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How is Roman art reflected in early-Christian art?

The start of the third century and the close of the second century are key dates for the development of a recognizable Christian art. When taking into account the Old Testament's restrictions against grave images, it is imperative to think carefully about the initial motivations behind the development of Christian...

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Old Testament and Christian Relationship

Because the early book of Genesis explains to men how they came into existence and God's intended purpose for making humanity, the Old Testament serves as the cornerstone of the Christian faith. The Mosaic Law, which outlined what the God's chosen people were supposed to do in order to keep...

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Jericho History

Jericho is regarded as one of the oldest towns in the modern era. It was one of the villages that was walled off in the Jordan Plain, six miles north of the Dead Sea, in the middle of a palm tree grove. Jericho is also known as "The Date City"...

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The second book of bible is the Exodus

The Exodus is the second book in the Bible. This is an Old Testament book that is thought to have been authored by Moses, who led the Israelis out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and to the Promised Land. The Book of Exodus is one of the Pentateuch or Torah...

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How to Study the Old Testament

The old testament is a collection of historical books that tells the story of how God created the world. It also tells the story of how the Israelites (also called Jews) were taken out of Egypt and brought to the promised land of Israel. The stories are told from a...

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