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A Cross-Culture Research on Leadership and Management in the Philippines and China

The leadership and management styles by cross-culture is a discourse that interest many researchers and scholars. Culture presents a clear leadership and management approach although it has deteriorated due to westernization, globalization, and education (Talaghani, Salmani and Taatian, 2010). A study conducted on Filipina managers in Metro Manila found that...

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Enforced disappearances In the Philippines

Even though forced disappearances are against the law and are regarded as barbaric by the natives, they frequently happen in the Philippines. Human rights must be upheld in order to protect the dignity of the populace, states Republic Act Number 10353, which was authorized and published by the Philippine government....

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Kipling’s Poem White Man's Burden

Rudyard Kipling's 1899 poem 'White Man's Burden' was written in response to the American-Philippine War, which lasted from 1899 to 1902. He wrote it as an open invitation for the United States to colonize the Philippines. The poem's language suggested that white imperialism was the only way to deliver civilization...

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The nursing profession: motivation letter

Nursing is one of the most noble occupations in the world. It is praised and referred to all across the world for its vital role in saving lives and restoring ill people to health. My interest in nursing began during my stay in the Philippines and has grown throughout the...

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Life of David

In addition to defeating and subduing his pagan enemies, he was the second king of Israel and the United Israelites. He made Jerusalem the political and religious capital of the world. He was the greatest Psalm writer and poet among the Israelites. The Philistines were constantly threatening the Israelites, and the oppression...

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Philippines and USA Comparison

Introduction I have to renowned that there is a massive difference between the United States and my native country, Philippines in almost everything. From culture, language, the administrative structure, economic, ambition, social and financial development and the attitudes of Americans towards immigrants. On the positive side, I have top memories of...

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Peoples Rights to Self-determination (Philippines)

The Philippines, legitimately referred to as the Republic of the Philippines is a us of a with over 7,000 islands categorized into three major geographical divisions. It is situated at the jap verge of Asia between two seas, Philippine Sea and South China Sea. Luzon is the most populous and...

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