company has recently targeted primarily supermarkets, food stores and Amazon Business, which the company launched in 2015, has since expanded into its business. The enterprise has over 1 million company clients. The firm…

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Mount Olympus Limited is a corporation that has been operating for the last 17 years. His registered office is in Gray, Athens. The company wants to grow and is finding financing for its business. This is an overview of the company’s planned business financing. Faisal Hattab, Ghanim Al-Kubaisi, Tina Zheng…

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Samsung is one of the largest electronics firms in the world. It has continued to retain its strategic advantage thanks to the innovative innovations that have been introduced over the years. Specifically, its increasing sales was primarily due to its division of mobile phones. This has made it a competitor…

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