Essays on Hinduism

The Absence of Self and the Self-Identity

The difference between the notion of Atman and Anatta and their relation to my perception of reality.IntroductionAtman refers to a metaphysical and spiritual concept in the Hindu philosophy that asserts to the existence of an eternal soul or inner self in all creatures (Larson and James, 245-259). This belief is...

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The Path of Jnana Yoga

Bhagavad Gita is the Hindu expression for the Song of Spirit. The Gita was a set of instructions that were passed down from Lord Krishna to Arjuna that set out to inform them on how man could spiritually connect with his God ("The Hidden Truths In The Bhagavad Gita"). This...

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Comparison of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism

Introduction There are hundreds upon hundreds of faith groups and religions across the world whose belief system could be quite controversial and contrasting. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism are some of the notable eastern religions in the world. The three religions are believed to originate from the Indian subcontinent thousands of years...

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Dharma in The Ramayana and The Bhagavad Gita

Introduction Similar to other Sanskrit words, it is relatively hard to give a precise translation of the word dharma. The word dharma originates from the term dhr which means to sustain, support or to uphold. Mahabharata states, "They call it dharma since it upholds; it is dharma that upholds the people"....

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A Brief History of Hinduism

What do you think accounts for the appeal of Hinduism to people in the west? What do you find appealing about it?             I think Hinduism appeals to a proportionate amount of westerners who are turned off by Abrahamic religions and their tendency to demand blind faith. Instead, for them, Hinduism...

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The Social Divide in Bangladesh

People are always finding reasons to stay segregated. If not for race or gender, religion and caste give people an excuse to antagonize each other to a point where human life ceases to matter. The phrase our people , their morals , our god , or...

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Analysis of the Artwork Manjushri

Manjushri: An Indian Image with Historical and Cultural Significance Manjushri is an Indian image constructed in the early 10th century. Manjushri is classified as a sculpture that has a dimension of 15 cm (Anandajyoti). The History and Impact of Manjushri The picture was given as a gift in the museum back in 1983,...

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Yama: The Hindu God of Death

Art is an important aspect of human life in both the present and the past because of the various roles it plays. As an art from Southern Asia and particularly India, Yama is a good portrait indicating the Indian God of Death dating back to 17th to 18th century. He...

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The kandariya mahadeva temple

The world is filled with a variety of religions, the people who practice these faiths usually designate a specific place where they can go and worship known as sacred places. Every dominant religion in the world has a holy place where they highly regard the sites to be very critical...

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Yoga as a Religious Practice

Debates on the Connection between Yoga and Religion As yoga gains popularity in the West and other parts of the world, debates concerning its connection with religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have ensured leading to some sort of confusion that the society is far from gaining clarifications. In the west, Yoga...

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Comparison between Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddhists hardly ever have faith in any deities. The Buddha believed that since religious beliefs and god ideologies don't have a basis in dread, they don't exist. They contend that humans who were seeking solace developed the concept of God and gods out of fear and frustration. They also contend...

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Beliefs and Historical Context

Hinduism, the dominant faith in India, has a five thousand year history. Hinduism is a highly complicated ancient religion that is distinguished by facts that make it an extraordinarily diversified religion that has been separated along the lines of language, case, geography, and community (Lipner 5). It is said that...

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