Can You Trust ChatGPT Essay Writer with Your Papers? Time to Discover It!

These days, it’s impossible to find a student who wouldn’t have heard about a Chat GPT essay writer. AI keeps transforming the academic sphere: it consistently simplifies research, helps generate ideas, and now it also takes care of the entire writing process. But is it truly that efficient? ChatGPT can answer your queries, yet it faces numerous limitations when it comes to academic content creation, especially when you compare it with human work.

If you’ve been thinking of trying ChatGPT to make your studying easier, hold on. Your AI-made text might look perfect to you, but in reality, it could be riddled with glaring mistakes and ridiculous contexts. Find out what to look out for and learn how to deliver a truly flawless essay.

Basic Principles of Work: How AI Tools Create Content

AI essay writing has emerged years ago, but for a long time, this sphere remained undeveloped. All content creation tools consist of a computer system with implanted artificial intelligence that can understand prompts and do a wide-scale Internet search for relevant ideas and insights. It follows basic demands and works with different types of content. You’ve probably heard of similar tools already; most likely, you used them in your studies. AI-based conclusion generator can go through your text and craft a catchy final paragraph. SEO platforms help copywriters and advertisers in their work; students could also grab online paraphrasers that would re-write their papers by using new words. None of these tools create anything new, they operate on the basis of the existing materials — this is the main principle of AI work, and it’s both a curse and a blessing.

ChatGPT essay writer combined most of the advantages of the tools we just listed. It can come up with seemingly awesome content, tailoring everything to your specific demands. Tell it to describe a princess who plans to abduct her prince on Halloween, and it’ll create a fascinating tale that you might love with all your heart. But if you look deeper, you’ll realize that some content just doesn’t make sense. This was the experience of one of Black Mirror's directors: despite the TV show being a hit, this writer was curious to see what kind of an episode ChatGPT could write. At first, he was thrilled with the result, but the closer he read, the more he realized that it had no overarching narrative. All the ideas were taken from other episodes, mixed together in random order — there was nothing new or smart about it. But how does this happen? How to use ChatGPT in a way that works? There is a reason why so many people love it, you only need to understand what you should and shouldn’t do with it.

Pros and Cons of Using a Chat GPT Essay Tool

Like any AI tool, ChatGPT has a number of strong and weak sides. If you wonder how to write an essay in a way that impresses your professor, you need to understand all of them: you must know every quirk, nuance, and exception. Getting and comprehending information is the only chance to benefit from AI tools.


  • ChatGPT creates essays in seconds. Speed is one of the best elements of essay writing AI performs. Students spend several days on a medium-sized paper in general: ChatGPT could be done in seconds. Because of this, you could try giving it different prompts and generate several essays on the same topic in no time. Multiple students remember their homework on the day they have to submit it. They often have no time to write anything by themselves, even if they wanted to, and getting this AI chat craft a quick paper could help a lot.
  • AI writer gives students a chance to play with results. When AI writes essay, students can use it as a great basis for their own work. There is no need to take the content you generated and present it to your professor in this form: tweak it, edit it, fill it with new ideas, play with the ones ChatGPT presented and add more personal touch. Consider an AI-made paper a skeleton: once you generate it effortlessly, start working on its other parts. Add meat and skin, and make your paper original. This way, you’ll receive unique work, and you’ll complete it much sooner than you would have without ChatGPT.
  • ChatGPT helps overcome writer’s block. Numerous students who are busy with case study writing get stuck. They are out of ideas, they feel bored, and they cannot proceed to other paragraphs. Having Chat GPT write essay for them is an excellent solution because it can stimulate and inspire them. They’ll see their topic in a new light, and quick results will motivate them to finish what they’ve started.
  • GPT writer presents ideas students might not have considered. You may feel eager to write your paper, but ideas aren’t always there. If you aren’t certain what info to explore in the paragraphs you have left, turn to AI that writes essays. It could find interesting insights that never even occurred to you. Take them, do additional research, and present them from your own perspective.


  • No direction. ChatGPT usually fails to investigate a topic in depth. Take a look at the example above: at first glance, the text looks great, but it has no specific purpose. The prompt was to explore TV stars, and ChatGPT mixed up different ideas, introducing and then immediately dropping them. It didn’t focus on any particular TV star properly: it made quick references to different people in random places and then continued to ramble about someone else. All information this tool presented is extremely generic. There is no focus, no central idea, which is a sign of bad writing.

  • Biased perspectives. AI bot that writes essays collects information that it considers relevant for your prompt. The problem is it doesn’t differentiate between tone and emotions. Look at the screenshot: we chose the most obvious example. When asked to write an essay about gay marriage, ChatGPT decided to explore it from a negative perspective. The same might occur in less obvious ways: for instance, you could ask for help with research of historical events, and it’ll present dubious ideas with no real proof.

  • Serious editing needed. Look at this piece of ChatGPT essay writing. We wanted an essay exploring the character of Michael Myers from Halloween movies. Like all other papers, this one looks well-written, but only if you aren’t looking deeply. There is a severe lack of details and analysis. The text doesn’t mention such key nuances as Michael’s mask and outfit, his way of killing, his relation to Laurie Strode, his toying with his victims, etc. Without these elements, this essay is generic and soulless. You need to edit and rewrite it a lot if you want to breathe actual life into it.

  • No academic accuracy. Can ChatGPT write essays that students could send to their professors? Without editing, no. No way. AI doesn’t use citations in its work, something that is crucial in any academic paper. You cannot present facts without citing relevant research. Check an essay about Trump: there are zero citations.

ChatGPT for Academic Paper

The problems with using ChatGPT for academic essays stand out the most. Apart from the lack of citations, you could also run into an issue with language. Look here:

The topic was to describe common beach activities. This essay has great ideas, but it’s not academic in the slightest. It constantly uses the “you” pronoun, which is a serious mistake. It applies creative writing techniques coupled with metaphors and uses contractions like “you’re” and “don’t.” None of this is acceptable. You might also wonder, could AI write essay about the latest issues? Not always. This example proves it:

ChatGPT admitted that it doesn’t have up-to-date information. The stuff it provided is once again generic. So, while it has great advantages, the number of drawbacks is significant, especially when it concerns academic papers. The truth is simple, even if unpleasant: AI cannot craft a good academic essay for students.

Is Using ChatGPT a Form of Cheating?

Students all over the world wonder, is it fine to use AI to write essay, or is it cheating? The answer is complicated. Everything depends on how people use this tool. If you generate paper artificially to get ideas from it, overcome your writing block, or learn basic facts about your topic, then it’s absolutely fine. But if you try presenting it as something you wrote on your own, you’ll easily get into trouble. Students must submit plagiarism-free essays to their college: if you try bypassing this rule, plagiarism detectors will quickly catch instances of AI usage in your paper.

You probably heard about Turnitin: most colleges use this system for checking content for plagiarism. Recently, it got equipped with an AI-detection tool, so now it’ll be able to tell if someone generated their paper online even more quickly. If your prof realizes that you used Chat GPT for essays, the consequences will range from unpleasant to downright catastrophic. You’ll get a failing grade for a task or for an entire term. You might be suspended and forced to write an apology essay to a committee; worst case scenario, you’ll be expelled. Be honest: use ChatGPT as a helper, not as a provider of ready-made academic content.

Why Content Written By Human Experts Will Always Be Better

It’s clear that students cannot always cope with their homework by themselves. While a GPT essay could set you on the right track, you might lack time for exploring and writing anything. Perhaps you’ve fallen sick; you might feel emotionally distraught or simply clueless about your topic. In this case, you could pay for essay and get it done by professionals. Human work always tops AI products, and WritingUniverse has the best experts in the academic market. We are willing to help students 24/7. Our human writers understand every academic rule. They maintain the latest formatting standards, and they add their unique perspectives to each paper, making them individual and effortlessly connecting with readers.

To write essay AI style means to make it soulless. Our professional writers bring their personality into their work while keeping it academic. They understand your topic intimately, so they are going to present coherent arguments and add emotional depth to your essay. Even better, our content is 100% unique. It’ll pass any plagiarism detector because we do everything from scratch. Once students explain what they need, writers begin their work, taking all individual requests and wishes into account. They’ll adapt your ideas, write in your voice, and make a paper read and feel like you wrote it.

Use AI Tools as Helpers & Get Professional Human Assistance When Needed

You know how to use Chat GPT to write an essay now. It can only function as a source of inspiration, a tool for gathering basic info and gaining new potential ideas. AI cannot perform real in-depth research; it doesn’t understand academic rules, and it cannot imitate real knowledge. If you need high-level assistance for any reason, hire human professionals. WritingUniverse is at your service day and night, armed with experience and passion for our job. Tell us what kind of essay you need, set up your deadline, and enjoy our original approach coupled with fresh perspectives!


  • Could I use ChatGPT to write essays for me?

You sure could. ChatGPT is capable of crafting an essay in less than a minute, and it’s going to follow your prompt to the best of its abilities. But be prepared to face quality issues. Despite all the advances, this AI tool remains a machine that doesn’t understand nuance or human emotion. The content of your paper might differ drastically from what sounds natural.

  • Is it possible to use ChatGPT for rewording an essay?

Yes. You could use the Chat GPT essay generator to reword any kind of paper, just make certain you choose the correct tool because only some of them can help you. If you find one and get it to rephrase your paper, be sure to re-read it a couple of times. ChatGPT might choose incorrect or inappropriate synonyms that won’t make sense in your context.

  • How could I get ChatGPT to write 1,000 words?

It’s simple: when using Chat GPT for essays, just tell it how many words you want it to write. Mention it right in the prompt. For example, state, “Write an essay about the life of Picasso in 1000 words.” This should be it, ChatGPT will follow your request. Do the same for any number of words, but remember that some tools might have limits. You’ll have to acquire a paid version.It’s simple: when using Chat GPT for essays, just tell it how many words you want it to write. Mention it right in the prompt. For example, state, “Write an essay about the life of Picasso in 1000 words.” This should be it, ChatGPT will follow your request. Do the same for any number of words, but remember that some tools might have limits. You’ll have to acquire a paid version.

  • How is Chat GPT writing essays?

Any Chat GPT paper writer works by looking for relevant information online, storing it, combining it, and presenting results to you. It recycles data and then breaks it into more unique patterns, creating a wholesome essay. It can still trigger plagiarism checkers because, despite the new approach, it doesn’t come up with new ideas. It uses what already exists.

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