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Hinduism in southern California

One of the earliest structured religions is Hinduism. In contrast to Christianity and other monotheistic religions, Hinduism lacks a singular founder, holy book, and notion of deity. Similar to that, it lacks a centralized religious authority, a distinct moral code, or a theological system (Kumar 13). Due to the diversity…

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Concept of multiple gods and goddesses

Hinduism is widely regarded as one of the world’s oldest religions. It has a complex philosophical framework, with views ranging from monotheism and polytheism to atheism. Hinduism is often referred to as henotheistic because it focuses on a particular deity while acknowledging the presence of others. Temples and shrines are…

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Hinduism in Southern California

Malibu Hindu Temple is owned and operated by the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California. The temple’s primary devotion is Hindu god, and it is located in southern California in the mountainous region of Santa Monica. The upper complex of the presiding deity, Lord Venkateshwara, and the lower complex of…

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Diwali – Definition and Facts

Diwali is a major festival celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs. This festival celebrates the earth’s renewal. Generally, it lasts for five days, during the Hindu lunisolar month Kartika. For more information about Diwali, read on. This article provides a basic overview of the festival. Learn about the history…

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About cultural appropriation

Selena Gomez’s usage of the Bindi as a symbolic object at the MTV awards ceremony is an example of cultural appropriation. This article was also widely circulated on social media and in art publications such as the Autostraddle. In this case of cultural exploitation, she used the Bindi for a…

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The concept of evil

In all religious practices around the world, the idea of evil is a significant concern. The claims that bad deeds result in everlasting punishment have sparked a heated discussion about the evil narrative. There is a strong desire to learn where evil came from in the religious world, what its…

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Hinduism in Southeast Asia

Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions, and it has affected not only Indians but also many Southeast Asian countries. Hindu civilization distorted people’s and countries’ calendars, artistic elements, scripts, and languages. Hinduism predates Buddhism and other religions in Southeast Asia, having been brought by Indian traders in the…

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Hindu Temple Research

Kandhan karunai (1967) is a mythological movie directed by A.P. Nagarajan. The film covers the incidents experienced through Lord Murugan and his position in Hindu temple. The principal actors in the movie consist of Sivaji Ganesan, Sivukumar, Jayalalithaa, Asokan, K.B. Sundarambal and Manoramer among other players. The film offers insight…

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Similarities between Christianity and Hinduism

The paper discusses sacred similarities in Christianity and Hinduism and what these similarities can tell us concerning what it means for any work to be sacred. Sacred refers to the generic state of being regarded as holy or even perceived by spiritual people as to be related with divinity and…

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