Essays on George Orwell

George Orwell's Writing Interpreted from His Early Life

George Orwell was an English novelist, journalist, essayist, and a critic whose work is marked by his awareness of societal issues such as social injustice, socialism, and opposition. The essay will use three of his works; ‘Can Socialists be happy?’, ‘Shooting an Elephant’ and ‘Down and Out in Paris and...

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The Theme, Character, Symbolism, Influence in Language and Writing of George Orwell

The research paper focuses on George Orwell who was an English journalist, essayist and novelist who created awareness of social injustices, articulated prose, supported democratic socialism and opposition to totalitarianism. He wrote fiction, poetry, literary criticism, and polemical journalism. He is known to have written the novel like Animal Farm,...

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Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant"

Introduction: George Orwell and his Impact on Literature Learning Eric A. Blair is well known by his pen name, George Orwell. He is a prolific writer and his texts impact literature learning with a great magnitude. Among his best-known novels includes the Animal Farm and 1984. However, in the year 1931,...

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The Dilemma of Duty and Empathy in Frank O'Connor's "Guests of The Nation" and George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant"

Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions Sometimes we are faced with situations that put us in dilemma on what decision we should take. In such situations we might end up making either the correct decisions or the wrong ones. Frank O’Connor’s “Guests of the Nation” and George Orwell’s “Shooting an...

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Animal Farm by George Orwell

The Animal Farm by George Orwell: A Tale of Governance, Freedom, and Betrayal The animal farm by George Orwell is one of the most renowned novels of all time. The book gets to talk about a farm where the animals can communicate to one another and instruct model of understanding among...

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Orwell's Concept of Power in Shooting an Elephant

Shooting an Elephant Shooting an Elephant, was written by George Orwell who recounts a situation from his life when he was around twenty years during which he was required to demonstrate how powerful he was as an army (Orwell 8). Later on, the episode seems to be haunting him. The story...

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The Use of Euphemism in Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell

When people get together, they love to talk. In fact, a language with respect to communication is a vital part of human culture. People can communicate in diverse ways, either by voice, body language or even sign language. Another form of communicating would be double speaking. There are multiple ways...

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Surveillance in 1984

In the novel titled 1984, George Orwell paints a picture of a world whose people are subjected to constant surveillance by the authorities in government. The persistent manipulation, control, and monitoring symbolize the phrase, “The big brother is watching you.” The slogan is repeated numerous times throughout the novel as...

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Peer Pressure in Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell

Every stage in life is marked by a form of pressure drive that needs to be overcome by individual principles and values. Peer represent the group of people whom you spend time with and perform most of the activities. The narrative Shooting an elephant by Gorge Orwell reflects...

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Winston’s Mindset

In his novel 1984, George Orwell described Winston's mental decline and the events that brought him back to reality and gave him renewed confidence in his ability to fight. Winston and Julia engage in sexual activity and briefly nod off in chapters IV through VII. When they awaken, Julia notices a...

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Fear and Torture in 1984 Novel

The Use of Fear and Control in Nineteen Eighty-Four The subject of totalitarianism is upheld in the book "Nineteen Eighty-four" when the government completely instills fear in its citizens. In his novel, George Orwell explores the use of power to persuade people and establish a dictatorship. Big Brother asserts that the...

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Language Distortion and Historical Revisionism

Language Distortion in Orwell's 1984 and its Parallel in Trump's Political Discourse Language is distorted to intimidate people and keep them loyal to the ruling party in the fictional nation established by George Orwell in the book 1984. In the discourse and the book's content, language is used in Oceania to...

Words: 986

Pages: 4

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