Essays on Maya Angelou

Comparing and Contrasting Two Poem’s Handling of the Theme of Identity

Many parallels and distinctions emerge when comparing and contrasting Maya Angelou’s poetry “Africa” with Adrienne Su’s “Escape from the Old Country.” However, provided that both poets handled the issue of identity differently, the way in which each of them deals with it adds much more curiosity. Using a compare and…

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Nonetheless, I get up. Maya Angelou’s

Maya emphasizes at the outset of her writing that emancipation will result from a change in the mindsets of both oppressors and oppressed. She claims that the right kinds of writings will help transform people’s perceptions of injustice. In writing, the author shares hope for combating bigotry. Maya believes that…

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Disappointment in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Disappointment can be seen on certain people’s lips. This is something I discovered through personal experience. Our family has a long-standing tradition of beginning the new year with a well-attended church service. Curiosity drove me to investigate whether the feeling of beginning a new year could be improved by participating…

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“Africa,” Maya Angelou

The first lines of this poem depict Africa as a complicated and ridiculously hot woman who is eternally beautiful. We are not at all envious in this stanza. Things take a turn for the worse in the second stanza, as brigands conquer Africa and rob men and women. Some citizens…

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Maya Angelou was an artist difficult to ignore.

Maya Angelou was a tough artist to dismiss. Her imaginative and poetic services to the world were exceptional. She piqued my curiosity after receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2011. ( What really drew me to her were her many contributions to the arts as a…

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