Essays on George Orwell


Orwell incorporates symbolism to reinforce the novel’s multiple themes. Orwell wrote 1984 with the main aim of educating future generations about the risks of accepting a totalitarian state. The speaker uses strong metaphors to intensify the meaning of the thoughts when relaying the knowledge through various themes. Orwell uses icons…

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George Orwell first coined the expression “double think” in his book 1984

In his book 1984, George Orwell coined the term “double think” to explain the logical or rhetorical fallacy of brainwashing people by propaganda, self-contradictory arguments such as “war is peace” or “slavery is a democracy,” and other inconsistent and dishonest government policies. Today, the public trusts the media, and as…

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The books “Shooting an elephant” and “No witchcraft for sale”

Answer 1: Conflicts in ‘Shooting an Elephant’ and ‘No Witchcraft for Sale’ are examples that show the relationships between natives an colonialists. ‘Shooting an Elephant’ written by Orwell’s is the tale of a police officer in the Burmese community, he was subjected to ridicule from the community and the colonial…

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George Orwell 1984 and Heroism

A hero can be described as someone willing to take dangers and abide by the true morals as properly as portrays selflessness in his act and thought. Orwell brings out Winston as a protagonist and his characteristics do not embody the ordinary traits of a hero. The picture painted of…

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“Shooting an Elephant (1936)” by george orwell

The article, Shooting an Elephant, deals with George Orwell, who is a Moulmein police officer, a British Colony town in Burma (Orwell, 2014). The people of Burma have been acutely loathed by George because he is an English military occupier much like the rest of the guys. It wasn’t their…

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George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant

Orwell represented a people who loved him too much, and despised him too, for his allegiance to the emperors of Europe, but that could not keep him from knowing and meeting the demands of the men of Moulmein, who are shooting the elephant, as mentioned in the following chapters. Orwell’s…

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George Orwell

The novel “1984” was published by George Orwell in 1948. The book offers a viewpoint on how to look at the future. The novel is set in a country called Dystopia, where people live under an oppressive structure consisting of The Party and ‘Big Brother.’ The two have a great…

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