Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj

Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj, often known as Indian home rule, provided a critique of several facets of colonialism and the succeeding western civilisation that it led to. Gandhi envisioned a different type of government for India—Hindu Swaraj—than the English system. You want the tiger’s nature, but not the tiger, he said….

Words: 1577

Pages: 6

Identities in sports, gender, and culture

Since Britain colonized India and India gained its freedom, women have been systematically marginalized in practically every aspect of society. Similar to this, sports became one of the main contexts where discrimination against women flourished and powerfully showed in illustrating gender inequities in a male-dominated culture. The situation in the…

Words: 1932

Pages: 8


One of the most incredible cities in the world is Mumbai. Any visitor to the city will undoubtedly have both happy and negative memories of their time there. No other destination in the world can compare to the experience you can have in Mumbai. Mumbai is accommodating and warmly welcomes…

Words: 1713

Pages: 7

Duque Papetiers Gros

400 years of shared history bind India and the UK together. The past provides a strong foundation for reviving this relationship, but the new “exceptional relationship” must be built on an equal footing, taking into account the cultural nuances and present aspirations of the two nations. The British Council’s efforts…

Words: 3806

Pages: 14

The economy of India

India is rapidly developing due to its high rates of urbanization and favorable business environment. Due to the emergence of an affluent middle class with significant purchasing power in urban areas, it is becoming a popular business destination. India’s business environment is favorable due to its high customer population, thriving…

Words: 2412

Pages: 9

The Preconceptions About the People of India

I imagine the Indian people to be a diverse community with rich cultural traditions and amazing art styles. I’ve read some of their stories in short stories, and they come across as a friendly country with a great appreciation for animal life (virtually every like). Furthermore, I see them as…

Words: 1426

Pages: 6

Global Perspectives

Curatorial work in the arts has been a forgotten discipline in recent years. Although the growth of modern art since the mid-1970s has necessitated increased attempts to curate the vast amounts of fine art coming from all major countries around the world, efforts to promote and curate it has been…

Words: 1634

Pages: 6

Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham temple is one of the world’s largest Indian temples. The temple, which is located in New Delhi, India, is a reflection of classical Hindu culture, architecture, and spirituality. As such, it plays cultural and theological roles in the lives of both Indians and visitors. Since its inception in…

Words: 1656

Pages: 7

India’s Population Movement

India has a population of over 1.3 billion people, placing it second only to China in terms of population size. In India, half of the population is under the age of 25. According to a study, India’s average life expectancy in 2020 will be 29 years. India has over 2000…

Words: 914

Pages: 4

Long Way Home Analysis

The book A Long Way Home is a chronology detailing how the Indian author in Australia, Saroo Brierley, seems to have a normal and well-adjusted lifestyles in Australia. Published in 2014 by the Penguin Publishing Group, it has 272 pages focusing on travel in India, Australia and South Asia. It…

Words: 658

Pages: 3

English Language and British intellectually

It is the major point of focus on this minute as he uses this to exhibit how much he considers the English language superior as well as the culture, beliefs, and morals of the British. According to the author, these are traits and traits he would like passed on to…

Words: 485

Pages: 2

Ernest Hemingway – Indian Camp

Indian Camp, written with the aid of Ernest Hemingway, is a small portion of a story about Nick, his father and his uncle George going to the poor Native American town to assist the woman who is in labor. The book does not appear to have a clear theme as…

Words: 1363

Pages: 5

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