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Afghan Restaurant plans to serve real, nutritious Afghan food and freshly baked Afghan bread (Naan). The facility targets servicemen and women and encourages them to bring their allies and buy goods from the company. The company strives to do the same by creating an eco-friendly and creative climate. It will also ensure high-quality facilities and an exclusive range of dip sauces, along with delicious Afghan pal-waw Schalow muneto kabeb and all other fruit, warmth, and entertainment provided by the imagination of employees and founders. The intention of establishing a restaurant at the Kabul military base is to help develop the Afghan culture in HQ.RS community by providing traditional-related foods and tea. The following plan outlines the strategy that Afghan restaurant will put in place to cater for the growing of Afghan Restaurant to face its strong competitors. The priority of Afghan Restaurant will be serving fresh and healthy food with lower price and higher sanitation to the HQ.RS community.
The restaurant will be an outlet that is locally owned. Besides, they are planning on providing food which is of local taste and which can be at an affordable price and in a very serene environment. Also, the provision of traditional Afghan food will be a reprieve to many people who will readily have access to the meals.
Amidst the increasing rates of competition, the management of the restaurant seeks to make the facility very much competitive by coming up with more innovative and trendy styles of attracting customers both locally and internationally. The difference with other restaurants will be mainly based on the availability of serene environment, the warmth, and availability of other existing facilities such as restaurants and trattorias. There will also be an available music for purposes of entertainment and it would be alternated by the periodic live bands. The main idea of the project is to create one single hotel that provides almost all the services just within or stop within Kabul and later think of expanding the business to other parts.
The restaurant was founded by Azim Sayedzada and Mier Masud who has worked in US food industry for over ten years. He helped in the establishment of an Afghan restaurant in Atlanta, GA, USA. He managed and supervised the restaurant and was involved in all aspects of the business.
Problem Statement
The restaurant aims at offering food and drinks at affordable prices to the consumers at the Kabul military base. The services and goods should also be of high quality coupled with a captivating environment that doubles as a source of entertainment to the visitors.
Solutions to the problems
The restaurant will charge slightly lower prices than the market average. The organization will implement cost minimization strategies that include bulk buying and elimination of waste so as to enable charge at minimal prices. The firm will further incorporate total quality improvement approaches as well as entertainment facilities within the premises. For instance, the workers will undergo constant training as well as conduct research to help come up with innovative ways of preparing meals. For the recreation purposes, the management will include a music system and some gaming facilities such as chess to help entertain the visitors. Moreover, the buildings shall be kept clean for an ambiance that attracts one to visit every time. The RS, Afghan Tea house, and Restaurant menu have been adopted to include but not limited to the following foods and drinks:
Appetizer Price Vegetable/ Chicken Soup $3 Vegetable Samos $2 Bolani $3 Garlic Bread $3 Salad/ Chicken Salad $3 Bread/ Naan $1
Meal Price Chicken Kabob $7.00 Beef Kebob $7.00 Limb Kebob $8.00 Qabeli Palaw $9.00 Rice/ Chalaw $7.00 Chapli Kebob $3.00 Okra $3.00 Sinach $2.00 French fries $2.00
Dessert Price Freni $2.00 Baghlawa $3.00 Jalabi $2.00 Drink
Drink Price Green Tea $1.50 Black Tea $1.50 Coffee $2.00 Soft Drink $2.00 Water $ Dough $1.00
The approach to establishing the new joint consists of extensive market research. The main aim of the activity is to carry out a critical analysis on the competitors, understand the market trends, and assess all the possible business opportunities that are still available in the hospitality industry. The inclusion of the profiling of other successful companies in the field will also provide a sound basis for which to find the best comparisons for success.
The choice of developing a draft operational plan and having in place a strategic work schedule forms part of the methodology. In the context of the program, the implementation of the restaurant operations is a process that is anticipated to start as soon as tall the approvals have been made. All the necessary set-up funds have been put on the ready and any other resources or assets that are needed in meeting the standards of the restaurant.
Management Team
The business will be managed and supervised by Azim Sayedzada and Masud. They will be involved in all aspect of business including design, menu, service, and management. We will hire best Afghan cook, coffee expert, Cashier, Baker and other necessary personnel to provide best Afghan food and service with considering the highest sanitation. Management will hire an expert manager to oversee the business when the manager is not around.
The Objectives of RS, Afghani Tea House and Restaurant and the Key to Success
The primary goal of the restaurant is to become and remain a unique destination spot for all those who love traditional food. Besides, the management strives to open other branches in efferent province and cities the first year of operation to be able to increase the market share and improve its profitability. The firm also aims at gaining a market share in RSHQ in Kabul Afghanistan restaurant industry by creating a presence as the most successful food joint. One of the primary goals is to establish a unique taste of Afghani foods and all time restaurants benchmark for another upcoming restaurant on the best way to offer services. The organization_x0092_s primary goal will serve customers till they are contented with our high-quality food.
There are some critical considerations for the success of the management and the organization as a whole. The most important aspect of success is to promote the company brand and image to enhance the Afghan communications. The top management must also look for high traffic area IN RS, HQ where it is near the target market and easy access to our military service men and women in RS and also initiate a unique, entertaining and innovative menu that will make us unique from the rest of the competition. Additionally, there should be a call to maintain a high level of excellent services among other competitors by proving pure satisfaction for the client.

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