about kashmir

As a philosophy, it is fair to say that insurgency has sparked a lot of curiosity in today’s conflicts. Despite ranges from asymmetrical violence, irregular warfare, and moves that question the writ of various states for political reasons, insurgency remains an undefined term. In relation to this article, South Asia…

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India vs. the United States: Social Institutions/Family

India vs. the United States: Social Institutions/Family Patterns The culture of a society influences social structures and family patterns. Since various types of literature interpret the term social institutions differently, there is no single definition. It is described as the complex social forms that replicate themselves, such as legal systems,…

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Tajmahal Movie Review

The movie was shot by Dagar Krishan and is about Tajmahal which is the significant mausoleum of the white sandstone constructed in Agra between 1648 and 1631. Tajmahal is the gemstone of the Muslim art in India constructed by decree of the Mughal king Shah Jahan in remembrance of favorite…

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American-Indian World War II

Before the first war , the white Americans had many doubts about the American-Indians living among them. Their doubts traversed from the loyalty of the Indians to the us , their viability as citizens to their right to carry lands and reservations. However, few of the Americans could doubt the…

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Diwali, india

Diwali is only one of the many festivals celebrated in India. Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is one of the most highly celebrated festivals in the world, both among Hindus and people of other faiths. Since it is synonymous with folklore, the festival has long been celebrated in India…

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India’s foreign policy and how culture and ethnicity influence the legitimacy of this country.

The article discusses the foreign policy of India and how this country’s legitimacy is shaped by culture and ethnicity. Essentially, in deciding what foreign policies represent India best, there are external and internal factors at stake. There are other dynamics in the domestic and international spheres, although such policies can…

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Leaders in Indian Cinema are family dynasties

The Indian Cinema is made up of all the films produced in India. The film industry in India as a whole is referred to as Bollywood. Approximately 1600 Indian films are made annually on average. By 2013, Bollywood was named the leading producer of films ahead of Nollywood and Hollywood,…

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Bust of Athena and Kali

The Bust of Athena is a sculpture that was developed by the Romans in 2nd century. Athena has been used to symbolize the goddess warfare and wisdom. It is believed that she would give warriors wisdom and struggle lucks and that was obtained from her strategies. 2000 years earlier than…

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In Modern Day India, Why There Is Tension between Hindus and Muslims

Since the early 700 years when Islam began to spread to the Indian Peninsula, the Hindu-Muslim controversy has endangered Hindus’ way of life (Varshney, 2002). Hindus belong to the faith of Hinduism, which is considered to be more of a way of life rather than a religion. This is because…

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Buddhism in India

Buddhism in India and South-East Asian nations is the film by Benoy Behl that describes the Buddhist heritage of India and the countries of the Southeast Asia. During 500s BC, the notion of reincarnation was extra powerful among Indian, however they did not want the thought to continue forever. However,…

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