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Writing a literature essay is demanding as it requires detailed analysis as well as a good understanding of the piece and period in which it was written and set. Literature is the art of the word, one of the main types of art. Many essays on literature define it as any product of human thought, fixed in written form. There are different garner within the literary world, like fiction, drama, poetry, mystery, etc which some essays target specifically. It’s good to note in your literature essays that literature is strongly influenced and inspired by mythology and folk tales. It accumulates and transfers the aesthetic, moral, philosophical, and social values from generation to generation. We prepared literature essay samples you can get inspired by – our top picks for essay samples can be found below.

The Meaning of Cockney

To start with, the word Cockney has a number of varied geographical, social as well as linguistic interrelations. Initially, the term was used in reference to all cities’ occupants, but it was slowly restricted to the city of London specifically the Bow-Bell Cockneys, or those who were “born within earshot”...

Words: 3527

Pages: 13

Research on Audiovisual Translation of Humor

Previous studies have given much focus to verbal translation at the expense of audiovisual translation of humor (Bogucki, 2016). Attardo (2002) explicitly looks into the existing relationship between humor, sound, culture, and meaning under translation completely ignoring the impact of audiovisual effects. This brings to question the validity of his...

Words: 1415

Pages: 6

Case Study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number mental disorders associated with road traffic incidents. Post Traumatic Stress disorder is mental health problem which is significantly related to accident related variables such as physical injury, potential life threat as well as loss of close friends and family...

Words: 785

Pages: 3

Implications and Consequences of Being a Feminist

Living a Feminist Life is more than just advocating for gender equality and subverting patriarchy. Gender is connected with so many other things that can affect someone’s livelihood. Race, socioeconomic status, sexuality, physical and mental disabilities are just some of the issues that interlink with gender. Perhaps, the most poignant...

Words: 5150

Pages: 19

Audiovisual Translation of American English Humor

Humor is ubiquitous in everyday life and many studies present descriptive, discursive, quantitative as well as other types of analysis in examining the way elements in humorous extracts from American comedies such as Malcolm in the Middle, Shrek, and others, pass through linguistic as well as intercultural barriers in dubbed...

Words: 1579

Pages: 6

Shakespeare's Sonnet: How Do I Compare To A Summer Day

For my first task, I chose William Shakespeare's how do I compare thee to a summers day. My initial reaction to the poem is one that I felt connected to the poem; the comparison of love to seasons and how they are so alike in human nature and...

Words: 849

Pages: 4

The Impact of Sound as a Medium of Narration in Fiction Films

Fiction films and the Use of Sound Fiction films employ sound as a medium of narration. The dissertation seeks to outline the elements of sound that make it usable in fiction films, and explores the elements, such as sonic landscape and musical scores. Yet, the study unravels the diverse application of...

Words: 309

Pages: 2

Sara Ahmed: Living a Feminist Life

Feminism and Its Impact on Society Feminism is a recent trend that has led to different issues in the modern society. The factor of feminism, which began in the 19th century has led to a change in the society through addressing matters in different ways. The 21st-century feminism has different ideas...

Words: 294

Pages: 2

Edward Thomas and John Betjeman on the Collapse of Aldestrop Railway Station

Document A: John Betjeman, in Architectural Review, 1933. Document B: Edward Thomas, from Poems, 1917. Adlestrop. Introduction In 1914, there was a demolition of a monumental part of railway infrastructure in London. Such act marked a new era of practice and research. Various buildings were demolished along the North London railway station. For...

Words: 1180

Pages: 5

Analysis of Luo Guanzhong's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.0 Background Luo Guanzhong wrote The Romance of the Three Kingdoms that has the accounts, tales and short stories of legends that have been presented from a personal viewpoint. The Novel is based on a Chinese history commonly referred to as the Three Kingdoms. A profound analysis of Guanzhong...

Words: 4855

Pages: 18

The Importance of Writing

As reflection has been the norm throughout this course, you will be required to do it one last time. What difficulties did you experience as you were writing this research paper? What were you most at ease with? What knowledge did you acquire about writing throughout the Course? What did...

Words: 353

Pages: 2

Gender Imbalance in Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (1859-1930) Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (1859-1930) may probably have lived in one of the hardest times for English and Scottish middleclass. The epoch instigated to Doyle s mind vivid ideology of Victorian middleclass. It is during this period when the Marxist ideology is at its penetration to...

Words: 401

Pages: 2

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