100 Informative Essay Topics

Good informative essay topics are hard to come by. For lots of students, it feels like everything has already been explored so many times that finding an interesting subject has become impossible. This is a big problem because the choice of a topic is the first layer of foundation a future essay should have. If you made a bad choice, your research is going to bore you along with your audience. It’ll have uninspiring facts and irrelevant findings.

Informative essay is a piece of writing where you present certain information to your readers, expanding their knowledge, and explaining an issue in a detailed way. It’s important because it is objective — there is no need to argue with the opposition, refute their counter-points, or defend a view you might not even share simply because the task requires you to demonstrate the power of your conviction. As opposed to it, informative writing allows a writer to investigate a phenomenon in depth while readers get an opportunity to learn more about it. There are a ton of themes students could choose for their research, but picking something interesting, manageable, and educational is far more difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared this list with 100 best topics.

How to Find the Best Topic for Informative Essay

The process of looking for a topic takes time, but luckily, there are easy tips that could help students do it more quickly. We outlined some of them below. Consider them when faced with a choice, and before you know it, your inspiration will increase to a surprising extent.

  • Explore what you like. If you think academic essays are boring and that looking for a good topic is useless, don’t get discouraged — it’s far more possible than you think! Interest in a subject is important for success, and you could achieve it by making a synthesis of your hobbies. Combine your latest points of interest, talk with friends, look over the books you’ve read, and then make the topic sound academic! With creativity present, you won’t face any troubles. Imagine that you love ‘Twilight’, but your essay is on old English literature. Well, why don’t you choose among Bella’s favorite books to research? This way, you’ll explore a part of your hobby while sticking to requirements!
  • Check if there is research available. A potential drawback of essays is that people have to support their content with sources. If you’re writing a business report, you cannot just fill it with your own thoughts, so if no verified research is published about this topic, you won’t go far. That is why you should check it in advance.
  • Assess the scope of work adequately. Don’t go overboard with your creativity — if this is just a regular analysis essay, pick a topic with medium complexity. You wouldn’t want to spend days or weeks composing one single paper simply because you wanted your work to be extra impressive!

100 Great Informative Essay Ideas

There are thousands of categories with hundreds of topics that you could explore. Outlining them all wouldn’t be possible, so we decided to settle on ten largest groups and give you the option between 10 different themes in each of them. Sort through them and maybe you will find inspiration you’ve been searching for!

Interesting Informative Essay Prompts

The first category is focused on interesting informative writing topics. They won’t be necessarily educational, but exploring them could be fun!

  1. How People in China Handle Grief
  2. The Concept of ‘Trophy Wives’ and How It Started
  3. How to Care for an Adopted Pet with Traumatic Past?
  4. Creative Ways to Subdue a Panic Attack
  5. Reasons For Snowless Winters in Cold Regions
  6. History & Development of Fanfiction
  7. The Oldest Cold Case in Criminal History
  8. Problems and Benefits Beauty Pageants Are Known For
  9. The Use of Animals in Therapy
  10. Why Are Some People Night Owls?

Ideas For College Students

College is the middle point before school and university. Check out these informational writing topics if this stage fits you!

  1. Smart Ways for Saving Money
  2. Drawbacks of Having a Car in College
  3. Adjusting to a Life of a College Student in a New City: Challenges & Solutions
  4. Preserving Long-Distance Relationships Over the Years
  5. Changes in Crime Statistics Over the Last Two Years
  6. Modern Problems with a System of American Healthcare
  7. Why Relationships with Professors Could Become Strained
  8. Cases of Child-on-Child Violence & Most Effective Interventions
  9. Learning to Work and Study in New Conditions Set By COVID-19
  10. Support Hitler Received From Developed Countries

Informative Essays Topics For High School Students

Fining easy yet appropriate informative topics to write about is a big challenge, but we still chose 10 top options!

  1. Effective Tactics for Punishing Bullying In School Establishments
  2. The Most Dangerous Places in Our World
  3. History of ‘Harry Potter’ Fans’ Legacy
  4. Learning Foreign Languages Is a Way to Understand Another Culture
  5. The Science Behind Handwriting and Its Usefulness in Police Investigations
  6. Everything Parents Should Know About ADHD In Children
  7. Best Known Portrayals of Mental Disorders in Movies
  8. Most Popular Social Networks in 2020
  9. Online Cancel Culture & Its Origins
  10. Why Having a Diary Feels Comforting to Many People Regardless of Their Age

Informative and Surprising Ideas

Do you like to take your audience aback? If so, you’ll find the following informative essays ideas useful.

  1. Medical Experiments Conducted on Children
  2. Sleeping Next to a Pet At Night as a Kind of Relaxing Therapy
  3. Chemistry Behind Love at a First Sight
  4. Choosing the Best Gifts for Family & Friends
  5. Best Structure That Academic Paragraph Should Have
  6. Examples of Situations When Determination Prevailed Over Inherent Talent
  7. Ineffectiveness Multiple Life Sentences Given to Serious Offenders Have Demonstrated
  8. Three Most Dangerous Drugs People Consider Relatively Harmless
  9. Sun Allergy: Its Causes, Symptoms, and Ways of Treatment
  10. Personal Pronouns Should Not Be Used in Academic Writing

Easy Informative Essay Topic Ideas

Sometimes people start looking for topics for informative essay because they have to. They aren’t in the mood for hard work, and we have the options they might like.

  1. Adopting Wild Animals From Shelters: Things a Future Owner Should Know
  2. The Value DNA Testing Has in Criminal Investigations
  3. Controlling Dreams Along With Their Content
  4. English Tea Rituals: Origins & Details
  5. Recognizing Signs of Panic Attack Before It Hits Full-Force
  6. The Unpleasant Truth About the Birth of the US
  7. Effect Social Media Has on Teenagers’ Self-Esteem
  8. Working From Home & Being Productive:  Tested Strategies
  9. Impact That Domestic Abuse Has on a Child as They Mature
  10. Internet Safety Rules That Many Modern Children Know Nothing About

Topics For Middle School

This is a rare category, but since middle schoolers also need easy informative essay topics, here’s the pick for them.

  1. Hiking Without Getting Lost: What Experts Say
  2. Ways to Find a Way Out of Forest If You Are Lost
  3. Preserving Friendships Regardless of Life Circumstances
  4. A Diet Everyone Should Try to Secure Their Health
  5. Unethical Journalism, Its Consequences, and Tactics to Stop It
  6. How Prisoners Escape and Who Is Responsible
  7. Cases of Breach Of People’s Right to Freedom of Speech
  8. The Impact Music Has On Our Modern Life
  9. Depression as a Warning Sign & Why People Cannot Always Recognize It
  10. How Elections Work In Russia & Who Oversees It

Informative Essay Prompts on Technology

Our life wouldn’t be recognizable without technologies, so there are many informational essay topics about it.

  1. How Technology Makes Police Work Easier
  2. Cases When Young People Became Cruel Due to Opportunities Presented by Technology
  3. Cybercrime as a Constantly Evolving Danger to Society
  4. US Schools That Teach Their Students Technology
  5. The Current State of Espionage in the World
  6. Online Discussions as a Way to Facilitate Justice for Victims Who Were Previously Silent
  7. A Vital Role CCTV Cameras Play In Our Life
  8. Internet Enabled Students to Cheat as They Do Their Homework
  9. Problem with Online Stalking and Doxxing
  10. Use of Technology by International Charities

Ideas on Sports

Let’s forget about studies for a moment and concentrate on more exciting topics to write an informative essay on.

  1. Trauma Behind the Selling of Sportsmen
  2. Why Do Most Sports Stars Retire Only?
  3. Reasons for Athletes Using Drugs Despite Knowing They Might Be Caught
  4. Violence That Accompanies Football Matches
  5. Love Stories That Developed Between Sport Stars
  6. The Oldest Movie Dedicated to Sport
  7. What Kinds of Sports Are Banned in Some Countries?
  8. The Most Beautiful Sport in Our World
  9. Extremely Talented Sportive Stars Few People Know About
  10. The Role That Sport Plays in Action Movies

Education Ideas

If you’re studying, it’s only logical to seek out educational informative essay prompts.

  1. Value That Higher Education Possesses in the Present Days
  2. The Challenge of Working and Studying At the Same Time
  3. Histories of Colleges With Lowest Tuition
  4. Instances When Friendships Forged in College Lasted Over the Lifetime
  5. Tactics for Making a Process of Studying Interesting
  6. The Most Successful People Who Did Not Graduate
  7. Ways in Which Cars Could Facilitate Students’ Studies
  8. Which People Decide to Work as College & Uni Professors?
  9. Education System in Asia, Its Perks & Disadvantages
  10. Books with Excellent Education Value & What Makes Them Effective

Politics, Government and Immigration

Our world is changing, and so a number of informative essay topic ideas dedicated to government and their policies is rising!

  1. The State of American Policies on Immigration  in 2020
  2. How COVID-19 Affected Decisions of Governments All Over the World
  3. Reasons That Motivate People to Leave Their Home Countries
  4. Stages That a Law Must Pass Before It Becomes Officially Legal
  5. Females In Modern Politics: Their Accomplishments, Defeats, and Opportunities
  6. Americans’ General Opinion on Gun Control Policies
  7. The Most Violent Restrictions Put on Immigration Globally
  8. Modern Known Descendants of True Royalty
  9. Laws Regarding Smoking in Public as well as Non-Public Places In the US
  10. Communism as a Dark yet Effective System for Controlling People

Care About the Informative Essay Topic and Your Essay Will Rock

Remember that whatever theme you choose, it should have personal value for you. There are plenty of interesting informative essay topics for college students, but what intrigues one person won’t feel right for someone else. Think about yourself and be sure you enjoy the subject you’re about to start researching. If something still doesn’t work and you cannot find any inspiration, you could contact us for help. We cooperate with the best writers who work across different industries and are capable of brainstorming, researching, creating, as well as formatting an essay for you. So, even if you aren’t in the mood for work, don’t worry about any consequences! Share your problem with us and we’ll provide you with work of the highest possible level.

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