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In most cases, a process analysis paper that you encounter as a college student will be based on expository essay writing with the only difference being the focus on the explanation of a certain process. It can be something physical like cooking a pizza or putting a desk together as well as the list of non-material ideas of a process related to education or self-control. Check our essay samples to see what are the necessary structure rules and steps that must be taken to come up with a great assignment. Notice how every paper sample that aims to describe a process focuses on the logical order and explanation of every step that must be taken. Think about your audience and keep the language simple. Explain all the unknown terms.

Eating as an activity

One activity that keeps people alive is eating. There is nothing more exciting than going out with friends and having supper with a guy at a secret hotel or eatery. I know that my cousins enjoy being served their favorite cuisine because I have eaten at hotels with them on...

Words: 1550

Pages: 6

the insect taboo breaking

Insect Consumption: A Taboo and its Changing PerceptionIn many westernized countries, eating insects is still frowned upon now as it was in older biblical writings. Insect farming for human consumption did not exist in earlier ages because eating insects was frowned upon in many westernized nations, with the exception of...

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Pages: 6

why we should Cook at Home

People go out with their friends to consume food that other people have cooked, which has become a common habit around the world (Tiwari et al., 618). People typically spend a lot of money on opulent restaurants and fast food, popcorn, and hot dogs at the movies (Mills et al.,...

Words: 367

Pages: 2

Self-promotional and Self-deprecating Speech

Question 2 Have you ever engaged in self-promotional or self-depreciating speech on a team? If you think back on it, how might you have spoken differently? How might this have changed the team’s interaction?             I have been called upon to make presentations to my team and lead in group discussions...

Words: 296

Pages: 2

What are some of the challenges faced by the LGBT community?

Women are inferior to men. Possessions are bought and sold by men as they have the authority. Besides, the violence against women in the society is considered a minor infarction of the law. Why do you think there is little prosecution of people who victimize women, even when their identities are...

Words: 1017

Pages: 4

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

The first Circle of Hell comprises of unbaptized pagans as well as virtuous non- Christians (Dante and Kirkpatrick 24). These groups of people are facing punishment and are in an inferior form of heaven.  Seven gates surround them signifying seven virtues. Among the group, Dante could identify prominent people and...

Words: 556

Pages: 3

Dayton Ohio Poverty and Unemployment

How has Dayton, Ohio changed over time in regards to poverty and employment opportunities? Discuss the social and economic forces that have caused increased poverty in Dayton Ohio. Dayton Ohio was once referred to the epitome of American prosperity wealth and ingenuity but now the poverty rates have soared up to...

Words: 645

Pages: 3

The Rise of Pornography in Social Media

Pornification is the acceptance or rather normalizing of pornographic and sexual themes rotating in social media platforms. Today’s society living in an internet environment. It is slowly by slowly emulating and seeing it as normal for existence of sexual and pornographic sites that are all over the internet. Pornographic creations...

Words: 1767

Pages: 7

The Leisure Culture of Utopia

According to the video, humans are social beings, and their social life tenors are very important. They are slaves to speed and search feverishly for happiness as they zap their ways out of their lives like television viewers, who flip channels constantly. The leisure culture of utopia that was once...

Words: 422

Pages: 2

The Socio-Psychological Aspects of "Little Miss Sunshine" Movie

The “Little Miss Sunshine” movie covers the sociological aspects of human growth and development. Specifically, the movie explores some of the concepts of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. For instance, this movie depicts childhood life as ambitious and full of positive hopes and dreams. This is shown by Olive Hoover who...

Words: 352

Pages: 2

Impacts of Medical Technology on Social Health

Although medical technologies have positively affected many patients and the whole health sector by lengthening the lives and improving the quality of life for many patients, there are still some negative effects caused by these advancements. This essay will explore the impacts, both positive and negative of medical technologies on...

Words: 1502

Pages: 6

Organ Donation

Organ donation is the process of taking healthy tissues and organs from one person for transplantation into another. The organs are legally removed either by consent of donor while alive, or when dead with the permission of a kin. The organs and tissues that can be donated include kidneys pancreases,...

Words: 5238

Pages: 20

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