100 Great Classification Essay Topics

College students frequently look for classification essay topics, hoping to write an essay that would meet their professors’ instructions and bring them a good grade. But in most cases, it doesn’t work out as well as they hope for because there are lots of hidden challenges. For one thing, let’s figure out what classification essays are. They present a type of writing where you need to select a category of something and classify all subjects in it in accordance with specific criteria.

For example, you could choose junk food and discuss various meals and products that fit this group, explaining why it’s so. By doing this, you’ll learn how to explain your choices and convey them to your audience. This task isn’t very easy, but it could be fun if you make a correct decision about your topic. We’re going to show you how to do that and give some valuable tips that you’ll manage to incorporate into writing.

How to Choose Classification Topics That Fit Your Essay

On the one hand, it looks like making choices is among the most interesting things. Students usually get to decide on anything they want and then explore it. But on the other hand, when they aren’t limited by any boundaries, choosing is next to impossible. There are so many possibilities that picking one seems unreal. That’s where logic should come into play.

  • Turn interests into academic subject. What are your hobbies? Look for topics for classification essay in there. It could be a series of detective books, action movies, food — you are calling the shots, and can decide on literally anything you like. This is the joy of division works — explore anything that could be sorted into one category. All topics could become academic in nature if you know what to twist and where to shift the words.
  • Look at the scope. This is where things might become difficult. You should be able to divide your theme into types: it must be a category, like in the examples we mentioned above. If you selected your favorite book, you won’t manage to do anything with it because it’s just one subject — it doesn’t have a category. But you could explore favorite books as a group and mention this one as one of its components. Pay attention to this aspect and make sure you got it right.
  • Find helpful sources. Classification essay topics for college students should be supported with credible evidence, whatever they are. This evidence comes from articles, books, or dissertations. If you cannot find any of them that would support your chosen topic, then perhaps you should think about switching your focus to something else.
  • Ask your supervisor. Whether you chose something or are still busy with search, you should consider contacting your professor. They will tell you if your potential analysis is sound or if it needs more work. They could also offer advice, explaining in which direction to look and what to focus on.

100 Classification and Division Essay Topics For Your Paper

We’d like to help you outline the ideas you could use when working on an assignment. Below, you’ll see a list with lots of topics: read them and pick whichever you like. You could look at any category and choose from them — this is going to help you write an essay both you and your professor enjoy.

Classification Essay on Business Topics

Lots of things in our world depend on businesses and the way they function. Here are division essay topics about it.

  1. Select & Categorize Least Effective Business Strategies: What Are They?
  2. Which Employers Could Be Classified as Abusive toward Their Employees?
  3. Describe What Types of Investments Exist & How They Support Small Businesses
  4. Talk About Bonuses Employers Introduce to Motivate Their Employees to Work Better
  5. Strategies That Could Be Used to Boost Productivity & Friendliness in the Office
  6. How Are People Who Apply for a Job Tested by HR Departments?
  7. Classify Ways in Which People Could Be Fired in the Nicest Way Possible
  8. Effective Strategies for Ensuring That Business Merging Is Successful
  9. Discuss Different Kinds of Leaders & Their Approaches to People They Lead
  10. Categorize Sets of Skills Needed for Becoming Good Managers

Government and Politics Classification Essay Ideas

Governments rule over countries, but they rarely make anyone happy. Look at these good classification essay topics about it.

  1. Forms of Governments All Over the World: How Are They Classified.
  2. Who Would You Define as the Best Known World Politicians & Why?
  3. Describe Color Revolutions: Which Kinds of Movements Hide Behind This Name?
  4. Explain Political Regimen of the US & Its Sections
  5. Discuss Monarchies and Everything They Entail.
  6. What People in the UK Could Be Grouped Under Popular Political Activists?
  7. Political Thirst and Desire for Power: Discuss All Related Motivations That Push People
  8. What Popular Voting Mechanisms Exist in Our World?
  9. Discuss What Actions the Term Impeachment Entails
  10. Pick Any International Organization: What Countries and Divisions Does It Include?

Classification Essay Prompts on Art and Entertainment

In these worrisome times, funny and happy moments help us hold on. Here is our classification essay topics list about them.

  1. Select Any Art Movement & Describe What Styles It Has
  2. Best Horror Movies of 20th Century: Create a Group and Explain Its Members
  3. Best Comedies Created in the 21st Century: List and Explain Choice of Movies
  4. Ways to Scare People: Most Unique Halloween Compilation for Young People
  5. Action-Based Video Games: What Criteria Should They Meet to Classify as Such?
  6. Classical Music: How Would You Define the Genre That Fits It?
  7. TV Shows About Vampires: Discuss the Ones That Made the Genre Popular
  8. Elaborate on Dark Romance Genre: Which Stories Fit It?
  9. Indian Dancing: What Styles Does It Consist Of?
  10. Visiting Ballet: What Elements Should a Standard Performance Have?

Classification Essay on Families and Social Matters

Family is everything for most people: classification and division essay topics ideas below reflect this universal truth.

  1. Ugly Family Fight: What Would You Classify as One?
  2. Describe How Someone Who Is Feeling Apologetic Would Act
  3. Expand the Concept of Homelessness: Which Factors Does It Cover?
  4. Define American Dream & Discuss All Notions It Comprises
  5. What Could You Say About American Culture and Its Components?
  6. Reunion for Couples Who Have Not Seen Each Other for a Long Time: Which Activities Could It Entail?
  7. Classify School Teaching Methods?
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner: Talk About Each Element It Should Comprise
  9. Discuss Perfect Holiday Packages That Every Person Would Find Exciting
  10. How Can a Concept of Family Be Understood by People?

Nature and Environment Classification Topics

The world that surrounds us matters. Pick some of these essay examples topics to explore it.

  1. Who  Dinosaurs Were & What Do People Imagine When They Hear This Word
  2. Which Effects Does the Concept of Global Warming Combine?
  3. Discuss Alternative Energy Sources as Modern People Understand Them
  4. Beginning of Life: What Theories Could Be Attributed to This Notion?
  5. What Is a Climate Zone & What Types Fall into It?
  6. Predators Among Animals: Which Kinds Belong There?
  7. Divide Rain Into Processes That Make It Happen & Explain Them
  8. What Causes Fog & How Do We Understand This Phenomenon?
  9. Break Earthquake Concept Into Parts & Elaborate On Them
  10. Which Criteria Should a Creature Have to Be Considered a Bird?


Students can relate to everything related to education because they themselves are studying. Whether you like logical conclusions or artistic expressions, these division classification essay topics might be something you’ll like.

  1. Normal College Assignment: Which Parts Could It Be Divided Into?
  2. Extracurricular Activities At School.
  3. Strategies for Paying Tuition On Time
  4. Methods to Get Rid of College Debt Quickly
  5. What Is an Online Library & Things Students Find There.a
  6. Types of Computers Used in Colleges During Lessons
  7. What Does Living on Campus Consist Of?
  8. List Four Major Teaching Strategies That Could Be Grouped Under the Term “Effective”
  9. What Students Are Frequently Defined as Problematic?
  10. How Do We Understand the Word ‘Education’?

Technology and Internet Prompts

Technological progress is a fast and surprising process. It affects us all, so why not pick classification essay idea about it?

  1. What Are the Classifying Components of Dating Sites?
  2. YouTube Stars: Who Are They & What Makes Them Stars?
  3. Search Engine & Which Types Does It Have?
  4. Describe All Machines That Fall Under the Concept of Computer
  5. What Could We Define as Smart Device?
  6. Explain Amazon and All Platforms It Covers
  7. Social Networks: List All Platforms and Criteria That Make Them Belong There
  8. Technical Appliances for Home Kitchen: What Is In This Category?
  9. List All Elements That Form Internet as We Know It
  10. Golden Bookshelf of E-Books: What Would You Include There?

Classification Essay Prompts on Health and Medicine

Most people find themselves worried about their health and COVID implications for the world. These classification paper topics will help you contribute to healthcare information.

  1. Measures Applied Against Coronavirus: Make a Fitting List of Them & Add Criteria
  2. What Would You Include into a Concept of Healthy Diet?
  3. Treatment against COVID: Which Actions Does It Include?
  4. Treating Headache: Describe Chain of Actions Falling Under This Category
  5. Explain Features Representing Old Age: What Are They?
  6. What Are Symptoms of Serious Poisoning & How Could They Be Determined?
  7. Vitamins. Define Their Groups & Their Properties
  8. Allergy Phenomenon: Their Kinds and Classification
  9. Meals Given at Hospitals: Describe What They Normally Comprise
  10. Group of Heart Diseases: Discuss Their Nature along with Features

Topics on Psychology

Mental health is equally vital, so if you have any kind of academic interest in it, check out these classification essays topics.

  1. Describe a Group of Mental Health Disorders Together With Their Major Characteristics
  2. What Are Phobias & What Kinds Are They Separated Into?
  3. Acceptance Stages: Describe Them & Their Meaning
  4. Making a Decision: How Does It Work?
  5. Explain What Stands Behind Autism
  6. Types of Abuse: Discuss Which of Them Exist
  7. Elaborate on the Notion of Therapy & List Its Kinds
  8. Branches of Psychology
  9. Gender Roles & How Does the World Define Them
  10. What Would Classify as Sleeping Disorder?

Classification Essay Topics on History

The past could be brutal, but it’s also fascinating. This is the reason why these classification paragraph topics could meet your needs.

  1. History and Its Important Events That Changed the World
  2. What Do We Understand Under the Term “World War 2”?
  3. Name Four Subjects That Represent 20th Century Most
  4. Actions a Person Should Perform to Qualify for Prominent Historical Figure Title
  5. What Criteria Should Click for a Phenomenon to Be Defined as Slavery?
  6. Explain Each Element That Forms Civil Rights Movement
  7. Define Events That Could Be Grouped Under ‘Holocaust’ Terms
  8. Elaborate on Nuances That Explain Watergate Scandal When Combined
  9. Iraq War: What Dependent Parts Could It Be Broken Into?
  10. War Methods: Give Their Definition & Combine Them Based on Their Features

Learn How to Pick Great Classification Essay Ideas and Enjoy the Rewards

When you get a grasp on how to choose topics for your essays, you’ll see how much easier the writing process becomes. By enjoying research, you will be able to create more interesting papers and get better grades for them. Share your passion with others, and they’ll appreciate it! But of course, sometimes life is tough, and you can’t always predict how inspired you’re going to feel. If something is happening that prevents you from working on an assignment, leave it to us. We’ll look through your instructions, pick the best topic, and write an essay that will wow your professor.

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