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Open Theism Explained

To many Christians, there is still that though runs wild that sense of doubt that lingers beneath their mind. The unanswered questions which they so much wish would be answered. This question is on how much God knows and whether everything that happens is all within His knowledge. We learn...

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The Theology of the Church

Different theological scholars have different opinions on theology, ranging from the definition of the term to the implications and applications of the ideologies of the concept to the church in the modern day. The conflicting views all have different impacts on the understanding of the subject. The perceptions provide a...

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Faith and Reason in Theology

Theology is a term that is used to refer to the study of God. The study attempts to understand better the nature of God as He is explained in the Bible. Faith is the belief in the things that an individual hope for. Reason and faith are accompaniments playing a...

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Master of Saint Francis: Saint James Minor

It had previously been an altarpiece's back piece. It would show James minor and John the evangelist under a colonnade when combined with another similar panel. For Franciscans, who regarded Saint Francis as their founder and Apostle Number Thirteen, the inclusion of Saint Francis would have had a special significance....

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What Is an Ethical Dilemma?

Regarding moral ethics St. Aquinas adheres to two distinct schools of thought. He had a preference for Christian doctrine and eudaimonism from Aristotle. In relation to how they aid or hinder people from achieving their goals, he views actions as either beneficial or bad. Second, St. Aquinas shares the belief that...

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The Meaning of "Until Shiloh Come?"

Interpretations of the Statement in Genesis 49:10 Jacob made the statement in Genesis 49:10, "until Shiloh arrives," when he was telling his sons and their offspring their futures and fates. Leah made the direct remark to Judah, Jacob's fourth son, and it has been the subject of numerous interpretations for generations....

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McIntosh doctrine of salvation: paschal mystery

The catholic faith's view of the source of redemption is related to the Paschal Mystery. McIntosh has outlined the nature of redemption using the paschal mystery. He asserts that learning religion without being a believer is challenging. To comprehend theology and the doctrine of salvation, one must have a personal...

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The Question of Religion

Introduction Any official or informal cultural system, including ethics, organizations, sanctified places and things, handed down texts, designated behaviors and practices, and worldviews, that has a clear connection between humanity and the supernatural or transcendental is referred to as religion. Anthropologists like Clifford Geertz have described the relationship between religion and...

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Story of God seven acts

The Bible's Figurative Meanings The bible has frequently been dismissed as a holy text that only offers theological lessons and gripping narratives. But it's long past time for people to reconsider how they perceive the bible. Christians should stop taking the creation tales literally and start thinking about their figurative meanings....

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The liturgical reforms under Henry VIII

John Clerk led the liturgical changes under Henry VIII, backed by the bishops, clergy, and laity despite opposition from Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. The reformers argued against maintaining the king's authority, which was for the mention, by suppressing the papal power during the church's public prayers. It has not been investigated...

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Religion and Theology: Organization of the Church

First off, the church in Christianity has a history that is parallel to that of the religion, which goes back to the early church. The issue of church discipline is made clear in 1 Corinthians 11 when the apostle Paul sends a letter to the Corinthians instructing them on how...

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An Analysis of W. F. Albright Works and the Impact on Biblical Archeology

William Foxwell Albright, one of the most renowned academics and archaeologists of his period, is regarded as one of the most productive archaeologists, having contributed significantly to the growth of the current biblical archaeology. He is regarded as a genius by many, largely because he discovered an incredible number of...

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