An Analysis of Gandhi's Assassination

Assassination and its Impact Assassination is the act of murdering someone based on political issues. It is an act committed by a perpetrator without the personal provocation of the victim. An assassin is a person being used by someone in a big position either in politics or a government position to...

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The Validity of the Term Third World: A Case Study of China and India

The term “Third world” was coined during early 1950s by Alfred Sauvy, a French economist in his writing on L’Observateur magazine about masses. Before the French revolution, third world represented weak politics, alarming economic poverty and social marginalisation. During the cold war, the term identified the countries which were reluctant...

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Comparative Analysis of Politics of China and India

Research Question Despite the fact that China and India are two Asian countries with very big population, one disparity has still remained and it has to do with the economic situation of the two states. The point is that China is currently the largest economy in the world while on the...

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Economic Analysis of China and India

Despite the fact that China and India are two Asian countries with very big populations, one disparity has still remained and it has to do with the economic situation of the two countries. This has to do with the fact that China is currently the largest economy in the world...

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The Structure of Local Government in India

The structure of local governments of various states or provinces in different countries is one of the integral determinants of the general economic state of those countries where the local governments are active. This involves in various functions bestowed upon the various bodies and departments as well as their jurisdictions...

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Indian Management Practices

Culture of India Culture is defined as the feature and the information of a certain assemblage of people, who share the same religion, language, social behaviors, cuisine, music as well as arts. In addition, it encompasses what we dress in, how we dress in it, beliefs, and how we receive and...

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Gender Equality in China and India

I agree with Cohen statement that “early universal marriage is a key barrier to gender equality,” which mostly affect females. Cohen concurs that early marriages are inherently harmful to the social as well as economic development of a nation. For instance, most of the girls who get married at an...

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Cultural Differences Between India and USA

Culture and social values contribute to developing the individual norms, attitude, and manner. It is important to recognize that people’s social structures, cultural traditions, norms and behaviors vary among the regions. The interconnection among the people influences the individual, families and community behaviors. Social values can be collective conscious or...

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The Bombay Circus

The Bombay circus had been running its show for the last month in our city. The show had been attracting many crowds and most of the children in our class had attended the show. Every kid who had attended the show in school talked about how spectacular it had been....

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Water Shortage in New Delhi

Water is indispensible in life since humans cannot survive without it. In addition to its crucial role in survival, it can improve economic activities in a given area or derail them (Rai and Nagpal 2017). The planet although containing more than 332million cubic miles, only a mere 2% of this...

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The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Indian Economy

Entrepreneurship plays a very important role in the enhancement of national economic growth. The small and medium enterprises are important parties in an economy that spur the culture of entrepreneurship in India. This sector has helped India to solve problems such as unemployment, poverty, and insecurity. The vibrancy of the...

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Analysis of Business and Project Management Environment in Delhi

After a comprehensive research on the business and project management environment in Delhi, the group analyzed some of the environmental factors affecting the business and project management. The group also did an evaluation of the very suitable times to hold business meetings in Delhi and assembled the report below. From a...

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